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»  what's up 2015?! by Mary Douglas (4/2/2015)
»  to month 8 racers trust me: I've come home twice. by Meghan Reeve (2/20/2015)
»  a new year in the land of smiles by Mary Douglas (1/16/2015)
»  3rd gen O squad: this one is for you. by Meghan Reeve (1/7/2015)
»  Something changing even when it all feels the same by Meghan Reeve (8/15/2014)
»  an emotionally-naked sit in by Meghan Reeve (6/11/2014)
»  a tableau of five fears (and a not really conclusion) by Meghan Reeve (6/2/2014)
»  29: sorry Mr. Demaris. I'm gonna need to relearn spanish. by Meghan Reeve (5/31/2014)
»  It's simple, really: I don't need God in America. by Cassie Wilson (5/22/2014)
»  been there, done that: 10 training camp tips. by Meghan Reeve (5/7/2014)
»  who is my audience? by Mary Douglas (5/5/2014)
»  he is {still} risen by Mary Douglas (4/23/2014)
»  Wait a minute...there's an #after11n11? by Meghan Reeve (2/27/2014)
»  Hope is a WHAT?! by Meghan Reeve (2/7/2014)
»  the next chapter by Mary Douglas (1/29/2014)
»  11 months in 7 minutes (#video) by Meghan Reeve (1/29/2014)
»  I got a new office! by Meghan Reeve (1/17/2014)
»  My WR in a three-point thesis. by Meghan Reeve (1/13/2014)
»  new year, new blog by Mary Douglas (1/12/2014)
»  whew. that was quite the year! by Mary Douglas (12/31/2013)
»  meNsquad: a letter (part 2) by Meghan Reeve (12/16/2013)
»  Showin Up Early by Sarah Imperiale (12/16/2013)
»  The Big One by Sarah Imperiale (12/10/2013)
»  My thank you to iMessage by Meghan Reeve (12/6/2013)
»  Veracious 112: a truthful devotion to be a BA by Meghan Reeve (12/4/2013)
»  T-minus 8 days til I have to brush my teeth alone by Meghan Reeve (11/29/2013)
»  Month 11: Hurry Up and WAIT! by Sarah Imperiale (11/25/2013)
»  Top 5 by Sarah Imperiale (11/21/2013)
»  Not really sure what is next, but I'm not scared. by Lauren Leabhart (11/15/2013)
»  Wisdom from Stacy Joy: Turn on the light by Meghan Reeve (11/9/2013)
»  The simple truth: Month 11 sucks. by Cassie Wilson (11/3/2013)
»  I lost my invisibilty cloak: WR Biggest Loser by Meghan Reeve (10/27/2013)
»  Life in the Village: VIDEO by Mary Douglas (10/27/2013)
»  cambodia cribs video. by Catherine Rosselli (10/27/2013)
»  Cribs: Cambodia [Video!] by Sarah Imperiale (10/27/2013)
»  Cambodia: teampinkeye by Meghan Reeve (10/27/2013)
»  goodbye teacher, goodbye my friend. by Catherine Rosselli (10/27/2013)
»  whoopi goldberg traded in her nun attire. by Catherine Rosselli (10/26/2013)
»  UHC Bangkok Experience by Sarah Imperiale (10/25/2013)
»  Attn: not coming back home by Meghan Reeve (10/24/2013)
»  Kampong Speu by Sarah Imperiale (10/21/2013)
»  Because Thailand and Uganda had a child and named it "Cambodia" by Cassie Wilson (10/12/2013)
»  The perils of living in the bush by Cassie Wilson (10/8/2013)
»  going to the chapel with a crazy case of walking pneumonia. by Catherine Rosselli (9/26/2013)
»  don't mind my temper tantrum by Meghan Reeve (9/26/2013)
»  unsung heroes: the army we met Bangkok. by Catherine Rosselli (9/26/2013)
»  Sleepless nights leave much reminiscing…dreaming big by Lauren Leabhart (9/25/2013)
»  hiding under my bed by Mary Douglas (9/25/2013)
»  On second thought? Don't read by Meghan Reeve (9/21/2013)
»  Wai Not Grace by Sarah Imperiale (9/17/2013)
»  I can't think of ONE MORE creative title by Meghan Reeve (9/17/2013)
»  I've been alot of places, but not yet a strip club. by Lauren Leabhart (9/16/2013)
»  Unsung Heroes: This is my army by Meghan Reeve (9/15/2013)
