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J Squad (Sept. '14)   Meet the Squad

All Things Philippines

by Rachel Sperry on 3/13/2018
Team squadleader

7 bules walk into a bar.

by Rachel Sperry on 2/4/2018
Team squadleader

E Squad and Training Camp

by Rachel Sperry on 10/28/2017
Team squadleader

No Longer a Slave.

by Rachel Sperry on 9/5/2017
Team squadleader

Enjoy Life Blog

by Kaiulani Houston on 1/2/2017

The Lost Sheep

by Deborah Bitzer on 11/15/2016

Pork Buns made me do it

by Courtney Thompson on 6/23/2016
Team seventhheaven


by Vashti Wills on 5/2/2016
Team s.n.l.

My New Best Friend is a Refugee

by Deborah Bitzer on 3/9/2016

How a Syrian man changed my view of refugees

by Hannah Midgett on 3/8/2016

10 Facts You May Not Know About the Refugee Crisis

by Kaiulani Houston on 2/9/2016

The Refugee Crisis

by Deborah Bitzer on 2/5/2016

Why My Heart's Not Broken for Lesvos

by Alice Sudlow on 2/2/2016

God's Miracle for the Crisis

by Deborah Bitzer on 1/11/2016

I've avoided blogging about Greece

by Hannah Midgett on 1/8/2016

Why I'm baring my insecurities

by Hannah Midgett on 12/14/2015

We Are Going to Lesvos to Serve Syrian Refugees!

by Kaiulani Houston on 12/8/2015

The struggle is real

by Courtney Thompson on 12/3/2015
Team seventhheaven

When fear gets in the way of love

by Hannah Midgett on 11/22/2015

Tomorrow at noon!

by Katie Jacobson on 11/21/2015
Team uncommon

A Dream Worth Pursuing

by Deborah Bitzer on 11/6/2015

Don't Miss the Opportunity!!

by Benjamin Pickett on 10/25/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

Jesus Healed My Stuffy Nose

by Alice Sudlow on 10/16/2015

Loving With the Heart of My King

by Kaiulani Houston on 10/9/2015

A season of home.

by Courtney Thompson on 9/21/2015
Team seventhheaven

World Race Video!

by Deborah Bitzer on 9/20/2015

Expectations for After the Race

by Benjamin Pickett on 9/14/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

My Next Steps!

by Deborah Bitzer on 9/5/2015

The Race is what?

by Jesse Thomas on 9/2/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

What now?

by Hannah Midgett on 8/31/2015

Oh Me of Little Faith

by Deborah Bitzer on 8/29/2015

Simplicity, if only for a moment

by Lisa Tobiczyk on 8/26/2015
Team squadleaders

the fellowship: my next adventure in faith

by Alice Sudlow on 8/8/2015

Fundraising Again!

by Kaiulani Houston on 8/8/2015

Adventures of a Misfit

by Mary Jang on 7/28/2015
Team s.n.l.

Don't Go On the World Race

by Brooke Conn on 7/26/2015
Team lighthouse

Now What?

by Brooke Conn on 7/26/2015
Team lighthouse


by Jen Kaiser on 7/24/2015
Team seventhheaven

On Coming Home

by Casey Wilson on 7/24/2015
Team uncommon

Third Times the Charm

by Kai Taniguchi on 7/24/2015
Team seventhheaven

Cambodia: The Pain - Part Two

by Katia Caylor on 7/23/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

Dear Month 1 Me

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 7/22/2015
Team lighthouse

A week in the Life: Vietnam

by Brooke Conn on 7/21/2015
Team lighthouse

Cambodia: The Beauty - Part One

by Katia Caylor on 7/21/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

Grace may be Free but it is not Cheap

by Benjamin Pickett on 7/20/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

The Month 12 Setup Sheet

by Alice Sudlow on 7/19/2015

Twilight on My Last Night

by Brooke Conn on 7/18/2015
Team lighthouse

My World Race Team Is A Glimpse of Heaven On Earth

by Kaiulani Houston on 7/18/2015

The Do's and Don'ts: A Cheat Sheet

by Christina Bautista on 7/14/2015
Team uncommon

Half & Half

by Kai Taniguchi on 7/12/2015
Team seventhheaven

Deliver Me To Thailand

by Katia Caylor on 7/11/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

324 (Re-entry Blog)

by Megan Arguell on 7/10/2015
Team seventhheaven

Life After the Race

by Kai Taniguchi on 7/9/2015
Team seventhheaven

Crumbling Pillar

by Kai Taniguchi on 7/6/2015
Team seventhheaven

The Advocate

by Shannon Marshall on 7/5/2015
Team lighthouse

They will Hate You

by Benjamin Pickett on 7/5/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

Go Bold or Go Home

by Francis Faucher Gosselin on 7/2/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

We Got Caught

by Benjamin Pickett on 7/2/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

God, where are you?

by Rachel Sperry on 6/29/2015
Team squadleader

A letter to Ya

by Jesse Thomas on 6/28/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

Contentment in discontentment

by Hannah Midgett on 6/28/2015

finding Jesus in the bad days

by Alice Sudlow on 6/28/2015


by Vashti Wills on 6/26/2015
Team s.n.l.

An Average Year

by Deborah Bitzer on 6/24/2015

I am small

by Courtney Thompson on 6/22/2015
Team seventhheaven

Dancing, Fireworks, & Thank You Notes

by Vashti Wills on 6/21/2015
Team s.n.l.

A Word On Charleston

by Tristiana Jackson-Hinton on 6/21/2015
Team lighthouse

Riding the Horse

by Vashti Wills on 6/21/2015
Team s.n.l.

I am a Child

by Brooke Conn on 6/20/2015
Team lighthouse

The Men, Part III: The Friend

by Kaiulani Houston on 6/19/2015

The Men, Part IV: The Savior

by Kaiulani Houston on 6/19/2015

My Year in Photos

by Megan Arguell on 6/18/2015
Team seventhheaven

Until Her Vindication Shines

by Shannon Marshall on 6/13/2015
Team lighthouse

The Turning Point

by Katia Caylor on 6/13/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

The Men, Part I: Introduction

by Kaiulani Houston on 6/12/2015

The Men, Part II: Husband, Father, Pastor

by Kaiulani Houston on 6/12/2015

Faithful in Little

by Brooke Conn on 6/9/2015
Team lighthouse

Your not awesome!! Gods Awesome..

by David Batchelder on 6/9/2015
Team uncommon

"God" Just Isn't Enough

by Benjamin Pickett on 6/8/2015
Team c.h.a.r.g.e.

Tani, Part 2

by Allison Huang on 6/7/2015
Team seventhheaven