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Team Arise60

What's Next

by Carla Trier on 4/18/2012

New Place, and Time, same girl

by Mindy Stewart on 10/6/2011

New Blog

by Carolyn Mirenda on 7/5/2011

Great Expectations

by Carla Trier on 5/30/2011

A continuance of words

by Ashley Magiera on 5/24/2011

Your love is sweeter than honey...

by Ashley Magiera on 5/14/2011


by Carla Trier on 5/9/2011

Perfect timing!

by Ashley Magiera on 5/9/2011


by Heather Colbert on 5/7/2011

Complacency Bye Bye

by Carla Trier on 5/5/2011

This is my story This is My Song

by Carla Trier on 4/29/2011

Redeemed Beauty

by Carla Trier on 4/25/2011

Excuse me sir, are you my father???

by Mindy Stewart on 4/22/2011

Break my heart

by Carla Trier on 4/12/2011

In the Morning I wake up

by Mindy Stewart on 4/11/2011

India Snapshot

by Carla Trier on 4/7/2011

I put on Christ

by Carolyn Mirenda on 4/7/2011

Doubting Ashley.

by Ashley Magiera on 4/6/2011

Who am I?

by Ashley Magiera on 3/26/2011

Raising The Dead

by Mindy Stewart on 3/25/2011

Lessons Learned, and Re-learned, and Re-learned

by Mindy Stewart on 3/25/2011

You are asking me to do what?

by Mindy Stewart on 3/25/2011

Mother India

by Carla Trier on 3/19/2011


by Carla Trier on 3/14/2011

Quick update

by Carolyn Mirenda on 3/13/2011

Wait, hope, have faith!

by Ashley Magiera on 3/13/2011

From the outside in

by Carla Trier on 3/11/2011

It's about the Him!

by Ashley Magiera on 3/4/2011

Dear Pattaya

by Carla Trier on 3/3/2011

Full and Overflowing

by Mindy Stewart on 3/3/2011

The Ladyboys next door

by Carla Trier on 3/2/2011

When in Thailand...

by Carolyn Mirenda on 2/28/2011

Yesterday in the life

by Carla Trier on 2/25/2011

Big lessons in little things.

by Carolyn Mirenda on 2/25/2011

Worshipping in the dark places

by Carolyn Mirenda on 2/25/2011

worth it for one.

by Heather Colbert on 2/24/2011

How bar ministry ministered to me

by Carolyn Mirenda on 2/24/2011

Some firsts for me...

by Ashley Magiera on 2/23/2011

God of this city

by Carla Trier on 2/22/2011

Disneyland ...I don`t think so

by Carla Trier on 2/20/2011

Cambodia Flashback: Ministries

by Carolyn Mirenda on 2/20/2011

So long farewell to you my friend...

by Mindy Stewart on 2/18/2011

Bye Bye Love

by Carla Trier on 2/16/2011


by Heather Colbert on 2/16/2011

Flexible --> Fluid

by Carolyn Mirenda on 2/16/2011

One step forward, three steps back

by Ashley Magiera on 2/16/2011


by Carla Trier on 2/14/2011

Her Name is Hope

by Mindy Stewart on 2/10/2011

Cambodia Sights and Thoughts

by Carla Trier on 2/8/2011

I Will Survive

by Mindy Stewart on 2/8/2011

Grace and Community

by Ashley Magiera on 2/7/2011

I Had A Dream

by Carla Trier on 2/3/2011

Men are part of the solution

by Carla Trier on 1/28/2011

Life and ministry in Cambodia

by Carolyn Mirenda on 1/28/2011

Rubbing Shoulders with the Creme Dela Creme

by Carla Trier on 1/27/2011

In Captivity

by Mindy Stewart on 1/27/2011

Hey Cambodia!

by Heather Colbert on 1/26/2011

I rode a Moto today!

by Ashley Magiera on 1/26/2011

A touch of the familiar

by Carla Trier on 1/23/2011

A heart that is CAPTIVATED....

by Ashley Magiera on 1/23/2011

Dancing with a broom and a mop

by Carla Trier on 1/22/2011

Tuol Sleng

by Carolyn Mirenda on 1/22/2011

The sadness that hangs

by Carla Trier on 1/21/2011


by Carolyn Mirenda on 1/21/2011

The Mission The Ministry

by Carla Trier on 1/19/2011

Where the Heart is.

by Mindy Stewart on 1/19/2011

iPod worship in the early morning

by Ashley Magiera on 1/19/2011

The Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Cambodia

by Carla Trier on 1/18/2011

I have arrived

by Carla Trier on 1/18/2011

A Hard Transition...

by Ashley Magiera on 1/18/2011

Some Kinda Miracle

by Carla Trier on 1/17/2011

Singing in the rain

by Carla Trier on 1/16/2011

From the East Coast to the West Coast

by Carolyn Mirenda on 1/15/2011

God Taking The Wheels

by Carla Trier on 1/15/2011

Today is the day!

by Ashley Magiera on 1/15/2011

Your Journey Starts Today

by Carla Trier on 1/13/2011


by Heather Colbert on 1/13/2011

Dream a little dream

by Carla Trier on 1/8/2011

Love Letter

by Carla Trier on 1/6/2011

Goodbye comfort and routine!

by Ashley Magiera on 1/5/2011

New Years Resolutions

by Carla Trier on 1/2/2011

The Peoples Choice

by Carla Trier on 12/20/2010

Really moving at Christmas

by Carla Trier on 12/18/2010

One month out...

by Mindy Stewart on 12/16/2010

A Mansion With A Mission

by Carla Trier on 12/10/2010

It's in the details!

by Carolyn Mirenda on 12/8/2010

I would be ugly

by Carla Trier on 12/8/2010

The Time of Departure is Approaching!

by Ashley Magiera on 12/8/2010

Where the rubber meets the...snow

by Carla Trier on 12/3/2010

Strip Clubs & Starfish

by Carla Trier on 12/1/2010

Kingdom Come

by Mindy Stewart on 11/29/2010

The One

by Carla Trier on 11/27/2010

Not to brag but...

by Mindy Stewart on 11/15/2010

Ugly Women

by Carla Trier on 11/13/2010

Thy KIngdom Come

by Carla Trier on 11/2/2010

I'd like to introduce...

by Carolyn Mirenda on 11/1/2010

A break from the ordinary

by Carla Trier on 10/31/2010