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Team Living Liberation

Check It Out, Funk-Soul-Brother!

by Ruth Cortese on 1/19/2013

New Adventures, New Blogs

by Ruth Cortese on 1/3/2013

The Big Announcement!

by Ruth Cortese on 12/3/2012

I'm still alive

by Molly Tkacik on 9/23/2012
Team livingliberation

Switching over to a New Blog

by Joshua Marshman on 9/15/2012

I’d Rather Be…

by Ruth Cortese on 8/28/2012

I'm staying put

by Molly Tkacik on 7/27/2012
Team livingliberation

Don't Stereotype My Experience!

by Ruth Cortese on 7/17/2012

A year ago in five days!

by Molly Tkacik on 7/8/2012
Team livingliberation

Thank You!

by Joshua Marshman on 7/8/2012

This is my home

by Kursti Bailey on 6/28/2012

Old Habits Die Hard

by Ruth Cortese on 6/25/2012

Why Keep Blogging?

by Ruth Cortese on 6/24/2012

Wait, Did That Really Happen???

by Ruth Cortese on 6/16/2012

I'm HOME!!!

by Molly Tkacik on 6/10/2012
Team livingliberation

What Goes Around Comes Around

by Ruth Cortese on 6/10/2012

My family for 11 months

by Molly Tkacik on 6/8/2012
Team livingliberation

I'm Coming Home!!! Whats Next...

by Joshua Marshman on 6/8/2012

Malaysia in Pictures!!!!!

by Benjamin Swain on 6/7/2012

Let Chains Be Broken

by Joshua Marshman on 6/4/2012

How much does She cost?

by Molly Tkacik on 6/2/2012
Team livingliberation

Remember That Time The World Race Ended?

by Ruth Cortese on 6/2/2012

Why Don't Ya Just Ask Me Now :)

by Ruth Cortese on 5/28/2012

Cambodia in Pictures!!!!

by Benjamin Swain on 5/27/2012

May news letter.

by Molly Tkacik on 5/26/2012
Team livingliberation

Bringing Sight for the Blind

by Joshua Marshman on 5/25/2012

Living Liberation I love you!

by Kursti Bailey on 5/24/2012

A tragedy

by Molly Tkacik on 5/22/2012
Team livingliberation

1 year ago on 5/21/11

by Molly Tkacik on 5/22/2012
Team livingliberation

The Prostitute Who Invited Me In

by Ruth Cortese on 5/21/2012

My thoughts....

by Benjamin Swain on 5/20/2012

Month 11, Malaysia!!!!!

by Benjamin Swain on 5/20/2012

God OPENS doors

by Molly Tkacik on 5/16/2012
Team livingliberation

Happy Mothers Day :)

by Kursti Bailey on 5/13/2012

Happy Mothers' Day!!!!

by Benjamin Swain on 5/13/2012

Happy Mothers Day

by Molly Tkacik on 5/13/2012
Team livingliberation

Thailand in Pictures!!!!

by Benjamin Swain on 5/13/2012

A True Word to My Mother!

by Ruth Cortese on 5/13/2012

Happy Mothers Day!

by Joshua Marshman on 5/13/2012

It's month 11..So what's next?

by Kursti Bailey on 5/11/2012

Yesterday I was robbed...

by Joshua Marshman on 5/9/2012

So month 10 is over.

by Kursti Bailey on 5/8/2012

No animal bites. Thanks Cambodia!

by Joshua Marshman on 5/8/2012

The Girl that Made Me Cry

by Ruth Cortese on 5/8/2012

Why Complaining Was a Good Thing

by Ruth Cortese on 5/5/2012

I sweat, but you just smile

by Kursti Bailey on 4/28/2012

I Don't Belong Under a Bushel

by Joshua Marshman on 4/26/2012

Month 10, Cambodia!!!!!

by Benjamin Swain on 4/24/2012

I Have 46 Days Left...

by Ruth Cortese on 4/24/2012

Wave your white flag. Just Surrender

by Kursti Bailey on 4/20/2012

420...What's that?

by Joshua Marshman on 4/20/2012

Adventure to Angkor Wat

by Molly Tkacik on 4/19/2012
Team livingliberation

Ministry month10, Cambodia

by Molly Tkacik on 4/19/2012
Team livingliberation


by Benjamin Swain on 4/12/2012

No Turning Back

by Ruth Cortese on 4/12/2012

If Men Ruled...

by Joshua Marshman on 4/12/2012

Home Sweet SHE - Day 270 (video)

by Kristin Frizzell on 4/8/2012

Conflict in Burma

by Benjamin Swain on 4/7/2012

Floatin' On the River

by Joshua Marshman on 4/6/2012

He came to FIGHT

by Kursti Bailey on 4/5/2012

Only God Know's

by Molly Tkacik on 4/5/2012
Team livingliberation

Bright lights..dark places

by Kursti Bailey on 4/1/2012

Found Love in a Hopeless Place

by Ruth Cortese on 3/31/2012

Route Change!!!!!

by Benjamin Swain on 3/29/2012

This is the Story of a Girl - Day 259 (video)

by Kristin Frizzell on 3/28/2012

Month 9, Thailand!!!!!!!!

by Benjamin Swain on 3/25/2012

All they need is LOVE

by Kursti Bailey on 3/23/2012

I Walk the Line

by Ruth Cortese on 3/23/2012

Mozambique Video month 7

by Molly Tkacik on 3/21/2012
Team livingliberation

Remember Nhu

by Molly Tkacik on 3/20/2012
Team livingliberation

Swaziland in Pictures!!!!!

by Benjamin Swain on 3/19/2012

Thailand ministry

by Molly Tkacik on 3/19/2012
Team livingliberation

The Month of Men

by Joshua Marshman on 3/19/2012

The Beginning of the End

by Ruth Cortese on 3/17/2012

African Firsts - Day 243 (video)

by Kristin Frizzell on 3/12/2012

Another one bites the dust

by Kursti Bailey on 3/11/2012

I Thought I was Here to Love YOU

by Ruth Cortese on 3/11/2012

Pictures From Swaziland!

by Molly Tkacik on 3/11/2012
Team livingliberation

Hope for the hopeless

by Molly Tkacik on 3/11/2012
Team livingliberation

When I grow up I want to be like Thembelihle

by Kursti Bailey on 3/4/2012

Pictures From Swaziland!

by Ruth Cortese on 3/4/2012

Let the Music Move You

by Ruth Cortese on 3/4/2012

Month 8, Swaziland!!!!!

by Benjamin Swain on 2/25/2012

I am a Bride!

by Kursti Bailey on 2/25/2012

Can I get a runners high?

by Kursti Bailey on 2/25/2012

Who am I?

by Benjamin Swain on 2/25/2012

Life in Swaziland

by Ruth Cortese on 2/25/2012