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Team Breathe

Sold For Two Bottles Of Beer

by Sam Walter on 3/29/2014

Juan In A Million: Serving Done Right

by Sam Walter on 3/16/2014

I Did It All Wrong

by Rebecca Burger on 2/27/2014
Team breathe

A Tale of Two Days

by Sam Walter on 1/24/2014

My New Squad And How You Can Help

by Sam Walter on 11/30/2013

Ummm, You're Doing What Exactly?

by Sam Walter on 11/14/2013

Big Announcement! (No, I'm Not Engaged)

by Sam Walter on 11/8/2013

I Want Empty Churches

by Sam Walter on 10/20/2013

Surprise! I'm Not Moses.

by Sam Walter on 10/6/2013

More Than...

by Sam Walter on 6/4/2013

This is My Life

by Sam Walter on 5/3/2013

Higher Than An Addict in an Attic

by Sam Walter on 4/21/2013

Old Habits May Die Hard, But Die They Will

by Sam Walter on 4/19/2013

The Backpack Stays

by Rebecca Burger on 4/11/2013
Team breathe

Global Impact From A Small Town Garage

by Sam Walter on 3/29/2013

Ring Ring! This Is Your "Calling" Calling

by Sam Walter on 3/12/2013

I have a dream too, Mr. King

by Leah Malone on 3/8/2013
Team breathe

Some Blogs Are Harder to Write Than Others

by Sam Walter on 3/4/2013

Acorns and Kayaks

by Sam Walter on 2/21/2013

Torn Pages

by Rebecca Burger on 2/9/2013
Team breathe

Will YOU come with me?!

by Leah Malone on 1/28/2013
Team breathe

Philippine FROGS...(video)

by Tyler Hamilton on 12/22/2012
Team breathe

America needs your yes.

by Leah Malone on 12/15/2012
Team breathe

Ready, Set, JUMP!!!!!

by Rebecca Burger on 12/11/2012
Team breathe

11 lessons after 11n11!!!

by Tyler Hamilton on 12/11/2012
Team breathe

After 11n11 this might STILL happen!!!

by Tyler Hamilton on 11/30/2012
Team breathe

You've Got Questions? I Might Have Answers!

by Sam Walter on 11/30/2012


by michael jensen on 11/29/2012
Team breathe

My Hardest Conversation This Year On The Race

by Sam Walter on 11/28/2012

You Have Reasons

by Dania Spillett on 11/18/2012
Team breathe


by Rebecca Burger on 11/12/2012
Team breathe


by michael jensen on 11/8/2012
Team breathe

PLEASE stop staring.

by Leah Malone on 11/8/2012
Team breathe

Life in China Means...

by Dania Spillett on 11/8/2012
Team breathe

The Home Stretch

by Sam Walter on 11/8/2012

1 Minute 11 Seconds From China

by Tyler Hamilton on 11/2/2012
Team breathe

The God I know...

by Leah Malone on 10/27/2012
Team breathe

A Trial Run At Fatherhood

by Sam Walter on 10/27/2012

Shoot Me Now! (Part 2)

by Dania Spillett on 10/23/2012
Team breathe

Shoot Me Now! (Part 1)

by Dania Spillett on 10/22/2012
Team breathe


by Tyler Hamilton on 10/19/2012
Team breathe

On The Porch With Papa

by Sam Walter on 10/13/2012

Short people Short Blog

by Tyler Hamilton on 9/22/2012
Team breathe

Hinds' Feet

by Rebecca Burger on 9/22/2012
Team breathe

A REAL Band of Brothers

by Sam Walter on 9/22/2012

From This Wicker Chair

by Dania Spillett on 9/20/2012
Team breathe

2 dead bodies & 1 flat tire

by Tyler Hamilton on 9/17/2012
Team breathe

What About Her?

by Dania Spillett on 9/11/2012
Team breathe

Tip of His Garment

by Rebecca Burger on 9/11/2012
Team breathe

Time For A Reality Check - Part 2

by Sam Walter on 9/9/2012

Unexpected Surprise

by Rebecca Burger on 9/6/2012
Team breathe

Rescued from Prison

by Dania Spillett on 9/6/2012
Team breathe

Time For A Reality Check - Part 1

by Sam Walter on 9/6/2012

A new song...(India Video)

by Tyler Hamilton on 9/3/2012
Team breathe

This One Time In India

by Sam Walter on 9/3/2012

Ode To Meagan LaFoy

by Sam Walter on 8/30/2012

I feel like* I know* I believe*

by Tyler Hamilton on 8/28/2012
Team breathe

Worth 1000 Words

by Dania Spillett on 8/25/2012
Team breathe


by michael jensen on 8/24/2012
Team breathe

Imagine a Country

by Dania Spillett on 8/24/2012
Team breathe

Nomadic Travels

by Rebecca Burger on 8/24/2012
Team breathe

Beef! It's Not For Dinner. Sadly...

by Sam Walter on 8/23/2012

God heals her!!

by Leah Malone on 8/20/2012
Team breathe

Yup, That's Him

by Dania Spillett on 8/16/2012
Team breathe

13 going on 30.

by Leah Malone on 8/15/2012
Team breathe

Higher Ground (Video)

by Tyler Hamilton on 8/13/2012
Team breathe

India is Burning 24/7

by Tyler Hamilton on 8/12/2012
Team breathe

The fight.

by Leah Malone on 8/10/2012
Team breathe


by michael jensen on 8/9/2012
Team breathe

Burning Up

by Dania Spillett on 8/9/2012
Team breathe

Do A Little Dance

by Rebecca Burger on 8/8/2012
Team breathe

Life lessons from Africa.

by Leah Malone on 8/3/2012
Team breathe

South Africa was sooo Kiff!!!

by Tyler Hamilton on 8/3/2012
Team breathe

A Week In The Projects

by Sam Walter on 8/2/2012

Life in South Africa Means...

by Dania Spillett on 7/27/2012
Team breathe

You Can't Read THIS

by Rebecca Burger on 7/27/2012
Team breathe

The Broken Teapot

by Dania Spillett on 7/27/2012
Team breathe

My prayer.

by Leah Malone on 7/25/2012
Team breathe


by michael jensen on 7/22/2012
Team breathe

What is Manistry???

by Tyler Hamilton on 7/21/2012
Team breathe

Partial Nudity = Manistry

by Tyler Hamilton on 7/16/2012
Team breathe