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Laced in Grace

by Lacey Carpenter on 4/4/2015


by Erin Costello on 11/16/2014
Team royals

"Arise, Little Girl" [Part 1]

by Erin Costello on 10/26/2014
Team royals

New Beginnings

by Erin Costello on 9/21/2014
Team royals

Where I'm Headed To Next! [Post Race]

by Erin Costello on 7/9/2014
Team royals

Q & A blog

by Laura Quam on 7/6/2014
Team royals

My 'Thank You' to YOU! [photos]

by Erin Costello on 7/3/2014
Team royals

Kinda Liking This Brokenness Thing

by Erin Costello on 6/27/2014
Team royals

Loving The Darkness Out of Her

by Erin Costello on 6/23/2014
Team royals

World Race Q&A Blog

by Erin Costello on 6/19/2014
Team royals

11 countries 11 months

by Kiana Ryan on 6/18/2014
Team royals

A New 24/7 Community

by Erin Costello on 6/16/2014
Team royals

Being home.

by Laura Quam on 6/14/2014
Team royals

I Woke Up A Negative Nancy

by Erin Costello on 6/14/2014
Team royals

Children are a blessing

by Laura Quam on 6/9/2014
Team royals

The 'Home' Struggle

by Erin Costello on 6/5/2014
Team royals

Returning Reflections

by Lacey Carpenter on 5/18/2014

A Broken Girl in a Coffee Shop

by Kiana Ryan on 5/17/2014
Team royals

Mother to the Motherless

by Laura Quam on 5/15/2014
Team royals

Swaziland Recap

by Kiana Ryan on 5/4/2014
Team royals

Women at War: The Front Lines

by Kelli Hansen on 5/1/2014
Team royals

Safe in His Arms

by Lacey Carpenter on 4/13/2014

Route Change To Ireland!

by Erin Costello on 4/5/2014
Team royals

City of friendships

by Laura Quam on 3/29/2014
Team royals

Cambodia Recap [Video]

by Erin Costello on 3/27/2014
Team royals

Philippines Recap Video

by Kiana Ryan on 3/25/2014
Team royals

Sexy Cinderella vs. Dirty Nomad

by Kelli Hansen on 3/24/2014
Team royals

Redemption & Child Sponsorship

by Laura Quam on 3/19/2014
Team royals

Leave Everything and Follow Me

by Lacey Carpenter on 3/19/2014

I'm Adopting a Child

by Kiana Ryan on 3/18/2014
Team royals

URGENT!! Financial help

by Laura Quam on 3/12/2014
Team royals

Cambodia is Amazing!

by Kelli Hansen on 3/12/2014
Team royals

Philippines update

by Laura Quam on 3/10/2014
Team royals


by Lacey Carpenter on 3/7/2014

Philippines Update

by Kiana Ryan on 3/4/2014
Team royals

Eating Weird Foods (Video)

by Kiana Ryan on 2/24/2014
Team royals

Avoiding Packing

by Kiana Ryan on 2/22/2014
Team royals

Cambodia Video!

by Lacey Carpenter on 2/20/2014

Letter to my future husband :

by Laura Quam on 2/19/2014
Team royals

Cambodia Recap Video

by Kiana Ryan on 2/18/2014
Team royals

Stretch Out Your Hand: Jesus Still Heals

by Lacey Carpenter on 2/17/2014

There's An Alien in my Tummy

by Kiana Ryan on 2/10/2014
Team royals

Amusement Park Musings

by Lacey Carpenter on 2/8/2014

Redeemed Love.

by Laura Quam on 2/2/2014
Team royals

Pray BIG or Go Home!

by Lacey Carpenter on 2/2/2014

Amputee: Dear Amber...

by Lacey Carpenter on 2/1/2014

Dear Friends and Family...

by Lacey Carpenter on 1/26/2014

Dear R Squad...

by Lacey Carpenter on 1/24/2014

That one time in Laos!

by Kelli Hansen on 1/24/2014
Team royals

You're a Missionary.

by Laura Quam on 1/22/2014
Team royals

Learning To Walk In Power [Part 2]

by Erin Costello on 1/21/2014
Team royals

People, People, Please Pay Attention!

by Lacey Carpenter on 1/19/2014

Unsung Video

by Kiana Ryan on 1/18/2014
Team royals

6,851 Reasons

by Laura Quam on 1/17/2014
Team royals

Learning To Walk In Power [Part 1]

by Erin Costello on 1/17/2014
Team royals

My Vow

by Kiana Ryan on 1/17/2014
Team royals

Thoughts on being single

by Laura Quam on 1/12/2014
Team royals

Confessions of a Wagon Rider

by Lacey Carpenter on 1/11/2014

Thailand Recap Video

by Kiana Ryan on 1/5/2014
Team royals

It's a new year

by Laura Quam on 12/31/2013
Team royals

Tell the World

by Lacey Carpenter on 12/22/2013

Finding Christmas in Thailand

by Kelli Hansen on 12/20/2013
Team royals

Barbie Dolls

by Kiana Ryan on 12/14/2013
Team royals

Red Light District ministry

by Laura Quam on 12/10/2013
Team royals


by Laura Quam on 12/5/2013
Team royals

Nepal Recap Video

by Kelli Hansen on 11/30/2013
Team royals

If Nepal Isn't On Your Race Route..

by Erin Costello on 11/28/2013
Team royals

Beauty of Nepal

by Laura Quam on 11/27/2013
Team royals

Nepal Video

by Kiana Ryan on 11/21/2013
Team royals

Following the Leader

by Kiana Ryan on 11/20/2013
Team royals

From Darkness to LIGHT!!!

by Lacey Carpenter on 11/19/2013

I'll be Home for Christmas...

by Lacey Carpenter on 11/19/2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

by Lacey Carpenter on 11/17/2013

India Recap Video

by Kelli Hansen on 11/5/2013
Team royals

This is India

by Laura Quam on 11/2/2013
Team royals

India Video!!!

by Lacey Carpenter on 10/26/2013

India Video

by Kiana Ryan on 10/25/2013
Team royals

Holes In My Punjabis

by Erin Costello on 10/21/2013
Team royals

God's unchangeable love

by Laura Quam on 10/16/2013
Team royals

Weeping for Blessing

by Lacey Carpenter on 10/16/2013

Joy and Blessing

by Kiana Ryan on 10/16/2013
Team royals

A Day In The Life [Photo Blog]

by Erin Costello on 10/14/2013
Team royals

quick update!!

by Laura Quam on 10/7/2013
Team royals

Intro to India

by Kiana Ryan on 10/4/2013
Team royals

Romanian Movie Time

by Kelli Hansen on 9/26/2013
Team royals

I'm a Hopeless Wanderer

by Laura Quam on 9/23/2013
Team royals

Daddy's Baby Girl

by Kiana Ryan on 9/20/2013
Team royals

Ministry in Stoborasti

by Kiana Ryan on 9/14/2013
Team royals

Trusting God

by Laura Quam on 9/12/2013
Team royals