»  Buying time with a prostitute in the Red-Light District of Thailand by Cassie Wilson (9/15/2013)
»  unsung heroes: when the 112 hit the city of Bangkok. by Catherine Rosselli (9/15/2013)
»  Unsung Heroes Campaign Trailer Video by Sarah Imperiale (9/13/2013)
»  UHC Trailer Bangkok! :) by Lauren Leabhart (9/13/2013)
»  Coffee, cupcakes, and creativity: The healing process begins for ladyboys by Cassie Wilson (9/13/2013)
»  Unsung Heroes: How the WR is like my real life. by Meghan Reeve (9/13/2013)
»  the month we shipped the men to the mountains. by Catherine Rosselli (9/13/2013)
»  Singing an Unsung Song by Cassie Wilson (9/9/2013)
»  God hears my prayers & excited for an incredible month! by Lauren Leabhart (9/9/2013)
»  on the streets of bangkok by Mary Douglas (9/9/2013)
»  mozi on back to mozambique. by Catherine Rosselli (9/8/2013)
»  mozambiquemonthsevencribs. by Catherine Rosselli (9/8/2013)
»  Are you Launch ready? by Meghan Reeve (9/6/2013)
»  I'm Back! by Mary Douglas (9/6/2013)
»  Cribs: Mozambique & Swaziland [Videos] by Sarah Imperiale (9/6/2013)
»  Swazi: Team Leading the Powder Puff girls by Meghan Reeve (9/2/2013)
»  That one time when Seth Barnes prayed over me in Swaziland by Cassie Wilson (8/27/2013)
»  This one's for my girls by Meghan Reeve (8/26/2013)
»  It's all gone. by Meghan Reeve (8/26/2013)
»  I wish I could tell you, but I cannot by Cassie Wilson (8/17/2013)
»  From Somewhere In Africa by Sarah Imperiale (7/31/2013)
»  encounters with the enemy: the day the boogieman died. by Catherine Rosselli (7/26/2013)
»  Mozi: Don't sing "Let it Rain" by Meghan Reeve (7/26/2013)
»  Leah, did you know you have the gift of prohpesy? by Meghan Reeve (7/26/2013)
»  Staph Infections, Food Poisoning, Malaria Scares, and Getting Robbed: Why Mozambique really has been my favorite month by Cassie Wilson (7/26/2013)
»  Eating sand, 4 a.m. wake-up calls, walking ten miles, and cuddling children: A day in Mozambique by Cassie Wilson (7/26/2013)
»  Community can be a little messy...but beautiful! by Lauren Leabhart (7/23/2013)
»  Mozambique: My heart finally returns to its home by Cassie Wilson (7/12/2013)
»  [insert cliche title about freedom here] by Meghan Reeve (7/4/2013)
»  I will survive--- Well, I hope so, anyway... by Cassie Wilson (7/3/2013)
»  ketchup with catherine. by Catherine Rosselli (7/3/2013)
»  If Zehandi Missions had a daily schedule it would be....[pictures!] by Meghan Reeve (7/3/2013)
»  Zehandi [Video!] by Sarah Imperiale (7/3/2013)
»  month five video. by Catherine Rosselli (7/1/2013)
»  A Day in the Life: Zehandi Missions South Africa (pics) by Cassie Wilson (6/30/2013)
»  So I have a video!!! by Lauren Leabhart (6/26/2013)
»  There's not enough time to rest on the World Race by Cassie Wilson (6/22/2013)
»  I Can Do All Things Through Christ and a Nap [Video] by Sarah Imperiale (6/22/2013)
»  Can you hear the prayer of the children? by Meghan Reeve (6/22/2013)
»  A huge Thank you!!! :) by Lauren Leabhart (6/17/2013)
»  The "American" and a girl named Sally by Lauren Leabhart (6/17/2013)
»  The View, a water bottle, and some gangsters! by Lauren Leabhart (6/17/2013)
»  28: the year I learn how to be a guava farmer by Meghan Reeve (6/16/2013)
»  when i lived on the russian border. by Catherine Rosselli (6/16/2013)
»  Just passing through: Homeless, orphans and God in an African bus station (pics/vid) by Cassie Wilson (6/8/2013)
»  Cribs: Ukraine [VIDEO]! by Sarah Imperiale (5/31/2013)
»  A day in the life [or my attempt at writing a blog with details] by Meghan Reeve (5/30/2013)
