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My daughter has LOVED every second of this Race. Yes it's been hard, they have seen some heart breaking things. She has learned to let the Holy Spirit comfort her and this experience has changed her heart for humanity and given her even more compassion and a courageous faith that trumps fear! There will never be words that can THANK YOU enough! IT WAS WORTH EVERY DOLLAR INVESTED. I feel like the WORLD RACE instilled everything IN my daughter that God wanted her to have to be EQUIPPED and EFFECTIVE for the kingdom work on earth forever. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everybody on your team for investing in these amazing kids.
Best Selling Author / Speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd, World Race Parent 2019
One cannot do the World Race and come back unchanged.
Christina Simke, F Squad 2012
This was the hardest but best year of my life.
Kristina Kalmikov D Squad 2016
The Lord showed me what it’s like to have my heart break for others who are hurting and how I can love them. My confidence in the Lord has also grown a lot. My identity has been rooted in Christ for a while, but I still let fear have a hold on my life. The Lord helped me to overcome fears, like preaching, evangelizing, and saying hard things in love to teammates. It’s awesome to see how much God worked in me and transformed me this year!
Brittany Stoll, D Squad 2016
I don't even know where to begin. But all I can say is go. Don't worry about finances, raise money and trust God. This type of education is better than any education I could find in a classroom. God. Travel. And the people you spend it with will become your "forever friends" and family
Celeste Lombardo, K Squad, 2012
Deciding to go into the middle of the market to worship and talk to Hindu’s about Jesus came with a lot of risk, but we were covered in Christ’s peace. We went. We worshipped. We prayed. We laid hands on Hindu’s and Muslim’s. We led teenagers to accept Christ into their hearts. And this beautiful man here received healing in his legs. He regained strength in his body, stood up and walked as if he was sixteen again. His smile filled his face and he was overwhelmed with joy.
Raquel Cooke, U Squad, 2015
The things God did in me and through me as I traveled the world were beyond anything I ever could have asked for or imagined, and my life is drastically and amazingly different because of it.
Stephanie May Wilson, A Squad 2011
Author of Lipstick Gospel
Absolutely life changing! My eyes were opened to see God's love for his people. The World Race will stretch your faith and put you under amazing leadership to mentor you along the way.
Brooks Driver, Z Squad, 2015
That night, we saw the deaf hear, the blind see, and many people with back pains, headaches, stomach pains, and all sorts of afflictions healed right in front of us! That sort of thing became regular, or as regular as miracles can become.
Eric Hanson, A Squad, 2007
I was challenged and stretched in my faith while on the World Race in a way that has produced lasting change. It has opened my mind to what a life of discipleship looks like. God could have done this work in any number of ways but, for me at least, he used AIM and the World Race.
Drew Dahlsten, X Squad, 2015
I can sum up my World Race experience in one word: Kingdom. Because in that word is the depth of true community, God's heart for the orphaned, widowed and sex-trafficked, a hope-filled way to engage the world and the fullness of God which is the love of Jesus. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is nothing else I want to give my life to.
Nate Evans, E Squad, 2008
For those who may see The World Race as just another missions trip, I would have to disagree. It's a classroom where the gifts God gives people and the realities of how those gifts were intended to shape and shake the world come together, completely changing a life, spanning the globe through relationship after relationship.
Brian Alonzo, F Squad, 2009

I wasn’t created to sit behind a desk, I was created to lead people, I was created to bring life to people.
World Race Alumni: Josh Woodmansee
The World Race changed my life, it has singlehandedly been the most impactful thing I've ever done. I witnessed God do incredible things around the world, and grew so much in my identity in Christ. I highly recommend the race to anyone wanting to grow, and experience missions!
Jordan Field, D Squad January 2016
It will change your life. The community you experience is second to none.
Andy Sengsavang, Gap Year A Squad, 2014
The World Race Gap Year was the most challenging and life-changing endeavor that I have ever experienced. I built life-long relationships with people all over the world and encountered God in ways that I never thought possible. I learned what it truly means to dream big with the Lord every day. It was by far the most meaningful 9 months of my entire life.
Whitney Rogers, Gap Year E Squad, 2015
Adventures in Missions is honestly one of or if at least, the best Christian missions organizations that I have ever worked with or been a part of. God has used you in amazing ways and taught me so much in every area of my life -- emotionally, physically & spiritually! I am forever grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to be apart of Adventures and the World Race and will definitely continue to recommend to any and all.
Derek Begin, P Squad, 2010

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I don't even know where to begin. But all I can say is go. Don't worry about finances, raise money and trust God. This type of education is better than any education I could find in a classroom. God. Travel. And the people you spend it with will become your "forever friends" and family

Celeste Lombardo

God used the World Race to Change my Life forever. If you're tired of religion and want to meet the real Jesus, this journey will do just that.

