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by Madison Allison on 9/29/2022
Team dynamicduo

Hasta Mañana

by Jaden Roberts on 9/29/2022

Joy in the midst of trials

by Colton Carroll on 9/28/2022
Team team 1

Work Hard, Play Hard

by Derek Eckhart on 9/28/2022
Team 1

Black Mountain, NC

by Lauren Lafferty on 9/28/2022
Team 6

Next Steps

by Madison Allison on 9/28/2022
Team dynamicduo

Tea Time

by Makayla Reimer on 9/28/2022
Team circle makers

Meet Whale Team 6

by JILLISA Gary on 9/28/2022

Shiny Fork

by Lauren Siegers on 9/27/2022
Team team6

Beautiful Feet

by Remy Shootman on 9/27/2022
Team 4

I Could...

by Michael McKnight on 9/27/2022

Simple Joys

by Sophia Engman on 9/26/2022
Team team 5

Training Camp Review

by Maura Winfield on 9/26/2022
Team 4

Training Overview!

by Karoline Ponder on 9/26/2022
Team revel


by Steph Trausch on 9/26/2022
Team candor

Visits & feeding/visitas y alimentacion

by Kevin Asencio on 9/26/2022


by Elijah Pequeno on 9/26/2022

Faith in Our Provider

by Sarah Dodd on 9/26/2022

Starting Ministry with Reindom

by Kirsten Hankins on 9/26/2022

Training Camp Review

by Shepherd Connor on 9/25/2022
Team 1

The kindness of strangers

by Analise Thibodeaux on 9/25/2022
Team 4


by Julianne Theule on 9/25/2022
Team revel


by Baylee Murphy on 9/25/2022
Team revel

Training Camp = Complete

by Gabe Veth on 9/25/2022
Team the wanderers

Training Camp Recap

by Ryann Posner on 9/25/2022
Team revel

First Ministry Week

by Faith Walden on 9/25/2022

A Man Who Had a Dream…or 12?

by Megan Schneider on 9/25/2022
Team squad leaders

Growing Pains

by Jordan Jost on 9/25/2022

A Sending Nation

by Maggie Prokosch on 9/25/2022

Jesus, are you enough??

by Victoria Mateer on 9/25/2022


by Hope Kampa on 9/24/2022
Team team 3

Training Camp!

by Lauren Siegers on 9/24/2022
Team team6

Updates :)

by Grace Bode on 9/24/2022
Team team 5

My World Race Goals

by Emma Gorton on 9/24/2022
Team team5

The Realness of the Spirit

by Gabe Day on 9/24/2022
Team team 1

Month One!

by Jett Johnson on 9/24/2022
Team 6


by Ronny Griffin on 9/24/2022
Team eden


by Melon Wickey on 9/24/2022

Rest and Generosity

by Madi Taylor on 9/24/2022


by Elle Hooper on 9/24/2022

A Beautiful Body

by Naomi Hasenyager on 9/24/2022
Team daughtersofzion

The prayer of a broken spirit

by Hannah Thiele on 9/24/2022
Team ecclesia

Meat Counters and Cowboy Hats.

by Lexy Donath on 9/24/2022
Team red

Opening My Eyes

by Matt Bullard on 9/23/2022
Team team 2

Love Others!

by Nathan Watts on 9/23/2022
Team 1

Washed With His Peace

by Marly Kracher on 9/23/2022
Team 6

Sobering Moments

by Sylvie Elrod on 9/23/2022

Poetry of September 2022

by Malachi Schroeder on 9/23/2022
Team circle makers

Trainingscamp Part 1

by Ruthie Genson on 9/23/2022

What’s your Guatemala?

by JILLISA Gary on 9/23/2022

Being Taken Deeper

by Trisa Moser on 9/23/2022

Redefining Beauty

by Katherine Porzi on 9/23/2022

Training Camp Recap

by Reid White on 9/22/2022
Team 2


by Caroline Ball on 9/22/2022

My First Passport Stamp Ever!

by Amy Scott on 9/22/2022

Absolutely Yes

by Amy Scott on 9/22/2022

Whale team vs Demon

by Banks Johnson on 9/22/2022

May your heart be softened

by Chloe Howard on 9/21/2022
Team team 5

Wilderness Living

by Zachary Johnson on 9/21/2022
Team wild n free

The Reason I Am Here

by Elizabeth Gravely on 9/21/2022
Team ecclesia

Franky’s Faith

by Jaden Roberts on 9/21/2022

The Holy Spirit Speaks Spanish

by Lexy Donath on 9/21/2022
Team red

The Power of Prayer!

by Cheeka Vang on 9/21/2022

Running From a Reasonable Deadness of Heart

by Jakson McDaniel on 9/21/2022

Worth an Open Mind

by Sadie Showalter on 9/20/2022
Team team 6

The Glory Is Yours, God

by Ali Goolsby on 9/20/2022
Team 6

I Don’t Wanna Go

by Olivia Canada on 9/20/2022

Whatever it Looks Like

by Maggie Prokosch on 9/20/2022

Guatemalan Roads Take Me Home

by Mikahla Klug on 9/20/2022

Marketplace Meltdown

by Amy Scott on 9/20/2022

One step into faith, ten steps into Target

by Lindsey Hall on 9/19/2022
Team 3


by Ethan Johnston on 9/19/2022
Team the wanderers


by Steph Trausch on 9/19/2022
Team candor

Being Brave

by Naomi Hasenyager on 9/19/2022
Team daughtersofzion

Flowers and Prayers from a Distance

by Joana Quintana on 9/19/2022

Guerra, pollo y papas fritas en San Antonio

by Victoria Mateer on 9/19/2022

Meet my Team!!

by Hope Kampa on 9/18/2022
Team team 3

A Garden for Growth

by Marly Kracher on 9/18/2022
Team 6

Learning To Be Taken Care Of

by Lauren Lafferty on 9/18/2022
Team 6

Great Image Hair Salon

by Josh Ockrin on 9/18/2022
Team 1

Training camp

by Halle Merwin on 9/18/2022

So The Adventure Begins

by Kallie Kay on 9/18/2022

First Week in Nicaragua

by Lauren Fisher on 9/18/2022

Relationship Restored

by Banks Johnson on 9/18/2022

Week 3

by Hannah Lauritzen on 9/17/2022
Team team 4

dance in freedom.

by Kaitlyn Duffy on 9/17/2022
Team team 3


by Hope Kampa on 9/17/2022
Team team 3

You'll be okay

by Caleigh Alcorta on 9/17/2022
Team team 3

When the lord hugs your heart

by Luke Risse on 9/17/2022
Team team 1

talking with my father

by Lauren Thomas on 9/17/2022
Team team3


by Knox LejaMeyer on 9/17/2022
Team team 1

Worship: More Than Singing

by Lauren Siegers on 9/17/2022
Team team6

My Support letter

by Camden Stockin on 9/17/2022
Team team 2