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Why I Don't Pray for the Sick (Part 2)

by Kacie Price on 11/30/2014

Why I Don't Pray for the Sick (Part 1)

by Kacie Price on 11/21/2014

New Guatemala Base Video...Check It Out!

by Kacie Price on 6/17/2014

What is Worship Track?

by Sheila Yoder on 6/12/2014

Guatemala Base Video

by Kacie Price on 6/10/2014

The Cheesecake Gospel

by Kacie Price on 5/21/2014

Higher Vision

by Kacie Price on 5/7/2014

The Bartering Beast Within

by Kacie Price on 4/16/2014

Does God Speak Spanish?

by Kacie Price on 12/10/2013

Tips for Current Racers: Coming Home

by Sheila Yoder on 11/21/2013

One Hell of a Year.

by Ruth Wilson on 11/19/2013

What We've Been Up to This Month

by Kacie Price on 10/29/2013

Does My Odor Offend You?

by Kacie Price on 10/19/2013

I know why I'm scared.

by Kacie Price on 8/26/2013

I'm scared of His love.

by Kacie Price on 8/26/2013

3 Chicks and a Texas Hoedown

by Kacie Price on 8/19/2013

I Don't Believe in Prayer (Part 1)

by Kacie Price on 8/3/2013

You're Going To Be OK

by Sheila Yoder on 7/19/2013

The Misfit Missionary

by Ruth Wilson on 6/4/2013

Burning Bushes in Kenya

by Sheila Yoder on 5/16/2013

I'm Going Back To Africa.

by Ruth Wilson on 4/28/2013

Illusions of What-ifs and Cankles

by Sheila Yoder on 4/19/2013

I'm Done Pretending.

by Ruth Wilson on 4/11/2013

Invitation to Prayer

by Kacie Price on 4/10/2013


by Sheila Yoder on 4/6/2013

The Resistance in Waiting

by Sheila Yoder on 4/2/2013

Faith in 5 Days

by Sheila Yoder on 3/28/2013

Just, Yes

by Sheila Yoder on 3/26/2013

I Gave Up On This Christian Thing...

by Ruth Wilson on 3/21/2013

Gracias from Guatemala

by Kacie Price on 3/18/2013

Simmering Lava

by Kacie Price on 3/7/2013

Pornography, Models and Empty Promises

by Ruth Wilson on 2/27/2013

You Only Live Once.

by Ruth Wilson on 2/24/2013

Confessions Of A People Pleaser

by Ruth Wilson on 2/17/2013

I Have Twenty Three Roommates.

by Ruth Wilson on 2/1/2013

This Christmas...

by Ruth Wilson on 12/26/2012

I'm Packing My Bags Again...

by Ruth Wilson on 12/12/2012

Let's Move Mountains

by Ruth Wilson on 12/2/2012

I Have A Sick Heart

by Ruth Wilson on 11/10/2012

I Am Hosea's Wife

by Ruth Wilson on 10/27/2012

When I realize I am nothing...

by Ruth Wilson on 9/26/2012

World Race Jargon Explained: Processing

by Sheila Yoder on 8/28/2012

If Grace Is An Ocean...

by Ruth Wilson on 8/26/2012

Dear T-squad

by Ruth Wilson on 8/14/2012

Following Christ is Hard.

by Ruth Wilson on 7/8/2012

Today, I am thankful to live in America.

by Ruth Wilson on 7/4/2012


by Ruth Wilson on 7/2/2012

Speechless prayers.

by Ruth Wilson on 5/17/2012

Missionaries Aren't Biblical

by Sheila Yoder on 5/14/2012

Send it.

by Ruth Wilson on 4/27/2012

Easter in a nutshell.

by Ruth Wilson on 4/6/2012

Constant battle.

by Ruth Wilson on 3/3/2012

That awkward moment when...

by Ruth Wilson on 2/25/2012

At the End; a Beginning

by Sheila Yoder on 1/27/2012

I'm Done.

by Ruth Wilson on 1/23/2012

Dear Future Racers...

by Ruth Wilson on 12/21/2011

I feel...

by Ruth Wilson on 12/18/2011

If Words Could Kill.....

by Sheila Yoder on 12/15/2011

What I really miss is...

by Ruth Wilson on 12/3/2011

Home is freaking weird.

by Ruth Wilson on 11/21/2011

11 things you wouldn't know...

by Ruth Wilson on 11/15/2011

Marry a dentist???

by Lindsey Gay on 11/9/2011

Give it up.

by Ruth Wilson on 11/9/2011

Repost: Will the Real Men Please Stand Up?

by Kristen Huey on 11/8/2011

Read At Your Own Risk

by Sheila Yoder on 11/8/2011

I'm Not Doing This Anymore

by Sheila Yoder on 11/8/2011

Will The Real Men Please Stand Up?

by Sheila Yoder on 11/8/2011

Things I've Done on The World Race...

by Kristen Huey on 11/6/2011

you know it's month 11... WHEN....

by Kacie Price on 11/5/2011

New Creations Deserve New Shoes

by Kacie Price on 11/5/2011

You know it's month 11... WHEN......

by Lindsey Gay on 11/5/2011

You Know It's Month 11 When...

by Kristen Huey on 11/5/2011

Month 11 thoughts...

by Ruth Wilson on 11/5/2011

I'm a psycho radical.

by Ruth Wilson on 11/1/2011

It's time to come home.

by Kacie Price on 10/29/2011

Wasn't I Supposed to Save the World?

by Kristen Huey on 10/29/2011

Mission Get-Hollis-to-KL!

by Sheila Yoder on 10/27/2011

This isn't me.........

by Lindsey Gay on 10/27/2011

You know it's time to go home when:

by Ruth Wilson on 10/25/2011

You know it is time to go home when....

by Lindsey Gay on 10/25/2011

Just a Quick Update

by Kristen Huey on 10/23/2011

Top 10 Reasons to Date a World Racer (repost)

by Sheila Yoder on 10/21/2011

I Have...

by Ruth Wilson on 10/18/2011

Calling all men......

by Lindsey Gay on 10/13/2011

In 45 Days....

by Sheila Yoder on 10/6/2011

I'm gonna steal all the babies.

by Ruth Wilson on 10/3/2011

Will you please pass the soy sauce?

by Kacie Price on 9/26/2011

Random love, you never saw coming.

by Lindsey Gay on 9/26/2011

Cambodians, Camping & Coconuts (Picture Blog)

by Kristen Huey on 9/26/2011

What I Did In Cambodia (in pictures!)

by Sheila Yoder on 9/26/2011

Home in 55 days!

by Ruth Wilson on 9/25/2011

Home. The 12 Step Process.

by Sheila Yoder on 9/25/2011

Passionately passionate.

by Ruth Wilson on 9/22/2011

I am a martyr.

by Ruth Wilson on 9/18/2011

This is Normal.... Yea?

by Lindsey Gay on 9/18/2011

Oh wait, it's not about me again?

by Sheila Yoder on 9/18/2011