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Greetings from Ghana

by Vivian Norenberg on 6/14/2017
Team anchoredbyfreedom

Ready to Roll

by Seth Powell on 6/5/2016
Team wildfire

A Road Already Traveled

by Seth Powell on 4/25/2016
Team wildfire

A Different Kind of Traveler

by Seth Powell on 3/13/2016
Team wildfire

I'm More Than Blessed

by Seth Powell on 3/13/2016
Team wildfire

I Should've Touched the Foot

by Seth Powell on 2/19/2016
Team wildfire

A Horse Named Dominguez

by Seth Powell on 1/31/2016
Team wildfire

Life So Far

by Seth Powell on 1/24/2016
Team wildfire

I have moved my blog!

by Stephanie Ransom on 10/28/2015
Team lionheart

The Secret to More.

by james FRAUNDORF on 10/23/2015
Team wildfire


by Dani Baker on 8/23/2015
Team squadleaders

So Long, Farewell!

by Kristina Smith on 7/22/2015

New Blog Site

by Amie Beth Beadling on 7/15/2015
Team wildfire

Yes ... All Lives Matter

by Kristina Smith on 6/19/2015

A True Love

by Amie Beth Beadling on 6/19/2015
Team wildfire

When Jesus Gets A Job

by Kristina Smith on 6/2/2015

I Got a Job!

by Stephanie Ransom on 5/19/2015
Team lionheart

Dirty Hands

by Dani Baker on 5/10/2015
Team squadleaders

The Blessing of Uncertainty

by Stephanie Ransom on 5/3/2015
Team lionheart

A Look Back

by Stephanie Ransom on 5/1/2015
Team lionheart

The Best Part

by Dani Baker on 4/25/2015
Team squadleaders

My Heart Replies, "Your Face We Seek"

by Kristina Smith on 4/23/2015

A Walk through the Fog

by Stephanie Ransom on 4/8/2015
Team lionheart

18 Months, 12 Countries, and $26,000 Later...

by Shaterika Perkins on 3/27/2015

The Mysteries We Unfold

by Stephanie Ransom on 3/26/2015
Team lionheart

I am Inadequate

by Dani Baker on 3/24/2015
Team squadleaders


by Kristina Smith on 3/12/2015

To My Supporters...

by Dani Baker on 3/11/2015
Team squadleaders

A New Name

by Stephanie Ransom on 3/7/2015
Team lionheart

Not a coach, but a Father

by Stephanie Ransom on 3/2/2015
Team lionheart

A Higher Frequency

by Amie Beth Beadling on 1/18/2015
Team wildfire


by Stephanie Ransom on 1/15/2015
Team lionheart

The must see video!

by Lauren Elizabeth on 1/14/2015
Team royalsymphony

Thank you, supporters.

by Bridget Cundelan on 1/13/2015
Team ...dropsmic

I'm leading Alpha!

by Lauren Elizabeth on 1/8/2015
Team royalsymphony

I'm Moving to Spain!

by Christina Kehres on 1/6/2015
Team lionheart

GO. Into the new year

by Lauren Elizabeth on 1/5/2015
Team royalsymphony

What's Next?

by Christina Kehres on 1/1/2015
Team lionheart


by Lincoln Vallett on 12/21/2014
Team squadleaders

End the Year with No Regrets

by Kristina Smith on 12/19/2014

Made in Cambodia

by Dani Baker on 12/18/2014
Team squadleaders

Does the Light Really Shine in the Darkness?

by Shaterika Perkins on 12/13/2014


by Dani Baker on 12/12/2014
Team squadleaders


by Kristina Smith on 12/11/2014

Thank you!!

by Stephanie Ransom on 12/1/2014
Team lionheart


by Lauren Elizabeth on 11/27/2014
Team royalsymphony

Why I Need to Grow Up

by Shaterika Perkins on 11/25/2014

Taking a Stand

by Dani Baker on 11/21/2014
Team squadleaders

The Feeling Is Mutual

by Kristina Smith on 11/16/2014

The Secret is Out!

by Kristina Smith on 11/14/2014

You Want Me to What?!?

by Amie Beth Beadling on 11/10/2014
Team wildfire

From Sad & Sinful to Worthy & Loved.

by Shaterika Perkins on 11/10/2014

The Race was a Total Setup!

by Tayo Fatokimi on 10/28/2014
Team wildfire

A dream deferred

by Greg Patton on 10/27/2014
Team darvida

A Week in the Life of an Adventures Fellow

by Shaterika Perkins on 10/27/2014

When You STILL Don't Trust God

by Shaterika Perkins on 10/24/2014

God's iPhone

by Lincoln Vallett on 10/23/2014
Team squadleaders

A Most Refreshing Drought

by Kristina Smith on 10/22/2014

Let's Back Track

by Dani Baker on 10/20/2014
Team squadleaders

A Generation Rising

by Lincoln Vallett on 10/20/2014
Team squadleaders

Make Me Boulder

by Stephanie Ransom on 10/20/2014
Team lionheart

WR Round 2: Squad Leading!

by Greg Patton on 10/19/2014
Team darvida

What Is The Body?

by Seth Powell on 10/19/2014
Team wildfire


by Kristina Smith on 10/10/2014

Dear Future Racer

by Amie Beth Beadling on 10/7/2014
Team wildfire

Big House on Little Circle

by Dani Baker on 10/2/2014
Team squadleaders

Hello and Goodbye!

by kyle Teders on 10/2/2014
Team recklesspursuit

Refining Fire

by Greg Patton on 9/29/2014
Team darvida

It Has Begun!

by Seth Powell on 9/29/2014
Team wildfire

On the move again...

by Lincoln Vallett on 9/29/2014
Team squadleaders

My strange commute.

by Stephanie Ransom on 9/29/2014
Team lionheart

South Africa

by Vivian Norenberg on 9/28/2014
Team anchoredbyfreedom

Life at Center for Global Action (CGA)

by Stephanie Ransom on 9/26/2014
Team lionheart

My World Race Video

by Megan Brandon on 9/24/2014
Team wildfire

So, How Was It? World Race FAQ

by Shaterika Perkins on 9/22/2014

Eternal Gains and Forever Changed

by Kristina Smith on 9/11/2014

I Wished the World Race Away

by Kristina Smith on 9/10/2014

Asia Video Recap (5 videos!)

by Greg Patton on 9/9/2014
Team darvida

A taste of Africa (3 videos)

by Greg Patton on 9/9/2014
Team darvida

Life After the's all GREEK to Me

by Christina Callegari on 9/8/2014
Team lionheart

I Hated the World Race

by Cameron Force on 9/8/2014
Team squadleaders

So My Race Ended

by Audrey Bazil on 9/7/2014
Team recklesspursuit