»  Not enough time in Ukraine... (2 videos/recap) by Cassie Wilson (5/30/2013)
»  Let Me Explain by Sarah Imperiale (5/28/2013)
»  Are you warm enough? [said my mom and a babushka in two different languages] by Meghan Reeve (5/26/2013)
»  To Kelly and Tiffany by Meghan Reeve (5/24/2013)
»  My true, and heart-breaking, love story by Cassie Wilson (5/22/2013)
»  Dear 29 year old me by Meghan Reeve (5/21/2013)
»  A lesson from the Brady Bunch kids by Cassie Wilson (5/18/2013)
»  Sorry Mom. I got inked. by Meghan Reeve (5/17/2013)
»  here's to 6 more months of this craziness! by Mary Douglas (5/15/2013)
»  To Mom: Bring Parking Nazi Some Lemonade by Sarah Imperiale (5/12/2013)
»  all the buzz: here's to my BeeBee. by Catherine Rosselli (5/12/2013)
»  Charging Hell with water pistols: blessings in the midst of battles by Cassie Wilson (5/7/2013)
»  Happy Birthday Mom! by Meghan Reeve (5/5/2013)
»  To:World Racers <3 Anonymous by Meghan Reeve (5/2/2013)
»  sometimes Jesus makes me sound like a competitor in a Miss America pageant. oh well. by Catherine Rosselli (5/2/2013)
»  when a New Yorker and a Romanian train conductor collide. by Catherine Rosselli (5/1/2013)
»  ministry in the mud means something after all. by Mary Douglas (4/30/2013)
»  Hitchhike to Heaven & a gypsy apartment complex by Lauren Leabhart (4/29/2013)
»  Swings by Sarah Imperiale (4/28/2013)
»  MEGhan: a name change by Meghan Reeve (4/28/2013)
»  Power of Prayer by Lauren Leabhart (4/27/2013)
»  Well, that's a wacky way of thinking! by Cassie Wilson (4/26/2013)
»  meN Squad: a letter by Meghan Reeve (4/25/2013)
»  Game Change: A Revolution [Part 2] by Sarah Imperiale (4/21/2013)
»  Game Change: A Revolution [Part 1] by Sarah Imperiale (4/19/2013)
»  By the River Piedra I sat down and wept by Meghan Reeve (4/14/2013)
»  Adapt or Die by Sarah Imperiale (4/13/2013)
»  say what?? round two! by Catherine Rosselli (4/12/2013)
»  Meet my team! [again!] by Meghan Reeve (4/12/2013)
»  No shiny. No "but". No conclusion. And it's okay by Cassie Wilson (4/10/2013)
»  The raw, unedited, and really ugly truth by Cassie Wilson (4/8/2013)
»  Cribs: Chincha [Video] + Update by Sarah Imperiale (3/31/2013)
»  This is what Chincha, Peru looks like (video) by Cassie Wilson (3/23/2013)
»  The familiar unknown: titleless but still distinguished by Cassie Wilson (3/23/2013)
»  Warning: God Answers Prayer by Mary Douglas (3/23/2013)
»  chucked my calculator. by Catherine Rosselli (3/21/2013)
»  Wall to wall carpet by Meghan Reeve (3/21/2013)
»  WR for the Not-Really-Christian by Sarah Imperiale (3/17/2013)
»  I came on the race to FAIL by Meghan Reeve (3/15/2013)
»  Yea right, God can't use someone like him! by Cassie Wilson (3/14/2013)
»  incathakhi -- meet me in the sand dunes. by Catherine Rosselli (3/11/2013)
»  I never wanted this! by Meghan Reeve (3/11/2013)
»  I once lived in a giant sandbox. by Catherine Rosselli (3/11/2013)
»  The week my World Race team fell apart by Cassie Wilson (3/11/2013)
»  the view from the edge of a cliff! by Mary Douglas (3/11/2013)
»  It's like a gang: The Dub-C by Meghan Reeve (3/5/2013)
»  The WR: A Debrief on my life by Meghan Reeve (3/5/2013)
»  My clothes don't fit anymore! by Cassie Wilson (3/3/2013)
»  Committed for 60 years by Cassie Wilson (3/1/2013)
»  In Memory of my Grandma Sue by Meghan Reeve (2/28/2013)
»  Trujillo! [Video] by Sarah Imperiale (2/25/2013)
»  A kiss given by a murderer by Meghan Reeve (2/25/2013)
