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»  You Are a Missionary by Morgan Woods (10/2/2017)
»  The Final Blog by Haley Sewell (3/2/2017)
»  Holy Spirit Moved. by Haley Sewell (1/20/2017)
»  "You remembered me." by Haley Sewell (1/10/2017)
»  I failed. by Haley Sewell (12/11/2016)
»  A Man Thankful for War by Haley Sewell (10/15/2016)
»  IN ALL THINGS by Haley Sewell (9/13/2016)
»  God Stole My Heart Again at Training Camp by Haley Sewell (8/26/2016)
»  End of the Race: Lessons Learned and Answered Prayers by Taylor Baker (7/23/2016)
»  World Race Moments by Haley Sewell (7/23/2016)
»  You Might Be in Nicaragua If.... by Haley Sewell (7/23/2016)
»  No, I Wasn't On Vacation by Taylor Baker (7/21/2016)
»  Not Fear, but Love by Lupita Hernandez (7/20/2016)
»  An Update from My Last 3 Months in Central America by Lupita Hernandez (7/19/2016)
»  Honduras Ministry Recap by Morgan Woods (7/18/2016)
»  In One Week The Mission Field Will Be Home by Morgan Woods (7/17/2016)
»  Guatemala Ministry Recap by Morgan Woods (7/17/2016)
»  Central America, you've been good to me. by Taylor Baker (7/14/2016)
»  All the Questions by Haley Sewell (7/7/2016)
»  The Gospel and the Guard Dog by Anissa Lotti (7/7/2016)
»  Between The Waves by Taylor Baker (6/30/2016)
»  You Might Be In Honduras If... by Haley Sewell (6/29/2016)
»  Caught in the Undertow by Anissa Lotti (6/19/2016)
»  Why I Am Not Leaving The World Race by Morgan Woods (6/18/2016)
»  Snapshots of my Race:: A Picture Blog by Rachel Gagliardo (6/17/2016)
»  Speaking the Same Language in a Foreign Country by Haley Sewell (6/16/2016)
»  My Post Race Plans by Haley Sewell (6/15/2016)
»  You Might Be In Guatemala If... by Haley Sewell (6/9/2016)
»  A Paused Story Finished at PVT by Haley Sewell (6/7/2016)
»  Why People Really Don't Like Christians (and why I don't really blame them) by Anissa Lotti (6/1/2016)
»  Jesus makes me worthy, not invincible. by Rachel Gagliardo (5/31/2016)
»  Team Changes by Taylor Baker (5/31/2016)
»  "You Blew Us Away" A Letter from a World Race Parent after PVT by Morgan Woods (5/28/2016)
»  Asking The Lord In Malaysia by Taylor Baker (5/23/2016)
»  "Leave Me Here to Die" by Anissa Lotti (5/11/2016)
»  I Can NOT Do the World Race Anymore by Rachel Gagliardo (5/10/2016)
»  You Might Be In Malaysia If... by Haley Sewell (5/6/2016)
»  Beyond Overwhelmed. by Haley Sewell (5/4/2016)
»  An Angel in the Airport by Morgan Woods (4/29/2016)
»  Four Months Too Long! (An Update and Lessons Learned) by Lupita Hernandez (4/24/2016)
»  How to Discern Between the Voice of God and the Opinions of Others by Anissa Lotti (4/18/2016)
»  Meet Steven by Anissa Lotti (4/18/2016)
»  Why I'm Not Doing Ministry Anymore by Rachel Gagliardo (4/17/2016)
»  What they don't tell you by Taylor Baker (4/12/2016)
»  A Lutheran In A MegaChurch by Morgan Woods (4/11/2016)
»  Dear Future World Racer: Stop Reading Packing Blogs. by Anissa Lotti (4/7/2016)
»  Ok God, I see You. by Haley Sewell (4/6/2016)
»  You Might Be In Thailand If... by Haley Sewell (4/5/2016)
»  Expectations Are Silly. by Haley Sewell (4/4/2016)
»  Exhausted Yet In Pursuit by Rachel Gagliardo (4/1/2016)