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»  I'm Going Back to South Africa! by Nicole Pavis (7/8/2017)
»  Project Searchlight by Karyn Reget (1/15/2017)
»  Project Searchlight Gave Me a Second Chance by Nicole Pavis (1/15/2017)
»  PSL: Take Another Lap by Holly Spatz (1/15/2017)
»  I Watched: A Tribute to Jill by Scarlett McCall (12/18/2016)
»  What the Heck am I Doing Here? by Holly Spatz (12/6/2016)
»  My Final Month of Ministry on the World Race! by Britney Meyer (11/17/2016)
»  The moment you've been waiting for... by Nicole Pavis (11/14/2016)
»  Did I change the world? by Nicole Pavis (11/14/2016)
»  "We have to finish the race." by Nicole Pavis (11/11/2016)
»  What's Next by Holly Spatz (11/9/2016)
»  10 Ways to Help your Racer During the Re-entry Process by Britney Meyer (11/3/2016)
»  An Ode to My Sleeping Pad: May It Rest In Peace by Scarlett McCall (11/3/2016)
»  My Life in Mozambique by Scarlett McCall (11/2/2016)
»  "Maybe You'll Meet Your Future Husband..." So Did I? by Scarlett McCall (10/24/2016)
»  What's Next? by Lauren Fogarty (10/22/2016)
»  How do you share the love of Christ when you're not allowed to speak His name? by Nicole Pavis (10/22/2016)
»  Pizza Hut, Potatoes & Prepositions: My Month in Malaysia by Britney Meyer (10/17/2016)
»  PVT: Stacey Comes To Thailand! by Holly Spatz (10/9/2016)
»  Month 10: KJ Generation by Holly Spatz (10/9/2016)
»  Abba house by Holly Spatz (10/9/2016)
»  Thailand Recap! by Britney Meyer (9/21/2016)
»  "I'll Screw You Tomorrow!" by Holly Spatz (9/13/2016)
»  Living in the Mountain Kingdom by Scarlett McCall (9/12/2016)
»  Guitars on the Race: Travel Tips and Experiences by Holly Spatz (9/12/2016)
»  Guitars at Training Camp by Holly Spatz (9/12/2016)
»  I'm Not Blind Anymore by Lauren Fogarty (9/11/2016)
»  Are you Running from your True Identity? by Britney Meyer (9/7/2016)
»  The Lord Encourages Unexpectedly! by Nicole Pavis (9/2/2016)
»  Eli International School: The Second Half of Month 8 by Holly Spatz (9/1/2016)
»  Same Same, but Different- Cambodia Recap by Britney Meyer (8/25/2016)
»  Overflow in Siem Reap, Cambodia: Month 8 by Holly Spatz (8/23/2016)
»  I am Good Enough by Lauren Fogarty (8/21/2016)
»  A Heart of Gratitude, Love, and Support by Holly Spatz (8/15/2016)
»  My heart is already melting in Cambodia by Nicole Pavis (8/9/2016)
»  T.I.A.This is Africa! by Britney Meyer (8/6/2016)
»  The Fragile State of Feeling Unwanted by Holly Spatz (8/5/2016)
»  Worship Until the Walls Come Down by Holly Spatz (7/31/2016)
»  From the Eyes of a Skeptic by Britney Meyer (7/24/2016)
»  Laughing with those who laugh, mourning with those who mourn by Nicole Pavis (7/16/2016)
»  I Finally Forgave my Dad by Holly Spatz (7/15/2016)
»  All it took was one cup of coffee. by Karyn Reget (7/14/2016)
»  Love Story. South Africa. by Karyn Reget (7/14/2016)
»  The Cry of the Impatient by Holly Spatz (7/11/2016)
»  Dumela from Botswana! by Britney Meyer (6/30/2016)
»  My Month of Redemption: Bring what You Have by Holly Spatz (6/24/2016)
»  Botswana ?????? by Holly Spatz (6/24/2016)
»  We’re Halfway There! by Britney Meyer (6/21/2016)
»  Doing the Race with a Chemical Imbalance by Holly Spatz (6/21/2016)
»  I said “Yes” to a Coke with Jesus by Scarlett McCall (6/19/2016)
»  Turn It Up by Nicole Pavis (6/15/2016)
»  Do I have a right to be angry? by Nicole Pavis (6/7/2016)
»  Zulu Living! by Britney Meyer (5/31/2016)
»  South Africa by Holly Spatz (5/30/2016)
»  Playing the Guitar in an Ice Cream Shop : Lead Nations Into His Presence Part 2 by Holly Spatz (5/30/2016)
»  Going to Church with Our Taxi Driver by Holly Spatz (5/30/2016)
»  Riding through the South African countryside with my friends from back home by Nicole Pavis (5/22/2016)
»  An introduction to Sinakekele and a tale of a special striped scarf by Nicole Pavis (5/22/2016)
»  God Rescued the Littlest Elephant in the Dominican Republic by Nicole Pavis (5/22/2016)
»  Dear New Zion, by Holly Spatz (5/14/2016)
»  Shibu: An Unsung Hero by Britney Meyer (5/13/2016)
»  Panama Recap! by Britney Meyer (4/26/2016)
»  It was just a five hour bus ride... by Karyn Reget (4/24/2016)
»  Unsung Heroes: I Met Santa at the Grocery Store by Holly Spatz (4/19/2016)
»  The month my life changed foever. by Karyn Reget (4/19/2016)
»  When life slows down, it's time to take initiative! by Nicole Pavis (4/15/2016)
»  Lead Nations Into His Presence by Holly Spatz (4/11/2016)
»  Greetings From Panama! by Holly Spatz (4/11/2016)
