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Team Roar

I still don't know his name

by Hilary Rogers on 6/27/2016
Team roar

Party at my house!

by Hilary Rogers on 5/20/2016
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So...What's next?

by Hilary Rogers on 4/22/2016
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Insert a Semicolon Here

by Amber Hoffmann on 3/18/2016

World Race by the Numbers

by Melissa Bjorklund on 12/2/2015
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Zambia (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 11/28/2015

11 Things I've Been Thankful for on the World Race

by Amber Hoffmann on 11/26/2015

11/11: 11 Things I'm Thankful For

by Alyssa Nobles on 11/23/2015
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10/11: 11 Books I Read

by Alyssa Nobles on 11/22/2015
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Top Eleven: Going Home Edition

by Melissa Bjorklund on 11/22/2015
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9/11: 11 Things God Taught Me

by Alyssa Nobles on 11/21/2015
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8/11: 11 Modes of Transportation

by Alyssa Nobles on 11/20/2015
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7/11: 11 Photos

by Alyssa Nobles on 11/19/2015
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5/11: 11 Interesting Foods

by Alyssa Nobles on 11/17/2015
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4/11: 11 Ministries I Participated In

by Alyssa Nobles on 11/16/2015
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3/11: 11 Things I'm Glad I Packed

by Alyssa Nobles on 11/15/2015
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1/11: 11 Things I Will Miss About The Race

by Alyssa Nobles on 11/13/2015
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Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife: Part Two

by Melissa Bjorklund on 11/11/2015
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Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife: Part One

by Melissa Bjorklund on 11/3/2015
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Back in 'Nam...

by Melissa Bjorklund on 10/25/2015
Team roar

What the Heck, America?

by Melissa Bjorklund on 10/25/2015
Team roar

Malawi (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 10/25/2015

House of Mirth

by Melissa Bjorklund on 10/21/2015
Team roar

What the Heck, Africa?

by Melissa Bjorklund on 10/21/2015
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11 Memories from ASIA

by Alyssa Nobles on 10/3/2015
Team roar

I'm Still Alive!

by Melissa Bjorklund on 9/26/2015
Team roar

Vietnam (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 9/26/2015

Super Merv! Unsung Hero Vietnam

by Alyssa Nobles on 9/24/2015
Team roar

Cambodia (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 8/29/2015

Cake Fight!

by Melissa Bjorklund on 8/22/2015
Team roar

Embracing My New Normal

by Amber Hoffmann on 8/20/2015

Is This Really Happening Right Now?

by Melissa Bjorklund on 8/18/2015
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Thorn In My Flesh

by Alyssa Nobles on 8/15/2015
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Top Eleven: PVT Edition

by Melissa Bjorklund on 8/13/2015
Team roar

Conversations with Daddy

by Alyssa Nobles on 8/8/2015
Team roar

Ask Me Anything

by Melissa Bjorklund on 8/5/2015
Team roar

Thailand (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 7/31/2015

"I would be dead if not for God"

by Alyssa Nobles on 7/19/2015
Team roar

Light for Asia

by Melissa Bjorklund on 7/17/2015
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Asia Is So Wow

by Melissa Bjorklund on 7/9/2015
Team roar

Because There Are No Words

by Hilary Rogers on 7/2/2015
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Malaysia and Indonesia (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 6/30/2015

You Know You're on the World Race When...

by Melissa Bjorklund on 6/28/2015
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Hurry Up and Wait

by Melissa Bjorklund on 6/19/2015
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Your Questions Answered!

by Alyssa Nobles on 6/19/2015
Team roar

A Pain in the Glass

by Melissa Bjorklund on 6/14/2015
Team roar

Four Weddings and a Funeral

by Melissa Bjorklund on 6/8/2015
Team roar

How is That Possible?!

by Melissa Bjorklund on 5/31/2015
Team roar

Nepal (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 5/23/2015

Normal is as Normal Does

by Melissa Bjorklund on 5/21/2015
Team roar


by Amber Hoffmann on 5/20/2015

All Shook Up

by Melissa Bjorklund on 5/14/2015
Team roar

Kathmandu: A Week in the Life

by Melissa Bjorklund on 5/11/2015
Team roar

We Will Not Be Shaken

by Alyssa Nobles on 5/9/2015
Team roar

Team Change

by Melissa Bjorklund on 5/8/2015
Team roar

#10N11? Just Kidding!

by Melissa Bjorklund on 5/3/2015
Team roar

Entrusted with Pain

by Amber Hoffmann on 5/2/2015

God of Wonders

by Alyssa Nobles on 5/1/2015
Team roar

India (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 4/30/2015

Shaken (Not Stirred)

by Melissa Bjorklund on 4/28/2015
Team roar

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

by Melissa Bjorklund on 4/23/2015
Team roar

Can't We Just Stay Here?

by Melissa Bjorklund on 4/20/2015
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Bangalorious and Questions!

by Alyssa Nobles on 4/20/2015
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May Days

by Amber Hoffmann on 4/19/2015

Video blog: Bolivia!

by Alyssa Nobles on 4/15/2015
Team roar

An Indian Birthday

by Alyssa Nobles on 4/11/2015
Team roar

Bolivian Work Outs

by Alyssa Nobles on 4/2/2015
Team roar

Goodbye South America, Hello India!

by Melissa Bjorklund on 3/31/2015
Team roar

Bolivia (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 3/31/2015

Fully Funded!

by Melissa Bjorklund on 3/26/2015
Team roar

Bringing Jesus to the Jungle

by Amber Hoffmann on 3/24/2015

The Desires of HIS Heart

by Alyssa Nobles on 3/23/2015
Team roar

11 Photos from South America!

by Alyssa Nobles on 3/23/2015
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All I Do is Sweat (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 3/20/2015

What is Love? (Cue Haddaway)

by Melissa Bjorklund on 3/18/2015
Team roar

My Favorite Day of the Race

by Alyssa Nobles on 3/5/2015
Team roar

At the End of the Tunnel

by Amber Hoffmann on 3/4/2015

Off the Map

by Melissa Bjorklund on 2/28/2015
Team roar

Peru (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 2/28/2015

Thirsty for More

by Amber Hoffmann on 2/27/2015

Expect the Unexpected

by Melissa Bjorklund on 2/23/2015
Team roar

Thirty Three Blessings

by Amber Hoffmann on 2/17/2015

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless

by Melissa Bjorklund on 2/16/2015
Team roar

Are you there God? It's me, Alyssa.

by Alyssa Nobles on 2/16/2015
Team roar

There's healing in the mud...

by Hilary Rogers on 2/15/2015
Team roar

P (Squad) is for Peru...and Poop

by Melissa Bjorklund on 2/14/2015
Team roar


by Alyssa Nobles on 2/3/2015
Team roar

To My Anonymous Donors

by Melissa Bjorklund on 1/31/2015
Team roar

Ecuador (Video)

by Amber Hoffmann on 1/31/2015

Unsung Heroes

by Amber Hoffmann on 1/28/2015

Rebirth Rights

by Melissa Bjorklund on 1/24/2015
Team roar

Let's Get It Started

by Melissa Bjorklund on 1/14/2015
Team roar

Cooking from the Heart

by Alyssa Nobles on 1/14/2015
Team roar

Footprints in the Mud...

by Hilary Rogers on 1/13/2015
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