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»  seven years later by Katy Steele (9/3/2022)
»  how the world race changed my life. by Katy Steele (11/29/2016)
»  short & sweet, these are photos you haven't seen. by Katy Steele (1/9/2016)
»  the bigger picture: a short-term missions trip, God's long-term plan. by Katy Steele (11/1/2015)
»  NEW BLOG by Courtney Naylor (10/23/2015)
»  NEW BLOG by Courtney Naylor (10/23/2015)
»  I don't like it, I LOVE it by Courtney Naylor (10/12/2015)
»  made with love by Courtney Naylor (10/4/2015)
»  This is INCREDIBLE!!! by Courtney Naylor (9/28/2015)
»  I pooped my pants! by Courtney Naylor (9/25/2015)
»  Into The Wild by Courtney Naylor (9/20/2015)
»  the adventure is in the saying 'yes' // included inside: one amazing video. by Katy Steele (8/13/2015)
»  So what's NEXT? by Courtney Naylor (8/7/2015)
»  Ending in Eastern Europe by Alexis Coryell (7/24/2015)
»  i'm not coming home from the world race. by Katy Steele (7/16/2015)
»  Unite for Ukraine: A Call to Prayer by Alexis Coryell (7/10/2015)
»  the time Jesus winked at me at Albania. by Katy Steele (7/6/2015)
»  the time I woke up crying. | a story from Zion Café in Thailand. by Katy Steele (7/6/2015)
»  the time i chased a woman out of church in India. by Katy Steele (7/6/2015)
»  Unsung Heros: Hidden Gem in Albania by Stefani Brewster (6/29/2015)
»  Preparing for "REALITY," AKA America by Courtney Naylor (6/26/2015)
»  Relentless by Alexis Coryell (6/25/2015)
»  the little red dress. by Katy Steele (6/21/2015)
»  Waka Waka, This Time for Africa! by Alexis Coryell (6/15/2015)
»  when packing for TWR feels like the most stressful thing you’ve ever done: ladies, read this. by Katy Steele (6/13/2015)
»  The Country that Captured My Heart by Stefani Brewster (6/11/2015)
»  Parent Vision Trip from a parents perspective by Courtney Naylor (6/7/2015)
»  Botswana: Beauty Out of the Dust by Stefani Brewster (6/2/2015)
»  dear diary, i'm on the world race & i think i'm having an identity crisis. (series: part 2) by Katy Steele (5/31/2015)
»  Hakuna Matata: Swaziland & Botswana by Alexis Coryell (5/30/2015)
»  My Tipping Point: Part II by Victoria Castillo (5/30/2015)
»  My Tipping Point: Part I by Victoria Castillo (5/23/2015)
»  the dangerous prayer i prayed in swaziland. by Katy Steele (5/22/2015)
»  Wrapping Up Asia: Video Style! by Alexis Coryell (5/14/2015)
»  please don’t forget Nepal—my family’s there. by Katy Steele (5/7/2015)
»  Swaziland- More than just a disappearing Nation by Stefani Brewster (5/7/2015)
»  What Does Love Look Like? by Stefani Brewster (5/7/2015)
»  Thank You is Not Enough by Alexis Coryell (5/7/2015)
»  dear diary, being on the world race doesn’t make you cool (and other things God showed me in Nepal.) by Katy Steele (4/22/2015)
»  you don’t have to be a preacher. // the sermon I shared in India. by Katy Steele (4/6/2015)