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Seven Years Later, Pt. 2

by Brittani Dunlap on 3/30/2018

Moving To Nepal

by Natasha Khadka (Ritsema) on 2/7/2016

Moving To Nepal

by Natasha Khadka (Ritsema) on 2/7/2016

"Lay Your burdens Down and Come Back Home"

by Mike Hall on 1/30/2015

Jesus Take Control

by Mike Hall on 12/22/2014

Orphans? Why Not.

by Mike Hall on 11/14/2014


by Mike Hall on 10/27/2014


by Mike Hall on 9/29/2014

Camping is NOT for me

by Mike Hall on 9/20/2014


by Mike Hall on 9/13/2014


by Mike Hall on 9/8/2014

I'm going to CGA

by Mike Hall on 9/5/2014

Disappointed Expectations

by Chelsea Cordell on 4/24/2014


by Nicole Pearson on 3/14/2014

The Burden of Community

by Nicole Pearson on 3/4/2014

Come to me first.

by Nicole Pearson on 3/1/2014

Open Doors (An update on the past year.)

by Nicole Pearson on 2/27/2014

Pray for Ukraine

by Nicole Pearson on 2/20/2014

stepping out on limbs

by Chelsea Cordell on 2/7/2014

it's amazing how accurate it is

by Chelsea Cordell on 1/6/2014

why CUREkids?

by Chelsea Cordell on 11/25/2013

There and Back Again: Life or Death (Part 4)

by Chelsea Cordell on 11/24/2013

There and Back Again: Life or Death (Part 5)

by Chelsea Cordell on 11/24/2013

LOVE is a four letter word

by Chelsea Cordell on 11/8/2013

i wish i had a tape recording of life sometimes

by Chelsea Cordell on 10/11/2013

this is not an update, but...

by Chelsea Cordell on 10/9/2013

One Week...

by Tiffany Hanes on 8/14/2013

One Week...

by Justin Hanes on 8/14/2013


by Chelsea Cordell on 8/8/2013

Off on a new Journey

by Mike Hall on 8/1/2013

Anonymous[ly], Overwhelmed

by Chelsea Cordell on 7/19/2013

New Chapter, New Residency.

by Rachel Ritsema on 7/9/2013
Team squadleaders

A Declaration of Dependence

by Hannah Bashor on 7/5/2013

Our Ceiling, Their Floor...

by Nicole Pearson on 7/3/2013

Inheritance and Identity

by Chelsea Cordell on 6/21/2013

What life has in store for me.

by Mike Hall on 6/19/2013

i am not a beggar

by Chelsea Cordell on 6/15/2013

i know you

by Chelsea Cordell on 6/11/2013

The Next Generation

by Chelsea Cordell on 5/27/2013

Thanks you!

by Justin Warren on 5/19/2013

Now Guess Who's Back

by Chelsea Cordell on 5/16/2013

A man named Vuthy

by Justin Warren on 4/21/2013

Vietnam Update!

by Justin Warren on 3/29/2013

Cambodia Pics!

by Justin Warren on 3/29/2013

Here's to Love.

by Rachel Ritsema on 3/16/2013
Team squadleaders

Frequent Flyer (Please Help!)

by Julie Malament on 3/14/2013

Leap of Faith

by Julie Malament on 2/26/2013

New Journey

by lauren Black on 2/21/2013

A case of Deja Vu

by Justin Warren on 2/17/2013

I Spy...

by Nicole Pearson on 1/14/2013

What is next for you in 2013?

by Tiffany Hanes on 1/7/2013

What is next for you in 2013?

by Justin Hanes on 1/7/2013

Cookies & God

by Jessie Kyarsgaard on 1/4/2013

The Heart of a Great Leader.

by Rachel Ritsema on 12/31/2012
Team squadleaders

For my H squad :o)

by Rachel Ritsema on 12/14/2012
Team squadleaders

Feedback 101 - Introduction

by Nicole Pearson on 12/3/2012

Feedback 101 - Praise to Change the Atmosphere

by Nicole Pearson on 12/3/2012

A brush of Your Glory.

by Rachel Ritsema on 11/29/2012
Team squadleaders

Deuteronomy 8.

by Rachel Ritsema on 11/27/2012
Team squadleaders

A Welcome Return

by Justin Warren on 11/24/2012

Everything is different, but nothing has changed.

by Chelsea Hughes on 11/21/2012

Letting Go...Again

by Justin Warren on 11/11/2012

How to Fake Your Own Death

by Carrie Hokanson on 11/9/2012

Holy Spirit Stirrings

by Chelsea Hughes on 10/31/2012

God's Plan

by lauren Black on 10/25/2012

Submitting to the Spirit.

by Rachel Ritsema on 10/21/2012
Team squadleaders

High Courage

by Nicole Pearson on 10/10/2012

Buying in and Men in Black.

by Rachel Ritsema on 10/6/2012
Team squadleaders

Learning in Silence

by Chelsea Hughes on 10/5/2012

Re-Entry: 1 Year Later (Almost!)

by Nicole Pearson on 10/4/2012

Transition and Tyler.

by Rachel Ritsema on 9/16/2012
Team squadleaders

Through Your Eyes

by Cathy Callicutt on 9/15/2012

Houseflies & God

by Jessie Kyarsgaard on 9/15/2012

A poem for my Love.

by Rachel Ritsema on 9/3/2012
Team squadleaders

Photos of a New Beginning

by Courtney Buckner on 9/2/2012

3 mile run.

by Rachel Ritsema on 8/24/2012
Team squadleaders

They Forgot My Name...

by Ben Gagne on 8/22/2012
Team squadleaders

Hey, remember me?!

by Alison Ingle on 8/12/2012

Training Camp: Part Deux

by Justin Warren on 8/8/2012

Redemption and Flags.

by Rachel Ritsema on 8/8/2012
Team squadleaders

Waiting to Exhale

by Courtney Buckner on 8/2/2012

meet our son!!!

by Jamie Campbell on 7/31/2012

meet our son!!!

by Cole Campbell on 7/31/2012

Bring the Rain Lord, Bring the Rain

by Mike Hall on 7/30/2012

House Build Day 3- July 18th

by Justin Hanes on 7/27/2012

House Build Day 3- July 18th

by Tiffany Hanes on 7/27/2012

Joy in the Midst of Circumstances

by Julie Malament on 7/26/2012

House Build Day 2 - July 17th

by Tiffany Hanes on 7/25/2012

House Build Day 2 - July 17th

by Justin Hanes on 7/25/2012

Celebrations and Challenges :o)

by Rachel Ritsema on 7/24/2012
Team squadleaders

House Build Day 1 - July 16th

by Justin Hanes on 7/22/2012

House Build Day 1 - July 16th

by Tiffany Hanes on 7/22/2012

The Most Beautiful Ugly

by Cathy Callicutt on 7/17/2012

In the meantime...

by Rachel Ritsema on 7/15/2012
Team squadleaders