Jordan Gillespie, 2013 S Squad

On the World Race, there were times I actually felt I was inside the Bible. It came into focus for me in Nepal when the Middle Eastern culture opened my eyes. I saw shepherds tending flocks, women at the well; we traveled by foot and villages turned out their sick. We encountered things I only read about in scripture and I realized, the story never ended—we are inside of it.

Katy Steele, K Squad 2014




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[Daily Signal] Why I’m Going on the World Race

As a follower of Christ, it is my duty and my desire to bring relief and a message of hope and redemption to those in need, just as hope and redemption were offered to me in my lowest moments. When I return from this mission trip—whether back to D.C. to serve my country in the field of policy or to prepare for yet another adventure in ministry—the experiences I gain will change me for the better and equip me for the next chapter of service.

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Discipleship is the key to what we are doing. We needed a lot of workers. Guess who came into the picture: a wild group called Adventures in Missions. They believe in discipleship. So the girls who come from Adventures come to disciple our girls! It’s about the body of Christ coming together to change the world.

Kenny Sacht, Wipe Every Tear Anti-trafficking ministry, Philippines


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As of 2017, we have 865 ministry partners actively working with teams, with a 97% satisfaction Rate from host evaluations this fiscal year. We have another 446 approved partners who are ready to receive upcoming teams!

Dr. Ron Walborn

I have had the pleasure of working with and being connected to Adventures in Missions for the last 15 years. The World Race is Christ Centered, Spirit filled, developmental and transformational. I highly recommend this amazing mission and ministry.

- Dr. Ron Walborn, Vice President and Dean of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary

Since that first mission trip [with Adventures], around sixty members of our congregation found their lives changed dramatically as a result of participating on a mission trip to our sister church. Even those that have not yet made the trip participate in very many ways- donations, prayers, packing, collecting, promoting, etc. -creating a deep sense of living the Word.

- Pastor Tom Thul, Zion Lutheran- Clear Lake, IA

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My son, Drew, went on the World Race Gap Year in 2014. It was an amazing, life changing experience for him. God taught him so much and I saw him grow in so many ways during his time overseas. It was not always easy, but it was so very good for him. God taught me much during those 9 months as well, especially about prayer and surrender. I learned that God's plans for Drew are WAY better than any plans that I may have dreamed up or hoped for all his life. I appreciate Adventures in Missions and what they are doing to expose young people to missions as a lifestyle. So thankful for Drew's connection with Adventures and WR Gap and for what God has taught both of us through it all.

- Lori, World Race Parent

I was very impressed with the leaders who spoke to the parents today. Their doctrine and their strategy are both solid. It gives us peace to know our daughter is in good hands. Adventures does things well.

- Tommy, feedback from Parent Sessions at World Race Launch

We are now seven months into Amy’s eleven-month, eleven-country mission trip with The World Race. Before this trip started, I had a lot of concerns for her safety and health. In fact, when she first mentioned this, I started contacting medical evacuation establishments and security personnel and found a company that offered Ex-Navy Seals for evacuation in emergencies. I started heading in the direction of securing this plan to make sure she was well taken care of.

Later in the process, I found out what an incredible job Adventures in Missions does in risk assessment and management and realized they do a top notch job in managing safety for young adults going on The World Race. Their care of the racers has eliminated my concerns for Amy’s health and safety, and I am very appreciative of this.

- Amy Cook's Dad; October 2017

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After 6 years of working with World Racers, I have seen first-hand how Adventures and their staff serve with the highest level of integrity. As a businessman who works with hundreds of churches and ministries sending people on mission all around the world, Adventures sets the standard of excellence and striving to do the right thing in every situation, responding with a high degree of competency. As these young people go out to serve and learn, they have highly skilled, committed Christians guiding and setting the example of servant leadership. Adventures is the real deal and the young people come back more mature in their personal faith from the ministry experiences. I recommend Adventures without reservation to anyone seeking to make a difference through Christ-centered missions.

Dr. Bill Pope, D.Min.
MissionSafe President

Standards of Excellence Member
Mission Safe