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After Camp Thoughts

by Anthony skalka on 6/22/2022

Calling On The Name Of The Lord

by Ali Goolsby on 6/19/2022

Welcome to my blog!

by Jett Johnson on 6/11/2022


by Ronny Griffin on 6/9/2022

Why I'm going on the World Race.

by Joe Ord on 6/8/2022

Why I'm going on the World Race.

by Joe Ord on 6/8/2022

Why I'm going on the World Race.

by Joe Ord on 6/8/2022

His Riches In Glory

by Ali Goolsby on 6/8/2022

My Learning Curve

by Isaiah Suarez on 6/8/2022

Walking In Faith

by Marly Kracher on 5/31/2022

About Me: "Adventure is my Middle Name"

by Marly Kracher on 5/31/2022

May 26th 2022

by Anthony skalka on 5/26/2022

The Next Chapter

by Micah Barker on 5/22/2022

Waiting On Him

by Remy Shootman on 5/19/2022

A new season!

by Maura Winfield on 5/18/2022

Background | Why I'm Here

by Derek Eckhart on 5/17/2022

Saying Goodbye.

by Ronny Griffin on 5/16/2022

The World Race--Let's GO!

by Libby kramer on 5/7/2022

My Summer Plans!

by Julianne Theule on 5/4/2022

Fundraising Update

by Josiah Brooks on 5/3/2022

Casting Our Cares

by Ali Goolsby on 5/2/2022


by Ronny Griffin on 5/2/2022

You Are Perfectly Loved

by Josh Ockrin on 4/24/2022

SHALOM! Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken

by Alexis Alabi on 4/24/2022

Gentle and Lowly

by Julianne Theule on 4/13/2022 1:42:23 AM

Let Go and Held

by Ronny Griffin on 4/11/2022 4:47:10 PM

Singing Off-Key

by Olivia Osmond on 4/8/2022

Making Progress

by Micah Barker on 4/6/2022 11:10:04 AM

When I was 0 years old...

by Shepherd Connor on 4/4/2022

First Blog!

by Ashley Brodbeck on 4/1/2022

Link to YouTube Account

by Ronny Griffin on 3/31/2022 3:22:40 PM

Why Did You Doubt?

by Julianne Theule on 3/28/2022

Acts 27- The Shipwreck

by Alexa White on 3/24/2022

Why I'm Going On The World Race

by Josiah Brooks on 3/22/2022

laying out my heart for you

by Madeline Honea on 2/28/2022

Why Am I Going?

by Nate Harding on 2/28/2022

Steadfast And Faithful

by Ali Goolsby on 2/24/2022

Consider The Lilies

by Alexis Alabi on 2/23/2022

Let Love Take Over

by Ronny Griffin on 2/16/2022

Overwhelmed with Gratitude!

by Olivia Osmond on 2/15/2022

Here I am, Lord You can have it all!

by Julianne Theule on 2/11/2022

Welcome To My Blog!

by Lauren Lafferty on 2/7/2022

Where is your treasure? (Spiritual Wealth)

by Alexis Alabi on 2/5/2022

Be the Light

by Olivia Osmond on 1/31/2022

A Step of Obedience and Faith

by Alexa White on 1/31/2022

goodness of God

by Sydney Helton on 1/30/2022

Laying Aside Comfort

by Ali Goolsby on 1/28/2022

why the world race??

by Sydney Helton on 1/25/2022

Heyy Guys!

by Lexie Jones on 1/25/2022

1/3 of the Way There!!

by Lydia Grace Penny on 1/23/2022

Do You Trust Me?

by Ronny Griffin on 1/23/2022

Why World Race & How God led me here!

by Maura Winfield on 1/19/2022

Why World Race?

by Alexis Alabi on 1/10/2022

Hey Everyone

by Dani Lara on 1/5/2022

Why I'm going on the World Race

by Josh Ockrin on 12/22/2021

Our Souls Thirst For You

by Ali Goolsby on 12/19/2021

intentional friendships

by Madeline Honea on 12/7/2021

Here I Am, Lord

by Ali Goolsby on 11/2/2021

Faithful and Fearless

by Liz Potter on 10/28/2021

the best is yet come!!!!

by Madeline Honea on 10/11/2021


by Lydia Grace Penny on 10/4/2021

the butterfly effect

by Madeline Honea on 10/1/2021


by Remy Shootman on 9/25/2021 6:02:31 AM

why am I going?

by Madeline Honea on 9/24/2021

"i HAVE to go."

by Chloe Johnson on 9/1/2021