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September 2022 Gap Year | Development Route   Meet the Squad

Fully Funded - Praise God!

by Madilyn KELLY on 6/7/2022

praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

by Emily Knollenberg on 5/29/2022

Boldness, Faith, and Wisdom

by Mandie Van Kley on 5/24/2022

3 months away!!!!

by Rachel Farner on 5/24/2022

Watching Gods Hand Move

by Ethan Johnston on 5/23/2022

Am I Ready for this?

by Hannah Blais on 5/10/2022

Never Walk Alone

by Madilyn KELLY on 5/9/2022

Why am I going on the World Race?

by Hannah Blais on 4/21/2022

Next Steps

by Claire Barrett on 4/15/2022 2:48:13 PM

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Ethan Johnston on 4/6/2022

Why I'm Going on the World Race

by Madilyn KELLY on 4/2/2022

Great is Thy Faithfulness

by Mandie Van Kley on 3/30/2022


by cam Teems on 3/21/2022 5:48:48 PM

welcome home.

by Rachel Farner on 3/12/2022

why i’m going on the Race

by cam Teems on 3/1/2022

About Me!!

by Kate Gentry on 2/27/2022

awaken our souls!

by Emily Knollenberg on 2/25/2022


by cam Teems on 2/24/2022

What's Been Up??

by Lilli Seale on 2/24/2022

How Did I Get Here?

by Ryann Posner on 2/9/2022

Exciting Updates & A Lesson In Seasons

by Baylee Murphy on 1/27/2022

Why? Where?? And What Am I Doing???

by Lilli Seale on 1/1/2022

all things new

by Emily Knollenberg on 12/30/2021

why the world race?

by Emily Knollenberg on 11/23/2021

An Adventure I Never Anticipated

by Mandie Van Kley on 11/12/2021

Here I Am

by Baylee Murphy on 11/3/2021

why world race gap year?!

by Rachel Farner on 10/23/2021