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»  Light in the Darkness by Drew Morgan (10/30/2017)
»  FAQ and What's Next by Thad Daniels III (2/6/2017)
»  Reminiscing in America by Arlene Molina (12/20/2016)
»  My Dream that Told the Future by Nicole Wolf (12/19/2016)
»  Top 9 Things I Want People to Know Before I Come Home by Krista Baer (11/22/2016)
»  Saying Goodbye by Thad Daniels III (11/11/2016)
»  Morocco Is Dreaming About Jesus by Krista Baer (11/9/2016)
»  Number 4 by Thad Daniels III (10/3/2016)
»  I Met Jesus, and She Wears a Hijab by Nicole Wolf (9/19/2016)
»  What's Actually Going On In Turkey and Why You Should Care by Krista Baer (8/30/2016)
»  The Secret to Loving Yourself - A Short Story by Nicole Wolf (8/29/2016)
»  Coming Face-to-Face With Refugees and Their Distressing Reality by Krista Baer (8/24/2016)
»  This is real. by Thad Daniels III (8/15/2016)
»  How Traveling for 8 Months Across Asia Changes You by Krista Baer (8/6/2016)
»  Prayer for Nepal by Thad Daniels III (8/3/2016)
»  An Open Letter to the DeWitts by Thad Daniels III (7/26/2016)
»  Picture Blog for June/July: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan AND Azerbaijan! by Krista Baer (7/23/2016)
»  Fast and Free by Drew Morgan (7/6/2016)
»  Mama's Gonna Love This One by Thad Daniels III (7/5/2016)
»  She Didn't Just Give Me Earrings, She Gave Me Hope by Krista Baer (7/1/2016)
»  Soccer with Messi Taught Me about the Body by Thad Daniels III (6/25/2016)
»  We Are Halfway...Wait, Really?! by Krista Baer (6/22/2016)
»  Halfway Point by Drew Morgan (6/20/2016)
»  Just Our Palankarta Doing Palankarta Things - Father's Day by Thad Daniels III (6/19/2016)
»  THANK YOU! by Drew Morgan (6/14/2016)
»  Picture blog for May: China by Krista Baer (6/13/2016)
»  God Working Despite Us in Dali by Krista Baer (6/12/2016)
»  "It's the Little Things" - China's Nuances and General Updates by Krista Baer (6/11/2016)
»  Let's Talk About Sex , Maybe by Arlene Molina (6/1/2016)
»  Picture blog for April: Wrapping Up India and Nepal by Krista Baer (5/21/2016)
»  Month 5 Status Update by Drew Morgan (5/20/2016)
»  "I think we clogged the squatty potty" and other noteworthy phrases heard in Nepal by Krista Baer (5/16/2016)
»  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!...oh btw, I Have a Nepali Boyfriend by Krista Baer (5/8/2016)
»  How to Get that Mountain Top Experience by Nicole Wolf (4/30/2016)
»  So You Want to Go Camping in Nepal... by Krista Baer (4/29/2016)
»  My Dearest Friend... My Hope and Prayer for You by Arlene Molina (4/27/2016)
»  Love in the Eyes of a 19-year-old Nepali Future Pastor by Krista Baer (4/19/2016)
»  Day 100 by Thad Daniels III (4/19/2016)
»  Route Changes and Lessons Therein by Krista Baer (4/11/2016)
»  Nursing, PRN in India by Arlene Molina (4/9/2016)
»  Featured Teammate: Taylor Upchurch by Thad Daniels III (4/3/2016)
»  Picture blog for March: From Myanmar to India! by Krista Baer (4/3/2016)
»  Fertile Soil and Unified Workers in Manipur, India by Krista Baer (4/2/2016)
»  Quick India Update/ A Thousand Thank You's by Arlene Molina (3/30/2016)
»  Pink Moisturizer for all Lotion-Seekers by Thad Daniels III (3/20/2016)
»  Channels of Water in the Hand of the Lord by Thad Daniels III (3/13/2016)
»  Once Upon An Indian Dream by Krista Baer (3/13/2016)
»  I'm on the World Race Because of Tony Hawk. by Thad Daniels III (3/10/2016)
»  Surviving vs Thriving by Drew Morgan (3/6/2016)
»  Hey Church, We Can Wear Our Hearts on Our Sleeves! by Krista Baer (3/2/2016)
»  Lessons on Hesitation, Social Media , and Fundraising by Arlene Molina (2/25/2016)
»  Let's love recklessly. - A collaboration with Ryan Steffensen by Thad Daniels III (2/24/2016)
»  I Drove My First Motorbike in Indonesia...And Lived! by Krista Baer (2/11/2016)
»  Ministry is... ALL THE THINGS by Arlene Molina (2/10/2016)
»  Month One: A Summary and a Pact by Krista Baer (2/10/2016)
»  My World Race and Expedition Route story by Arlene Molina (2/10/2016)
»  Month 1: Indonesia by Drew Morgan (1/31/2016)
»  Wedding Crashing and Chicken Feet Snacking : Don’t Live This Life by Nicole Wolf (1/29/2016)
»  My King and My God by Thad Daniels III (1/28/2016)
»  Anticipating Adventures and Being Wrong by Krista Baer (1/24/2016)
»  Featured Teammate: Rosie Lawrence by Thad Daniels III (1/21/2016)
»  Welcome to Indonesia!! by Arlene Molina (1/20/2016)
»  The Pale Light of Stillness by Thad Daniels III (1/16/2016)
»  Hiding in the Kitchen at 3:00 AM by Nicole Wolf (1/12/2016)
»  "Are You Afraid?" by Drew Morgan (12/28/2015)
»  On Becoming a Child Again by Arlene Molina (12/26/2015)
»  What I Really Want People to Know Before I Leave by Krista Baer (12/23/2015)
»  Practicing Thanksgiving: #30daysofthanks by Krista Baer (12/7/2015)
»  What a Sex Worker Taught Me About Love by Nicole Wolf (11/19/2015)
»  Pure and Undefiled Religion by Thad Daniels III (11/9/2015)
»  Becoming Less at Training Camp by Arlene Molina (11/1/2015)
»  Your Expectations are a Joke: a Racer's Guide to Training Camp by Thad Daniels III (10/29/2015)
»  Allowing Myself to Be Affected: Training Camp Edition by Krista Baer (10/29/2015)
»  6 Dumb Ways to Die at Boot Camp by Nicole Wolf (10/27/2015)
»  Update/Training Camp by Arlene Molina (10/11/2015)
»  Waiting Actively by Krista Baer (10/2/2015)
»  A Dangerous Business by Nicole Wolf (9/20/2015)
»  Just do it by Arlene Molina (9/14/2015)
»  But Why Go? ( a personal response ) by Nicole Wolf (9/7/2015)
»  Chosen Vessels...Seeing yourself Through God's Eyes by Arlene Molina (9/7/2015)
»  Not To Us But To Your Name by Krista Baer (9/4/2015)
»  Bear With Me by Arlene Molina (8/31/2015)
»  Big Update by Drew Morgan (7/18/2015)
»  The College Graduate Edition by Drew Morgan (5/18/2015)
»  Not Holding Back by Drew Morgan (4/13/2015)
»  What's the Why? by Drew Morgan (2/16/2015)