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Team 7th Heaven

Vintage Paris - The Future is Bright

by Jenna Malinen on 8/28/2014

Put 'Em Through Hell

by Jenna Malinen on 6/20/2014

The Office Job that Changed the World

by Jenna Malinen on 2/4/2014

Handsome Honduras

by Jenna Malinen on 12/2/2013

S-Squad, Guatemala, and Jesus' Love

by Jenna Malinen on 9/30/2013

This Is What You Do

by Jenna Malinen on 9/26/2013

See You Later, See You Soon.

by Jenna Malinen on 8/20/2013

Climbing This Mountain

by Jenna Malinen on 7/1/2013

P-Squad, Kathmandu, and Jesus' Love.

by Jenna Malinen on 6/3/2013

Ready. Set. Go.

by Jenna Malinen on 5/15/2013

The End of a Drought

by Jenna Malinen on 4/12/2013

I Love My Life - Jesus Did It

by Jenna Malinen on 3/17/2013

Bucky Travels the World

by Jenna Malinen on 3/12/2013

"Real Life" after The Race.

by Stephanie May on 1/27/2013

Fixing My Israelite-itis

by Jenna Malinen on 1/27/2013

Next Stop: The South

by Jenna Malinen on 12/21/2012

Not Who I Once Was

by Jenna Malinen on 12/3/2012

Divine Encounters & Apple Stores

by Jenna Malinen on 11/12/2012

Response: 'I will never be Stephanie May'

by Stephanie May on 9/28/2012

My Month 12 - From LA to NYC

by Jenna Malinen on 9/11/2012

You WILL survive the World Race

by Stephanie May on 9/5/2012

First Stop: Puyallup, WA

by Jenna Malinen on 8/23/2012

It's ok/He's SO good!!

by Stephanie May on 8/10/2012

The Lipstick Gospel: Racing for Rest

by Stephanie May on 8/7/2012

Processing... please wait.

by Stephanie May on 8/4/2012

It's time- THE NEW BLOG!

by Stephanie May on 7/31/2012

The End: Celebration and Thanks

by Stephanie May on 7/24/2012

Are you ready to die?

by Stephanie May on 7/21/2012

Jesus: He Who Must Not Be Named

by Stephanie May on 7/20/2012


by Katie Bury on 7/19/2012
Team 7thheaven

Garlicky Garbage

by Katie Bury on 7/18/2012
Team 7thheaven

30 going on 13

by Stephanie May on 7/18/2012

Finding (And Coming) Home

by Jenna Malinen on 7/17/2012

Intentionality: No pants, Tuna and Concrete

by Stephanie May on 7/16/2012

Write or Not?

by Marissa Dale on 7/16/2012
Team 7thheaven

Wild, Terrifying and Awesome.

by Stephanie May on 7/14/2012

Jesus- do you love me?

by Stephanie May on 7/11/2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

by Stephanie May on 7/9/2012

Small Places

by Stephanie May on 7/9/2012

In the Essence of His Presence

by Marissa Dale on 7/8/2012
Team 7thheaven

Rooftop Revelations

by Jenna Malinen on 7/6/2012

Us: Our own worst critic.

by Stephanie May on 7/5/2012

Four Years of Fourths

by Jenna Malinen on 7/4/2012

I [Head] Heart You

by Jenna Malinen on 7/3/2012

Dinner parties = Evangelism

by Stephanie May on 7/3/2012

Cribs: Nepal Edition

by Marissa Dale on 7/3/2012
Team 7thheaven


by Marissa Dale on 7/3/2012
Team 7thheaven

"Elementary," Said He

by Jenna Malinen on 7/2/2012

Fighting back and Spoken Word

by Stephanie May on 6/30/2012

In My Head

by Jenna Malinen on 6/30/2012

What's NEXT: God sized Dreams

by Stephanie May on 6/28/2012

Break Bread

by Stephanie May on 6/25/2012

Tender Hearts

by Stephanie May on 6/22/2012

Dang It, Da Nang

by Jenna Malinen on 6/22/2012

'Nam Wrap-Up

by Marissa Dale on 6/20/2012
Team 7thheaven

My feelings are Liars.

by Stephanie May on 6/20/2012


by Stephanie May on 6/17/2012

I Hate...

by Marissa Dale on 6/16/2012
Team 7thheaven

BE well-not-DO well

by Stephanie May on 6/14/2012

Packing Tips from a WR Style Pro

by Stephanie May on 6/13/2012

I'm Ready- Jesus is not.

by Stephanie May on 6/11/2012

‘Nam ‘Nam ‘Nam

by Katie Bury on 6/10/2012
Team 7thheaven


by Marissa Dale on 6/10/2012
Team 7thheaven

What's Next?

by Katie Bury on 6/9/2012
Team 7thheaven

Where are you? What do you need?

by Stephanie May on 6/9/2012

Leaving My Heart In Saigon

by Jenna Malinen on 6/9/2012

Muddy Knees

by Stephanie May on 6/8/2012

No News is Good News

by Katie Bury on 6/8/2012
Team 7thheaven

I wish I were an introvert.

by Stephanie May on 6/6/2012

Cambodia: Sweet with a tinge of Sadness

by Stephanie May on 6/3/2012

[Peter] Pan or Banning?

by Jenna Malinen on 6/2/2012

The Ocean: Running in Circles

by Stephanie May on 5/30/2012

Love + Jesus = Easy?

by Stephanie May on 5/29/2012

The Lucky Star

by Marissa Dale on 5/27/2012
Team 7thheaven

Mi Vida En Cambodia!

by Marissa Dale on 5/25/2012
Team 7thheaven

Cambodian Teaching

by Jenna Malinen on 5/25/2012

Story: Sandpaper and Victory

by Stephanie May on 5/24/2012

The Dinner Table

by Stephanie May on 5/20/2012

Cambodian Charm [Photos!]

by Jenna Malinen on 5/17/2012

Thank you for Birthdays

by Stephanie May on 5/14/2012

Naked and Unashamed

by Stephanie May on 5/13/2012

Taking Heart

by Marissa Dale on 5/13/2012
Team 7thheaven

Hard of Hearing

by Jenna Malinen on 5/12/2012

Barely Breathing...

by Stephanie May on 5/8/2012

Angkor What?!

by Jenna Malinen on 5/8/2012

The Methodish Church [Video]

by Jenna Malinen on 5/5/2012

Carpe Diem, Folks

by Jenna Malinen on 5/1/2012

In her shoes..

by Stephanie May on 4/28/2012

Land of Smiles [Video]

by Jenna Malinen on 4/27/2012

Running this race

by Katie Bury on 4/27/2012
Team 7thheaven

Hitting the Bars

by Marissa Dale on 4/27/2012
Team 7thheaven

Snapshots of Restoration Road

by Stephanie May on 4/26/2012

Look what my Daddy can do.

by Stephanie May on 4/24/2012


by Katie Bury on 4/23/2012
Team 7thheaven

Beauty and the Beast

by Stephanie May on 4/22/2012

Let's talk about sex, baby!

by Katie Bury on 4/19/2012
Team 7thheaven