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Two Words: Don't Go

by Stephen Sloan on 7/20/2018
Team childlikeprophets


by Megan McCoomb on 8/30/2016
Team lunawarriors

"You're Not Invisible"

by Megan Czerwinski on 7/23/2016
Team childlikeprophets

"You are a Cageless Bird"...

by Megan Czerwinski on 7/20/2016
Team childlikeprophets


by Megan Czerwinski on 7/7/2016
Team childlikeprophets

Called to Bethel

by Megan Czerwinski on 2/19/2016
Team childlikeprophets

A Way Overdue Update!

by Megan Czerwinski on 1/25/2016
Team childlikeprophets

Still on the Journey: What I do

by Erin Miller on 6/25/2014
Team cannonball

Why I Do What I Do...

by Kayla Dawnn House on 6/25/2014
Team squadleaders

Hola! From Antigua!

by Allie Elliott Carlson on 3/10/2014

Still on the Journey: Seasons

by Erin Miller on 11/2/2013
Team cannonball


by Melissa Diehl on 10/22/2013

Loving the Convict

by Megan McCoomb on 10/11/2013
Team lunawarriors

Still on the Journey: Roots

by Erin Miller on 9/22/2013
Team cannonball

So You're Still in Georgia?

by Penny Penny on 9/21/2013

Halfway in Nicaragua

by Penny Penny on 6/27/2013

A Year in Retrospect

by Emily Chan on 6/26/2013
Team childlikeprophets

Carpe Diem

by Kayla Dawnn House on 6/21/2013
Team squadleaders

Smiles, Plagues & Beauty in Nicaragua

by Penny Penny on 6/10/2013

Island of Orphans

by Penny Penny on 5/9/2013

What Does Living In Abundance Look LIke?

by Penny Penny on 5/3/2013

Clear the stage

by Megan McCoomb on 4/29/2013
Team lunawarriors

I Love What I Do

by Sarah Croaker on 4/22/2013

The Simple Joys Of Life

by Rebecca Freeman on 4/22/2013
Team freedomslighthouse

I Simply Can't Not Share

by Laura Williams on 4/17/2013

The Ugly, Beautiful Truth

by Sarah Croaker on 4/12/2013

What's Going On?

by Laura Williams on 4/8/2013

Wasn't the tank full already?

by Kevin Buzzie on 4/6/2013
Team squadleader

Kenya Again...

by Kevin Buzzie on 3/29/2013
Team squadleader

Start of Something Good

by Carl Prox on 3/23/2013
Team cannonball

Financial Hope

by Laura Williams on 3/21/2013

Getting Away

by Sarah Croaker on 3/21/2013

Are You Listening to the Whisper?

by Penny Penny on 3/21/2013

Listen! There's A Voice To Be Heard!

by Laura Williams on 3/16/2013

Physical Words

by Sarah Croaker on 3/14/2013

Lost Car Keys

by Sarah Croaker on 3/8/2013

You're Worth Fighting For

by Penny Penny on 3/6/2013

A Different Story

by Laura Williams on 2/28/2013

Angel in Disguise

by Sarah Croaker on 2/26/2013

Partner with Me

by Tommy Chapman on 2/24/2013
Team cannonball

Film Friday- Adventures

by Penny Penny on 2/1/2013

Puerto Rico in Pictures

by Tommy Chapman on 1/29/2013
Team cannonball

Film Friday - Landfill Harmonic

by Penny Penny on 1/11/2013

New Years What Ifs?

by Rebecca Freeman on 1/3/2013
Team freedomslighthouse

Film Friday

by Penny Penny on 12/28/2012

The Blog I Didn't Want to Write

by Penny Penny on 12/21/2012

About a Call

by Allie Elliott Carlson on 12/16/2012

He Knows Your Needs

by Megan McCoomb on 12/12/2012
Team lunawarriors

End of Year Resolutions

by Penny Penny on 12/11/2012

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

by Rebecca Freeman on 11/25/2012
Team freedomslighthouse

What's next?

by Adrea Ross on 11/21/2012
Team abc(awakenedbychoice)

A Land Of Princes and Princesses

by Laura Williams on 11/21/2012

Someone Wants To Talk With You…

by Laura Williams on 11/18/2012

Every Day Adventure

by Penny Penny on 11/16/2012

A Nail That Won't Go Down

by Allie Elliott Carlson on 11/12/2012

My Naked Self.

by Kayla Dawnn House on 11/12/2012
Team squadleaders

$11 on 11/11

by Laura Williams on 11/8/2012

I Pledge Allegiance to a Lantern...

by Penny Penny on 11/5/2012

REWIND: You Won't Relent

by Laura Williams on 11/4/2012

Shadow Dancing

by Allie Elliott Carlson on 10/27/2012

M, N, O, and P Squads: You are Called

by Laura Williams on 10/22/2012

Soakin' It Up

by Allie Elliott Carlson on 10/19/2012

I'm Overseas...

by Sarah Croaker on 10/17/2012

New Digs

by Laura Williams on 10/16/2012

New Blog

by Liz White on 10/15/2012
Team cannonball

Just PRAY!

by Allie Elliott Carlson on 10/13/2012

Busy, busy, but I love it.

by Penny Penny on 10/12/2012

New Blog...

by Andrea Garcia on 10/12/2012
Team squadleader

Video Flash back of the Race.

by Jenny Meunier on 10/10/2012
Team cannonball

The Blog I Never Wanted to Write

by Sarah Croaker on 10/5/2012

A New Season

by Laura Williams on 10/3/2012

Travel. Journey. Contend.

by Penny Penny on 9/28/2012

Bacon, Books, and Buffalo

by Sarah Croaker on 9/25/2012

Pencil Pusher

by Sarah Croaker on 9/21/2012

Captured Frames: Transnistria

by Sarah Croaker on 9/19/2012

Captured Frames: China

by Sarah Croaker on 9/17/2012

"Trade of Innocents"

by Laura Williams on 9/17/2012

I've arrived in America

by Megan McCoomb on 9/17/2012
Team lunawarriors

It's Only Just Begun!

by Penny Penny on 9/15/2012

Captured Frames: Romania

by Sarah Croaker on 9/15/2012


by Sarah Croaker on 9/12/2012

Captured Frames: Ukraine

by Sarah Croaker on 9/11/2012

New Adventures

by Penny Penny on 9/10/2012

Captured Frames: Malaysia

by Sarah Croaker on 9/7/2012

Perfect Love

by Allie Elliott Carlson on 9/4/2012