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Team Day Three

Thai Tales

by Stephanie Bittick on 8/20/2015

More Than A Coincidence

by Clark Moser on 12/19/2014
Team squadleader

The World Race 2.0

by Clark Moser on 11/18/2014
Team squadleader

The Return

by Clark Moser on 9/4/2014
Team squadleader

Grabbin' my passport for Passport!

by Stephanie Bittick on 7/23/2014

Fundraising Update!

by Travis Bonning on 6/25/2014
Team daythree

When the Lord says Go....Again

by LaShondra Riddle on 3/24/2014
Team daythree

I'm Going Back!

by Moriah Banas on 12/2/2013
Team daythree

let it be a Sweet Aroma...

by Stephanie Bittick on 11/8/2013

World Race Highlight Video

by Clark Moser on 10/21/2013
Team squadleader

Trust In The Transition

by Moriah Banas on 10/10/2013
Team daythree

Moving Forward

by LaShondra Riddle on 9/12/2013
Team daythree

You're Invited!

by Stephanie Bittick on 9/6/2013

Justice in the Red Light District

by LaShondra Riddle on 8/28/2013
Team daythree


by LaShondra Riddle on 8/25/2013
Team daythree

Kubadilishwa Na Yesu

by LaShondra Riddle on 8/22/2013
Team daythree

Month 12- America

by Stephanie Bittick on 8/21/2013

Back in the US of A

by Moriah Banas on 8/11/2013
Team daythree

Today, I am Struggling

by LaShondra Riddle on 8/3/2013
Team daythree

Going Home

by Jessa Grindell on 8/1/2013
Team daythree

Rooftop Love

by LaShondra Riddle on 8/1/2013
Team daythree

"What have you accomplished here?"

by Stephanie Bittick on 7/23/2013

So many questions. So few answers.

by Amanda Vanzant on 7/23/2013
Team daythree

Being a Student Driver

by Jessa Grindell on 7/22/2013
Team daythree

The End is Where We Begin

by Clark Moser on 7/14/2013
Team squadleader

Wrapping Up the Last Month

by Stephanie Bittick on 7/13/2013

Cooking in Swazi! (Includes recipes)

by Jessa Grindell on 6/26/2013
Team daythree


by Stephanie Bittick on 6/17/2013

Seize the Day!

by Clark Moser on 6/17/2013
Team squadleader

What Is Joy?

by Travis Bonning on 6/10/2013
Team daythree

Ministry With Mom!

by Travis Bonning on 6/8/2013
Team daythree

Post Race plans!!

by Stephanie Bittick on 6/3/2013

"Moriah, Moriah"

by Moriah Banas on 6/3/2013
Team daythree

Restoration Gateway

by Clark Moser on 5/30/2013
Team squadleader

Faith to Heal

by Clark Moser on 5/22/2013
Team squadleader

That's MY girl

by Moriah Banas on 5/19/2013
Team daythree

That's MY Dad

by Moriah Banas on 5/16/2013
Team daythree

Heaven's Rejoicing

by Jessa Grindell on 5/13/2013
Team daythree

Lessons Learned in Kenya.

by Amanda Vanzant on 5/13/2013
Team daythree

Ask And Stinkin Receive

by Moriah Banas on 5/12/2013
Team daythree

Freedom Video!!!

by Stephanie Bittick on 5/5/2013

A little thing called "leadership"

by Stephanie Bittick on 5/2/2013

Kubadilishwa Na Yesu Conference

by Stephanie Bittick on 4/26/2013


by Amanda Vanzant on 4/26/2013
Team daythree

Are You Dead?

by Moriah Banas on 4/19/2013
Team daythree

Day 3!

by Amanda Vanzant on 4/18/2013
Team daythree

Wreckin' for Christ

by Clark Moser on 4/18/2013
Team squadleader

It's Go Time!

by Moriah Banas on 4/17/2013
Team daythree

Hope Deferred

by Jessa Grindell on 4/16/2013
Team daythree

Mzungu! Mzungu!

by Stephanie Bittick on 4/11/2013

For the Record...

by Jessa Grindell on 4/10/2013
Team daythree

Day in the Village Life of Cambodia

by Stephanie Bittick on 3/26/2013


by Amanda Vanzant on 3/26/2013
Team daythree

A Day In Cambodia!

by Travis Bonning on 3/25/2013
Team daythree

He did it!!

by Moriah Banas on 3/3/2013
Team daythree

Moooving Malaysia

by Moriah Banas on 2/28/2013
Team daythree

fully known

by Amanda Vanzant on 2/27/2013
Team daythree

Do You Believe in Miracles?!?!

by Moriah Banas on 2/24/2013
Team daythree

Simply Serving

by Clark Moser on 2/22/2013
Team squadleader

Denying yourself!

by Travis Bonning on 2/18/2013
Team daythree


by Amanda Vanzant on 2/16/2013
Team daythree

Who Will Be My Perfect Valentine??

by Stephanie Bittick on 2/13/2013

What the heck am I praying for?

by Moriah Banas on 2/12/2013
Team daythree

Bugs and Hugs

by Moriah Banas on 2/5/2013
Team daythree

I met a man

by Moriah Banas on 2/5/2013
Team daythree


by Amanda Vanzant on 2/2/2013
Team daythree

Vegas on Steroids

by Clark Moser on 2/2/2013
Team squadleader

Seeing Clearly Again

by Jessa Grindell on 2/2/2013
Team daythree

I Need Your Help!

by Stephanie Bittick on 1/30/2013

The One Without the Happy Ending...Yet

by Jessa Grindell on 1/26/2013
Team daythree

Finally! I Get It!!

by Stephanie Bittick on 1/25/2013

broken heart

by Amanda Vanzant on 1/25/2013
Team daythree

There are Nations Inside of YOU!!

by LaShondra Riddle on 1/24/2013
Team daythree

Exodus. Random thoughts. Godly woman.

by Amanda Vanzant on 1/21/2013
Team daythree

Day in the Life of Thailand

by Stephanie Bittick on 1/16/2013

The Endless Cycle

by Stephanie Bittick on 1/11/2013

You Shouldn't Be Here!!

by Moriah Banas on 1/10/2013
Team daythree

new year!

by Amanda Vanzant on 1/9/2013
Team daythree

beautiful thailand

by Amanda Vanzant on 1/9/2013
Team daythree

Man up! It's Manistry Month!

by Clark Moser on 1/9/2013
Team squadleader

Safe in God's Hands

by Stephanie Bittick on 1/7/2013

Prophecy Fulfilled

by Moriah Banas on 1/5/2013
Team daythree

Spoken Word: Reverence

by Travis Bonning on 12/29/2012
Team daythree

Let's party!

by Stephanie Bittick on 12/27/2012