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Team Aurous

Final Blog Post for NC Trip

by Brian Hutton on 8/3/2021
Team aurous

finishing strong- week four

by Allison Tran on 7/26/2021

Update Week 3 :)

by Brian Hutton on 7/19/2021
Team aurous

week three!

by Allison Tran on 7/19/2021

what is church?

by Allison Tran on 7/19/2021

week two!

by Allison Tran on 7/13/2021

Two Week Update !!

by Brian Hutton on 7/12/2021
Team aurous

2nd Week!

by Caralyne Conley on 7/11/2021
Team aurous

1st Week in North Carolina!

by Elizabeth Paul on 7/10/2021
Team aurous

welcome home - first week in NC

by Allison Tran on 7/6/2021

1st Week!

by Caralyne Conley on 7/4/2021
Team aurous

the start of a new journey

by Allison Tran on 6/30/2021

About to leave!

by Caralyne Conley on 6/26/2021
Team aurous