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»  The Journey by Olivia Lyle (6/14/2017)
»  Mountains High, Valleys Low by Olivia Lyle (5/28/2017)
»  My Kind of Ministry by Hayden Schwarting (5/18/2017)
»  What I Learned Sleeping on the Concrete Floor by Hayden Schwarting (5/11/2017)
»  Climbing a Mountain and Making it Out Alive (Again): Part One by Katie Rhodes (3/21/2017)
»  weakness, humanity, & the fullness of God by Meagan Flaig (3/18/2017)
»  The Story of How I was Sexually Harassed in Malawi (and Why it Matters) by Katie Rhodes (2/27/2017)
»  Entering Month 6 of the World Race: Updates and Pictures by Katie Rhodes (2/26/2017)
»  So, Six Azungus Walk Into a Bar... by Hayden Schwarting (2/25/2017)
»  The Best and Worst Day by Olivia Lyle (2/11/2017)
»  The Art of Celebration: How a Muslim Woman Came to Know Christ by Katie Rhodes (1/27/2017)
»  "He Will Provide": Dorika's Story by Katie Rhodes (1/26/2017)
»  Christ Behind Me, Christ Before Me: Ready for 2017 by Katie Rhodes (12/31/2016)
»  Bringing the Message of Christmas Where It's Never Been Before by Katie Rhodes (12/31/2016)
»  Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? by Hayden Schwarting (12/27/2016)
»  A Life of Intent by Hayden Schwarting (12/24/2016)
»  Faithful and Inspiring: the Story of an Ordinary Man and an Incredible God by Katie Rhodes (12/22/2016)
»  Praying Over Spiritual Slavery by Meagan Flaig (12/15/2016)
»  Hesitate by Meagan Flaig (12/15/2016)
»  Being a Christian Teacher at a Buddhist School by Katie Rhodes (12/12/2016)
»  Grace: Redefined by Hayden Schwarting (12/9/2016)
»  What I learned in Prison by Olivia Lyle (12/6/2016)
»  Turning a House into a Home by Katie Rhodes (11/30/2016)
»  Giving Thanks (and Other Tidings of the Sort) by Katie Rhodes (11/24/2016)
»  Life in Thailand by Hayden Schwarting (11/22/2016)
»  The Power of Intercession, and a Man Who Was Given New Life by Katie Rhodes (11/19/2016)
»  I Went To Juvie Today by Taylor Healy (11/18/2016)
»  Bangkok the Messenger by Olivia Lyle (11/9/2016)
»  Undignified by Meagan Flaig (11/8/2016)
»  Getting Lost in the Streets of Bangkok (And Finding Exactly Who God Wanted Us To) by Katie Rhodes (11/7/2016)
»  here's to being vulnerable. by Hayden Schwarting (11/6/2016)
»  Reclaiming The Land by Meagan Flaig (11/1/2016)
»  How I Climbed A Mountain (And Lived to Tell the Tale) by Katie Rhodes (10/31/2016)
»  "We Named Her Lydia": the Story of the Baby With Nothing, Who Was Given Hope by Katie Rhodes (10/24/2016)
»  A Quick Update From Cambodia by Hayden Schwarting (10/24/2016)
»  How God's Hope Overpowers Tragedy by Meagan Flaig (10/20/2016)
»  Fruitilicious by Olivia Lyle (10/19/2016)
»  "She Doesn't Know She's Beautiful": of the True Meaning of Beauty and Cambodian Women by Katie Rhodes (10/18/2016)
»  Johnny Boy and Yellow Flowers by Taylor Healy (10/15/2016)
»  How I Found God in a Buddhist Temple by Hayden Schwarting (10/12/2016)
»  A Tuk Tuk, a Bridge, and a Pepsi Sign: How God Brought My Team Together (and Other Miraculous Things) by Katie Rhodes (10/12/2016)
»  what have I done by Olivia Lyle (10/4/2016)
»  thank you's and see you soon's by Hayden Schwarting (10/1/2016)
»  In Three Days: Being Called Higher by Katie Rhodes (9/28/2016)
»  God wears heart-shaped glasses (and you should too!!) by Hayden Schwarting (9/12/2016)
»  There's a lot going on in this one! You should read it! by Janelle Ross (9/9/2016)
»  Ridiculously Fearful and Ridiculously Faithful by Hayden Schwarting (9/7/2016)
»  So Very Thankful by Olivia Lyle (8/28/2016)
»  Memories of His Greatness by Meagan Flaig (8/22/2016)
»  Dirty Chacos & A Clean Soul: A Story of Training Camp by Katie Rhodes (8/22/2016)