»  What on earth is happening in Bolivia?! by Mary Douglas (2/25/2013)
»  An unexpected expected moment on my Race by Meghan Reeve (2/25/2013)
»  Vday with 500 Convicts by Lauren Leabhart (2/23/2013)
»  Rambunctious Peace by Sarah Imperiale (2/18/2013)
»  Loving Every Minute! by Mary Douglas (2/17/2013)
»  I’m a wheelbarrow-pushing, weed-pulling, brick-smashing, giggle-inducing, joint-sanding, paint-covering master electrician and I just realized it! by Cassie Wilson (2/17/2013)
»  Living in a tree for a year by Meghan Reeve (2/17/2013)
»  It was only 36 hours on buses with no idea how or where to get where we were going! by Cassie Wilson (2/17/2013)
»  I've been drained within an inch of my life by Cassie Wilson (2/17/2013)
»  you're going there?? by Catherine Rosselli (2/11/2013)
»  I never knew trash could be so beautiful by Mary Douglas (2/11/2013)
»  So beautiful Ecuador (delayed) by Lauren Leabhart (2/11/2013)
»  February 9th by Meghan Reeve (2/11/2013)
»  CRIBS Month 1 [Video!] by Sarah Imperiale (2/10/2013)
»  Healing by Mary Douglas (2/1/2013)
»  Jumping off bridges and falling down waterfalls to hear from him (PHOTOS) by Cassie Wilson (2/1/2013)
»  That one time I fell down a waterfall into rocks by Meghan Reeve (1/31/2013)
»  the things you do when you fall in love. by Catherine Rosselli (1/24/2013)
»  Tales of an Ecuadorian Dryer Conquer [and foosball champion] by Meghan Reeve (1/23/2013)
»  A Day in the Life by Sarah Imperiale (1/23/2013)
»  Broken for freedom by Cassie Wilson (1/23/2013)
»  We Arrived! by Mary Douglas (1/20/2013)
»  So much love....and a llama!!! by Lauren Leabhart (1/16/2013)
»  sometimes things are free. by Catherine Rosselli (1/15/2013)
»  Letters to Odyssey by Sarah Imperiale (1/15/2013)
»  In Ecuador for 12 hours and we were lost and alone on public buses by Cassie Wilson (1/14/2013)
»  It's all about LOVE [first blog from ECUADOR] by Meghan Reeve (1/14/2013)
»  Amazing Generosity! by Mary Douglas (1/11/2013)
»  Launch. Love. Go. by Meghan Reeve (1/11/2013)
»  The Launch Blog by Sarah Imperiale (1/10/2013)
»  launch! by Catherine Rosselli (1/9/2013)
»  Reunited: Love, laughter, STRESS! by Cassie Wilson (1/8/2013)
»  Let me tell you somethin 'bout my best friend... by Meghan Reeve (1/4/2013)
»  I'm going to clothe all of Ecuador! by Cassie Wilson (12/31/2012)
»  (TC to Launch) God: Winning. Enemy: 0 by Sarah Imperiale (12/30/2012)
»  It's All Happening! by Mary Douglas (12/30/2012)
»  The message I heard on 1-1-12 by Meghan Reeve (12/28/2012)
»  Pondering Mary by Meghan Reeve (12/25/2012)
»  What do Charles Darwin, cacao, football, bananas, and Team Veracity have in common? by Cassie Wilson (12/20/2012)
»  He has broken my heart. by Meghan Reeve (12/17/2012)
»  I am not a mother by Meghan Reeve (12/14/2012)
»  twenty-three! by Catherine Rosselli (12/12/2012)
»  Raffling off my "baby" by Meghan Reeve (12/3/2012)
»  I Have Two Dads looking down! by Lauren Leabhart (11/28/2012)
»  Lord, Hear our Prayer by Mary Douglas (11/28/2012)
»  The Dirty Word: Missionary by Sarah Imperiale (11/28/2012)
»  I cannot go on the World Race by Cassie Wilson (11/27/2012)
»  Don't Make Me! by Sarah Imperiale (11/21/2012)
»  quack attack is back. . . by Catherine Rosselli (11/19/2012)
»  I'm a blind missionary by Meghan Reeve (11/18/2012)
»  I love Lamp? by Meghan Reeve (11/13/2012)
»  "You’re getting warmer; you’re on to something big!" by Cassie Wilson (11/11/2012)
»  All I want for Christmas....[And my FAVORITE Christmas song!] by Meghan Reeve (11/8/2012)