»  My Encounter With a Homeless Man (The Prayer of a Broken Heart) by Holly Spatz (4/8/2016)
»  The Unexpected Gift! by Britney Meyer (4/7/2016)
»  House of Hope by Lauren Fogarty (4/1/2016)
»  Breaking my Routine by Lauren Fogarty (4/1/2016)
»  Haiti Re-Cap by Lauren Fogarty (4/1/2016)
»  When you are loved back by Lauren Fogarty (4/1/2016)
»  A glimpse into my personal journal by Nicole Pavis (3/31/2016)
»  A Letter to My Supporters by Holly Spatz (3/31/2016)
»  Pura Vida! by Britney Meyer (3/30/2016)
»  Dear Daddy... by Karyn Reget (3/27/2016)
»  Pura Vida Costa Rica by Karyn Reget (3/25/2016)
»  My Good Friday Reminder: A Call to Abandon Everything by Holly Spatz (3/25/2016)
»  Shadowing in the Prosthetic Lab by Britney Meyer (3/15/2016)
»  Allow Me to Introduce You to Some Little Squares... by Nicole Pavis (3/14/2016)
»  The Lord Equips His People by Nicole Pavis (3/14/2016)
»  Haiti: A Photo Update! by Scarlett McCall (3/13/2016)
»  Extinguishing my Fears: PTSD No Longer has a Hold on Me by Holly Spatz (3/9/2016)
»  What Happened in Me in Haiti by Holly Spatz (3/9/2016)
»  What We Did in Haiti by Holly Spatz (3/9/2016)
»  We Walk: My Tale of Being Electrocuted by Scarlett McCall (3/4/2016)
»  Haitian Information! by Britney Meyer (2/28/2016)
»  God Makes Beautiful Things Out of Nothing by Holly Spatz (2/21/2016)
»  Life Transformation is Happening in Haiti by Nicole Pavis (2/20/2016)
»  Leveque. by Karyn Reget (2/20/2016)
»  God is Always Intentional by Holly Spatz (2/14/2016)
»  I Asked God to Help my Unbelief by Holly Spatz (2/14/2016)
»  Half a world away. by Karyn Reget (2/14/2016)
»  Reflecting on Month 1, Pressing on to Month 2 by Nicole Pavis (2/7/2016)
»  When the Tears Come by Britney Meyer (2/6/2016)
»  The Mess of My Life Unmade by Lauren Fogarty (2/3/2016)
»  Ankle Deep in Basura by Lauren Fogarty (2/1/2016)
»  Life in la Republica Dominicana by Karyn Reget (1/27/2016)
»  Blisters on Blisters by Scarlett McCall (1/27/2016)
»  What God Taught Me When I Jumped Off a Cliff by Holly Spatz (1/24/2016)
»  Hello from the DR! by Britney Meyer (1/24/2016)
»  Wherever you are, be all there by Nicole Pavis (1/23/2016)
»  Just Another Thursday: What A River, Pimp and Drug Dealer Taught Me by Scarlett McCall (1/23/2016)
»  Will Trade Wifi for Water by Scarlett McCall (1/23/2016)
»  God's Plan is the Best Plan! by Nicole Pavis (1/18/2016)
»  Don't Whip When You Should Nae Nae by Holly Spatz (1/18/2016)
»  Haiti Meets the Dominican: Caleb's Story by Scarlett McCall (1/17/2016)
»  Launch is Here! by Nicole Pavis (1/9/2016)
»  ...and the race is on! by Karyn Reget (1/6/2016)
»  Fully Funded!! by Britney Meyer (1/5/2016)
»  Why 2015 has Been Different by Holly Spatz (12/31/2015)
»  World Race Fundraising: The Glass is Half Full! by Nicole Pavis (11/23/2015)
»  And even when... I choose YOU! by Karyn Reget (11/18/2015)
»  That Time I Took a Survey and My Course Changed by Lauren Fogarty (11/15/2015)
»  A long overdue update on Training Camp! by Nicole Pavis (11/10/2015)
»  Faith is sometimes a four letter word. by Scarlett McCall (11/8/2015)
»  The Crazy Thing Called Training Camp! by Britney Meyer (11/2/2015)
»  Some of What God Showed me at Training Camp by Holly Spatz (10/30/2015)
»  T-Shirt Fundraiser- Orders Due Friday, November 20th!!! by Britney Meyer (10/27/2015)
»  Y'all ready for this? by Nicole Pavis (10/15/2015)
»  Preparations by Britney Meyer (10/6/2015)
»  "So what countries are you going to?" by Nicole Pavis (10/4/2015)
»  Starting to Get Real by Holly Spatz (10/4/2015)
»  Dear Scarlett... by Scarlett McCall (9/27/2015)
»  My Big Fish and A "Jonah" Prayer. by Scarlett McCall (9/16/2015)
»  Welcome to Scarlett's World Race by Scarlett McCall (9/15/2015)
»  This means war. by Karyn Reget (9/11/2015)
»  Financial Breakdown: Transparency and Vulnerability by Nicole Pavis (9/4/2015)
»  The Big Announcement by Nicole Pavis (9/1/2015)
»  5 Easy Ways to Support Your World Racer! by Britney Meyer (9/1/2015)
»  Well, hello! by Nicole Pavis (8/31/2015)
»  World Race Q & A by Britney Meyer (8/26/2015)
»  Here's How it Starts by Holly Spatz (8/22/2015)
»  Wait, You’re Going to do What? by Britney Meyer (8/13/2015)
»  Why me? Why the World Race?? Read here... :) by Karyn Reget (7/2/2015)
»  Beautiful Endings by Karyn Reget (5/22/2015)
»  Made to THRIVE by Karyn Reget (4/13/2015)
»  7 ways college is preparing me for the World Race... by Karyn Reget (3/28/2015)
»  Selfishness and loneliness. by Karyn Reget (3/21/2015)