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September 2022 Gap Year | Outreach Route   Meet the Squad

2 months!

by Emily Moore on 6/27/2022

God’s Timing

by Grace Bode on 6/27/2022

I'm ready!

by Becca Stockwell on 6/26/2022

Why the World Race?

by Knox LejaMeyer on 6/21/2022

Welcome to New York!

by Sophia Engman on 6/20/2022

Mission Accepted

by Matt Bullard on 6/20/2022

Why I’m Going on the World Race

by Emma Gorton on 6/19/2022

Funded and Ready to Fly!

by Sadie Showalter on 6/16/2022

Remember Who God Is

by Sophia Engman on 6/12/2022

why in the world would you do world race?

by Lauren Thomas on 6/4/2022


by Hope Kampa on 6/3/2022

True Beauty

by Grace Bode on 6/2/2022

Almost there

by Weldon McGlamory on 5/22/2022

Time Flies

by Grace Bode on 5/22/2022

Why a Gap Year? Why the World Race?

by Lauren Siegers on 5/20/2022

A Look into the Ministry

by Arianna Curran on 5/17/2022

The Journey Before the Journey

by Sadie Showalter on 5/12/2022

Why WR?

by Kevin Ruark on 5/4/2022

Fundraising Tips For New Racers!!

by Alyssa King on 5/2/2022

Why the world race?

by Josephine Miller on 5/1/2022

Halfway Point

by Colton Carroll on 4/28/2022

Thankfulness and Growth in Christ

by Sylvia Dykstra on 4/25/2022

Thank You Community of Hope Church!!

by Becca Stockwell on 4/13/2022 8:12:38 AM

Why the World Race

by Sylvia Dykstra on 4/10/2022 11:33:51 PM

Almost half way there! Sorta!

by Jackson Foster on 4/5/2022 2:48:53 PM

My drive for Missions!

by Camden Stockin on 3/30/2022 3:15:07 PM

God’s Goodness

by Colton Carroll on 3/29/2022 7:50:49 PM

Surrendering even when its hard.

by Brooke Williford on 3/18/2022 2:13:40 PM

The Starting Line

by Matt Bullard on 3/17/2022 11:21:03 PM

Walking Each Other Home

by KJ Ritchie on 3/14/2022


by Grace Bode on 3/8/2022

Plow On!

by Sophia Engman on 2/27/2022

Something I Struggle With

by Gracie Miller on 2/20/2022

Why the World Race?

by Arianna Curran on 2/14/2022

Why am I Going on the World Race?

by Gabe Day on 2/14/2022

In Awe

by Sophia Engman on 2/14/2022

His Giving Heart

by Chloe Howard on 2/8/2022

Why the World Race?

by Jackson Foster on 2/7/2022

I got baptized

by Weldon McGlamory on 1/31/2022

and the adventure begins...

by Jules Lara on 1/25/2022

Trusting God and His Plan

by Gracie Miller on 1/19/2022

Why I am going on world race

by Grace Bode on 1/17/2022

God will provide. always.

by Becca Stockwell on 1/17/2022

Where I'm Going and What I'm Doing

by Gracie Miller on 1/16/2022

"...and to the ends of the earth"

by KJ Ritchie on 1/15/2022

Praising Through The Breakthrough

by Charytie Barlow on 1/14/2022

Why the World Race?

by Lila Marzouk on 1/3/2022

The Support of Family and Friends

by Gracie Miller on 1/3/2022

My Journey to the World Race

by Emily Moore on 12/10/2021

Where I came from

by Luke Risse on 12/7/2021

Why I am going on the World Race

by Charytie Barlow on 12/7/2021

Why the World Race?

by Grace Shaw on 12/6/2021

How did I get here?

by Weldon McGlamory on 11/30/2021

Why the World Race?

by Caleigh Alcorta on 11/29/2021

Who is Sylvia?

by Sylvia Dykstra on 11/27/2021

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Gracie Miller on 11/26/2021

The Way of Surrender

by Sophia Engman on 11/24/2021

Why I'm going on the World Race

by Emma Sargent on 11/22/2021

why I'm going on the world race

by Becca Stockwell on 11/20/2021

why I'm going on world race gap year !!

by Kaitlyn Duffy on 11/12/2021

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Colton Carroll on 11/11/2021

Life-Fundraising-Everything Update:)

by Brooke Williford on 11/3/2021

Until everyone, everywhere hears the gospel

by Jena Hassenzahl on 11/2/2021


by Chloe Howard on 10/25/2021


by Hannah Lauritzen on 10/25/2021

I will not fear

by Chloe Howard on 10/13/2021

granada: the soundtrack

by Carson Rose on 9/26/2021

Jesus and feet

by Carson Rose on 9/22/2021

rain and brains

by Carson Rose on 9/12/2021

welp we’re doing something else now

by Carson Rose on 9/5/2021

a big thank you.

by Chloe Howard on 9/1/2021

"Send Me"

by Alyssa King on 8/24/2021

not my will but YOURS

by Chloe Howard on 8/18/2021

why gap year?

by Chloe Howard on 8/17/2021

Why Gap Year?!

by Brooke Williford on 8/13/2021

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Hannah Lauritzen on 8/8/2021

i'm uncomfy (and that's okay)

by Carson Rose on 4/14/2021


by Carson Rose on 3/21/2021

so we're doing this

by Carson Rose on 1/30/2021