»  Introducing: Team Veracity by Sarah Imperiale (11/8/2012)
»  Coadunation [co·adu·nation] (VIDEO!) by Cassie Wilson (11/7/2012)
»  Oh, hello! I didn't see you there! I was just writing a letter... by Cassie Wilson (11/4/2012)
»  The BIG ask: prayer by Meghan Reeve (11/2/2012)
»  the ways that God cares about prom by Meghan Reeve (10/30/2012)
»  Claustrophobia went out the window by Lauren Leabhart (10/30/2012)
»  Be on the lookout... by Mary Douglas (10/24/2012)
»  the Holy Spirit stole my headlamp? by Mary Douglas (10/24/2012)
»  Jesus wore a mustache? So will I! by Catherine Rosselli (10/24/2012)
»  I grew new legs at Training Camp by Meghan Reeve (10/24/2012)
»  "Did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons? You can bet before we're through, mister, I'll make a man out of you!" (PICS!) by Cassie Wilson (10/23/2012)
»  a devotion to truth: Team Veracity by Meghan Reeve (10/22/2012)
»  It's ok to fall (Training camp advice) by Meghan Reeve (10/21/2012)
»  Don't discredit the power of the Holy Spirit! by Cassie Wilson (10/18/2012)
»  Me and the Holy Spirit...having a beer. by Meghan Reeve (10/12/2012)
»  [insert witty yet heartfelt title here] by Meghan Reeve (10/4/2012)
»  Bragging Rights by Sarah Imperiale (10/1/2012)
»  Rivers flow and lights gotta shine by Meghan Reeve (9/30/2012)
»  woop! by Catherine Rosselli (9/19/2012)
»  Thank YOU! by Mary Douglas (9/18/2012)
»  Trust in the Lord by Mary Douglas (9/18/2012)
»  I officially hate online shopping by Meghan Reeve (9/18/2012)
»  Step into my tomb by Meghan Reeve (9/10/2012)
»  here's where I'm going! by Catherine Rosselli (9/5/2012)
»  out of all of the things I will pack... by Meghan Reeve (9/4/2012)
»  How I Was... "Called" by Sarah Imperiale (9/1/2012)
»  Letting God get the last word by Meghan Reeve (8/28/2012)
»  Life Redefined by Meghan Reeve (8/26/2012)
»  I Got This... by Sarah Imperiale (8/16/2012)
»  I didn't wear a helmet today. by Meghan Reeve (8/16/2012)
»  January 2013 Route 2 by Sarah Imperiale (8/12/2012)
»  support letter. by Catherine Rosselli (8/11/2012)
»  An attempt at being trendy... by Meghan Reeve (8/11/2012)
»  AIM Statement of Faith by Mary Douglas (8/10/2012)
»  "Motion of Mercy" by Lauren Leabhart (8/10/2012)
»  The Awkward Subject of Money Matters by Cassie Wilson (8/10/2012)
»  A prayer for my wonderful, hysterical, sometimes sarcastic Squad by Meghan Reeve (8/9/2012)
»  What to say? by Mary Douglas (7/30/2012)
»  My 11n11 by Meghan Reeve (7/28/2012)
»  Here I Am! by Mary Douglas (7/28/2012)
»  T-shirt Fundraiser by Meghan Reeve (7/25/2012)
»  what i do vs. who i am by Meghan Reeve (7/20/2012)
»  My refining fire... by Meghan Reeve (7/14/2012)
»  A picture of my identity by Meghan Reeve (7/9/2012)
»  And so I feel it begins...My support letter by Meghan Reeve (7/6/2012)
»  Rough by Meghan Reeve (7/2/2012)
»  Royal Family.. by Meghan Reeve (6/24/2012)
»  Prepping for snakes by Meghan Reeve (6/22/2012)
»  God is Bigger than the Boogie Man by Cassie Wilson (6/21/2012)
»  Course Correction by Meghan Reeve (6/21/2012)
»  I don't run.... by Meghan Reeve (6/19/2012)
»  Rest [or lack thereof] by Meghan Reeve (6/18/2012)
»  A haphazard attempt at "why" by Meghan Reeve (6/16/2012)
»  A little bit about me by Meghan Reeve (6/8/2012)
»  Finishing well by Meghan Reeve (6/6/2012)
»  Breaking the chains of hidden strongholds! (and summer plans) by Cassie Wilson (5/20/2012)
»  Raising money alongside Threads of Hope by Cassie Wilson (5/6/2012)
»  "This is me, this is who I am" by Cassie Wilson (5/2/2012)