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Team Tandum

Evil in the Chicken Capitol

by Roberto Calderon on 6/10/2013

Whip the Money Changers of the girls

by Roberto Calderon on 5/28/2013

Darkness cannot drive out darkness

by Roberto Calderon on 4/17/2013

An Imprecatory Psalm

by Roberto Calderon on 3/11/2013

Supply, Demand and Mercy

by Roberto Calderon on 1/14/2013

back in Mozie!

by Anne Embree on 1/5/2013

The will to act...

by Roberto Calderon on 11/16/2012

Conduct of Gentleman

by Roberto Calderon on 10/20/2012

A Dark shadow in the sunshine state with a ray of...

by Roberto Calderon on 10/18/2012

A Freedom Journey: Beautiful Feet

by Roberto Calderon on 10/17/2012

Anti-Trafficking tour Part 1

by Roberto Calderon on 10/13/2012

The Fire Rises

by Roberto Calderon on 9/11/2012

Crashing into a Giant Teddy

by Faith Batzinger on 5/23/2012

Break Every Chain

by Philip Cron on 3/21/2012

Invisible Pain

by Philip Cron on 3/11/2012

I Want Bold Faith

by Philip Cron on 2/29/2012

Kingdom Life

by Roberto Calderon on 2/27/2012

11 months in 3 minutes

by Faith Batzinger on 2/6/2012

Trust in the Lord

by Philip Cron on 2/4/2012

Post-Searchlight News

by Scott Taylor on 1/26/2012

Project: Searchlight

by Philip Cron on 1/24/2012

Stand men of the Lord

by Roberto Calderon on 1/23/2012

Keeping the Story Interesting...

by Roberto Calderon on 1/22/2012

While the Sand was Still wet...

by Roberto Calderon on 1/16/2012

Finding Rest in Waking Up

by Faith Batzinger on 1/4/2012

Standing on Giant Shoulders

by Faith Batzinger on 12/30/2011

In Blackest night...

by Roberto Calderon on 12/17/2011

Copy aaaaand Paste

by Erin Knight on 12/13/2011

Country #12 = Canada

by Anne Embree on 12/11/2011

Continue to follow me

by Philip Cron on 12/2/2011

"The World Race is Easy" - Erin Knight

by Tabi Blanchard on 11/27/2011

Photo Blog: Australia

by Scott Taylor on 11/26/2011

The World Race is Easy

by Erin Knight on 11/26/2011

Month 12: Risky Business

by Tabi Blanchard on 11/24/2011

Random Post - Race Thoughts

by Philip Cron on 11/24/2011

11 years later...

by Anne Embree on 11/23/2011

and then there were none...

by Faith Batzinger on 11/20/2011

You Can't Go Back Home

by Scott Taylor on 11/18/2011

Looking Back

by Erin Knight on 11/12/2011

a climbing wall in a mall???

by Anne Embree on 11/10/2011

When Will I Learn?

by Erin Knight on 11/9/2011

2011: Wrecked for the Ordinary

by Philip Cron on 11/7/2011

Punched by a Demon

by Scott Taylor on 11/4/2011

Quick KL Update

by Faith Batzinger on 10/30/2011

MANistry Video

by Philip Cron on 10/27/2011

MANistry Video

by Scott Taylor on 10/26/2011

God wants us to dream

by Philip Cron on 10/26/2011

Man Month: Doin' It Big!

by Philip Cron on 10/25/2011

Screw The Rules

by Tabi Blanchard on 10/24/2011

A Frog in the Toilet and a Pig in the Hall

by Erin Knight on 10/18/2011

Epiphany Part 2

by Scott Taylor on 10/18/2011

Epiphany Part 1

by Scott Taylor on 10/17/2011

a bunch of sheilas.

by Anne Embree on 10/14/2011

Heaps of fence-building in Aussieland!

by Anne Embree on 10/14/2011

No Bludging Here

by Faith Batzinger on 10/14/2011

Down Under : Round Two

by Tabi Blanchard on 10/13/2011

The Bible Teaches Us to Hate

by Faith Batzinger on 10/7/2011

No Boys Allowed

by Erin Knight on 10/7/2011


by Scott Taylor on 10/1/2011

A New Kind of Normal

by Faith Batzinger on 9/26/2011

I Choose to Disagree

by Erin Knight on 9/22/2011

Mass Deception

by Faith Batzinger on 9/19/2011

Cambodians like to laugh!

by Anne Embree on 9/16/2011


by Roberto Calderon on 9/15/2011

The Heart of a Man is Wild

by Philip Cron on 9/15/2011

Transform Asia - Cambodia

by Philip Cron on 9/13/2011

Team time??? What is that???

by Philip Cron on 9/13/2011

Heaven Must Need a Laugh

by Erin Knight on 9/11/2011

Photo Blog: Mozambique Part 2

by Scott Taylor on 9/11/2011

Don’t Get Comfortable

by Faith Batzinger on 9/9/2011


by Roberto Calderon on 9/9/2011

Photo Blog: Mozambique Part 1

by Scott Taylor on 9/9/2011

Long Awaited Blog Update

by Scott Taylor on 9/8/2011

Beads and Weeds

by Faith Batzinger on 9/3/2011

I'm With the Band (VIDEO!!)

by Erin Knight on 9/3/2011

Hi and Welcome To (VIDEO!!)

by Erin Knight on 8/31/2011

SHE Thailand

by Tabi Blanchard on 8/30/2011

Wild Faith

by Roberto Calderon on 8/28/2011

Go BIG or Go Home.

by Faith Batzinger on 8/27/2011

Thailand Tales 5/5

by Anne Embree on 8/27/2011

Hiding in plain sight

by Roberto Calderon on 8/27/2011

Thailand Tales 1/5

by Anne Embree on 8/26/2011

Thailand Tales 2/5

by Anne Embree on 8/26/2011

Thailand Tales 3/5

by Anne Embree on 8/26/2011

Thailand Tales 4/5

by Anne Embree on 8/26/2011

I'd rather not blog, thanks.

by Faith Batzinger on 8/15/2011

Escape to the Cape

by Faith Batzinger on 8/14/2011

Leaving Ma and Pa

by Anne Embree on 8/14/2011

What Would Superman Do?

by Roberto Calderon on 8/14/2011

When the Sun Sets in Phuket

by Erin Knight on 8/14/2011

Finding My Own Flame

by Philip Cron on 8/14/2011

Take a Peek at Mozambique

by Faith Batzinger on 8/13/2011

Dreaming Big in Thailand

by Tabi Blanchard on 8/11/2011

I love lamp!

by Tabi Blanchard on 8/6/2011

Drinks on me.

by Philip Cron on 8/3/2011

Travel Daze: Update From a Bus Station

by Erin Knight on 8/1/2011

A Bloody Mess

by Faith Batzinger on 7/25/2011