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Team Healing Hurricane

Nicaragua here I come <3

by Kayla Griffin on 6/19/2015

Because I Believe...

by Kayla Griffin on 8/4/2013

Between a Sunrise and a Sunset

by Glenn Pickens on 11/21/2012

Another Month; Another Ugandan Whirlwind

by Glenn Pickens on 11/1/2012

A Whirlwind

by Glenn Pickens on 9/30/2012

The Great African Bus Ride: Part II

by Glenn Pickens on 9/16/2012

...Unsettled Yet Anchored...

by Kayla Griffin on 9/16/2012

The Great African Bus Ride: Part I

by Glenn Pickens on 9/12/2012

We Made It

by Glenn Pickens on 9/5/2012

What's Next? Back to Africa...

by Glenn Pickens on 8/1/2012

...A Heart Full of Thanks...

by Kayla Griffin on 7/30/2012

Thank You

by Glenn Pickens on 7/26/2012

The next chapter...

by Kim Butler on 7/24/2012

(Update) Life After The Race

by Lindsay Short on 7/1/2012

Malaysian Snapshot

by Kim Butler on 6/16/2012

Malaysian BR

by Kim Butler on 6/10/2012

Birds & Lilies

by Kim Butler on 6/5/2012

#11n11 Recap: My Top 11

by Glenn Pickens on 6/3/2012

The Final Blog

by Lindsay Short on 6/3/2012

...Words For My Favorite Graduate...

by Kayla Griffin on 6/1/2012

How to Lose Your Life

by Lindsay Short on 5/31/2012

Ignorance Is Stupid

by Lindsay Short on 5/28/2012

...A Walk To Clear The Mind...

by Kayla Griffin on 5/24/2012

The Breakup

by Kim Butler on 5/23/2012

...MaLaYsIa MiNiStRy...

by Kayla Griffin on 5/22/2012


by Lindsay Short on 5/21/2012

Last and Final Month: Malaysia

by Glenn Pickens on 5/19/2012

24 hours in Malaysia...

by Kim Butler on 5/19/2012

Night Life

by Kim Butler on 5/16/2012

...Happy Mothers Day Mom!...

by Kayla Griffin on 5/14/2012

Cambodia Recap

by Kim Butler on 5/14/2012

Just Call Me "The Wedding Singer"

by Lindsay Short on 5/14/2012

Cambodia in Pictures

by Glenn Pickens on 5/11/2012

M+K 4-Ever

by Kim Butler on 5/11/2012

Our Final Country: Malaysia

by Lindsay Short on 5/11/2012

and i'm still learning...

by Lindsay Short on 5/8/2012


by Kim Butler on 5/7/2012

Bathrooms: Cambodia Edition

by Kim Butler on 5/5/2012

Lice, Lice, Lice

by Glenn Pickens on 5/3/2012

...A Small Reflection...

by Kayla Griffin on 5/3/2012

The Beast & the Beauty

by Lindsay Short on 4/29/2012

Rowing the Race to Win the Prize

by Kim Butler on 4/27/2012

No Access Point

by Kim Butler on 4/23/2012

Legends of the Hidden Temple

by Glenn Pickens on 4/22/2012

...Ministry or Lifeistry...

by Kayla Griffin on 4/22/2012

Bathroom: Thailand Edition

by Kim Butler on 4/20/2012

Everything and More in Thailand

by Kim Butler on 4/20/2012

...A Dinner Date With Adam...

by Kayla Griffin on 4/14/2012

I'm Sorry, Men.

by Lindsay Short on 4/14/2012

...An Attitude of Praise...

by Kayla Griffin on 4/13/2012

Sex Sells

by Kim Butler on 4/10/2012

MANistry Recap

by Glenn Pickens on 4/8/2012

PP Pictures

by Kim Butler on 4/7/2012

Flipped Off By A Stranger

by Kim Butler on 4/7/2012

$10 for an Apple

by Lindsay Short on 4/6/2012

...A Relentless Pursuit...

by Kayla Griffin on 4/4/2012

Come Away to the Water

by Lindsay Short on 4/4/2012

I will choose

by Kim Butler on 4/2/2012

Through Our Eyes [Video]

by Lindsay Short on 4/1/2012

This is Genocide

by Glenn Pickens on 3/29/2012

bringing hope to the lost.

by Lindsay Short on 3/27/2012

...Let's Help Them Get Out...

by Kayla Griffin on 3/27/2012

Loving Prostitutes

by Kim Butler on 3/25/2012

What Can You Buy for $24?

by Glenn Pickens on 3/22/2012

...This Street...

by Kayla Griffin on 3/22/2012

MANistry: Vipers, Fried Chicken, and Waterfalls

by Glenn Pickens on 3/20/2012

Passion for Prostitutes

by Lindsay Short on 3/18/2012

Surprise Engagement!

by Kim Butler on 3/17/2012

...A Love Without End...

by Kayla Griffin on 3/16/2012

Where Does My Joy Come From?

by Kyle Dennard on 3/15/2012

Swaziland in Pictures

by Glenn Pickens on 3/14/2012

Funny People

by Kim Butler on 3/12/2012

Saved By Grace

by Lindsay Short on 3/11/2012

You Know You're on the World Race When...

by Glenn Pickens on 3/10/2012

Hope for the Hopeless (Pictures Added)

by Kim Butler on 3/9/2012

Swazi Potty (Pictures Added)

by Kim Butler on 3/9/2012

Three Divine Doctors Appointments

by Kim Butler on 3/6/2012

Using My Voice: Refugee Camps

by Lindsay Short on 3/6/2012

...I Almost Became A Mother Today...

by Kayla Griffin on 3/5/2012

...Blessed By Mercy...

by Kayla Griffin on 3/2/2012

...Ministry in Swazi...

by Kayla Griffin on 3/1/2012

Mine or God's?

by Lindsay Short on 2/28/2012

...Beauty Captured...

by Kayla Griffin on 2/25/2012


by Kayla Griffin on 2/20/2012

Swaziland, We Love You.

by Lindsay Short on 2/20/2012

On a scale of one to...

by Kim Butler on 2/20/2012

Simply Ministry

by Kim Butler on 2/20/2012

Meet Thombi

by Lindsay Short on 2/17/2012

Planet Earth in Mozambique...

by Kim Butler on 2/11/2012

Water in the Quirky Bathroom

by Kim Butler on 2/10/2012

Sewage House

by Glenn Pickens on 2/9/2012

Real Estate in The Bush

by Kim Butler on 2/8/2012

Who Is Lindsay Short?

by Lindsay Short on 2/8/2012

...There's No Place Like Home...

by Kayla Griffin on 2/5/2012

Beacon of Hope

by Kim Butler on 2/1/2012

Welcome to the Bush (Photo Blog)

by Glenn Pickens on 2/1/2012

I'm Sick of Carbs!

by Lindsay Short on 1/29/2012

...Life In It's Simplest Form...

by Kayla Griffin on 1/29/2012

A back rub from Jesus

by Kim Butler on 1/29/2012