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Our Feet May Fail

by Dusty Dills on 4/21/2016
Team squadleaders

For Our Baby Selah

by Maggie Rogness on 7/17/2015
Team soundofstrength

One in Heaven

by Maggie Rogness on 6/29/2015
Team soundofstrength

Chasing Sunbeams and Grace

by Kathryn Law on 6/16/2015
Team squadleader

The Child We Never Held

by Maggie Rogness on 6/16/2015
Team soundofstrength

I'm Back- Post WR 2 Years Later

by Kristen or Kris Pfund on 6/14/2015
Team beautyfromashes

"Through It All (It Is Well)"

by Dusty Dills on 4/30/2015
Team squadleaders

Let Things Get Weird

by Kathryn Law on 4/25/2015
Team squadleader

Robbed and Exposed

by Kathryn Law on 2/23/2015
Team squadleader

Nothing Could Come of This...

by Kathryn Law on 2/2/2015
Team squadleader

"You're Not 'Dusty' Anymore."

by Dusty Dills on 1/31/2015
Team squadleaders

Undeniably Speechless

by Megan Dietrich on 1/18/2015
Team Eruption

SQLing Tour de Ecuador!

by Dusty Dills on 1/13/2015
Team squadleaders

Only 1 Week To Go!

by Dusty Dills on 12/19/2014
Team squadleaders

My Squad Leading Route!

by Dusty Dills on 11/17/2014
Team squadleaders

My World Race Swag

by Kathryn Law on 10/27/2014
Team squadleader

Introducing... P-Squad!

by Dusty Dills on 10/19/2014
Team squadleaders

Switching it UP....

by Rachel Martin on 10/13/2014

Here's my heart....on your platter, Lord.

by Rachel Martin on 9/29/2014

Are YOU ready for Part 2 of the story?

by Rachel Martin on 9/25/2014

I finally did IT....

by Rachel Martin on 9/17/2014

Oh Boy... Round 2!

by Dusty Dills on 9/1/2014
Team squadleaders

Prepare Yourselves!

by Rachel Martin on 8/19/2014

It's Coming UP! Cue the excitement!

by Rachel Martin on 8/12/2014

Confession: I'm INSANE! UPDATED!

by Rachel Martin on 8/1/2014

I'm so over this, but...

by Rachel Martin on 7/23/2014

Wow, Just WOW!

by Rachel Martin on 7/12/2014

Yeah, that's new....

by Rachel Martin on 7/2/2014

So, I think I might be....homeless?! What?!

by Rachel Martin on 6/23/2014

Time to Get at it....

by Rachel Martin on 6/18/2014

Yeah....that JUST happened

by Rachel Martin on 6/12/2014

Time for a New Beginning

by Rachel Martin on 6/8/2014

Camp? Oh no...

by Rachel Martin on 6/3/2014

Catchin' it up even more...

by Rachel Martin on 5/12/2014

Let's play a little bit of a catch-up game...

by Rachel Martin on 5/3/2014

Haiti: ATL'in It Up

by Dusty Dills on 3/13/2014
Team squadleaders

For Shannon

by Maggie Rogness on 2/11/2014
Team soundofstrength


by Dusty Dills on 1/27/2014
Team squadleaders

What a Difference a Day Makes

by Ann Duncan on 1/18/2014


by Ann Duncan on 1/17/2014

Road Trip

by Ann Duncan on 12/18/2013

My Enemy in the Mirror

by Ann Duncan on 11/26/2013

Word Power.

by Ann Duncan on 11/1/2013

The Rock I Stand On

by Ann Duncan on 10/17/2013


by Amanda Brucki on 10/3/2013
Team supermario

The Mold

by Ann Duncan on 9/9/2013

Squad Leader

by Amanda Brucki on 9/4/2013
Team supermario

Thankful Thursday

by Amanda Brucki on 8/23/2013
Team supermario

Motherhood becomes me

by Amanda Brucki on 7/22/2013
Team supermario

The Bible is true.

by Amanda Brucki on 7/1/2013
Team supermario

He Said Go.

by Dusty Dills on 6/10/2013
Team squadleaders

Homeward Bound

by Dusty Dills on 6/2/2013
Team squadleaders

Do Cowboys Drink Starbucks?

by Ann Duncan on 5/31/2013

Her & I Decided To Move On.

by Dusty Dills on 5/11/2013
Team squadleaders

Here I Go Again... Round #2

by Dusty Dills on 5/4/2013
Team squadleaders


by Kristen or Kris Pfund on 4/30/2013
Team beautyfromashes

Spring Fever

by Ann Duncan on 4/26/2013


by Dusty Dills on 4/19/2013
Team squadleaders

The Catch

by Ann Duncan on 4/17/2013


by Kristen or Kris Pfund on 4/10/2013
Team beautyfromashes

Truth & Grace

by Dusty Dills on 4/10/2013
Team squadleaders

hey YOU! read this.

by Sara Norton on 4/7/2013
Team squadleaders

Heels of Freedom

by Ann Duncan on 4/6/2013