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Team Unchained Rhythm

Central America's largest country

by Alysa Halteman on 6/15/2017

Oasis Surf House here I come!

by Alysa Halteman on 3/19/2017

Rolling Right Over The Devil

by Alysa Halteman on 11/23/2016

How the World Race Changed My Life

by Lauren Erb on 11/16/2016

Puerto Rico and Uganda!

by Alysa Halteman on 6/7/2014

Not Mine

by Lauren Erb on 2/20/2014

After Break Update

by Lauren Erb on 2/11/2014

Miracle in Paraguay

by Lauren Erb on 10/13/2013

My Purpose in Paraguay

by Lauren Erb on 10/6/2013

Here's the Story...

by Lauren Erb on 10/2/2013

Paraguay Living

by Lauren Erb on 9/29/2013

An Angel's Home

by Lauren Erb on 7/19/2013

Story without Characters

by Lauren Erb on 7/13/2013

It's like...Home?

by Lauren Erb on 6/29/2013

The Land of Swazi

by Lauren Erb on 6/17/2013

For This Season: Post-Race Poem

by Lauren Erb on 6/6/2013

The Blog I Never Expected to Write

by Amanda Dorough on 12/13/2012

Does Anybody Hear her?

by Alysa Halteman on 11/14/2012

When you’re doing all the right things…

by Alysa Halteman on 11/13/2012


by Amanda Dorough on 10/10/2012

Provided. Provision.

by Amanda Dorough on 10/2/2012

Romania On My Mind

by Amanda Dorough on 10/1/2012

What's My Problem?

by Amanda Dorough on 9/28/2012

It's Officially Official!

by Amanda Dorough on 9/20/2012

Make A Move

by Amanda Dorough on 9/15/2012

September Newsletter!

by Amanda Dorough on 9/7/2012

Breaking My Pride: Asking For Help

by Amanda Dorough on 9/5/2012

Raw & Honest

by Amanda Dorough on 8/16/2012

Something Tangible

by Amanda Dorough on 7/31/2012

What Can $100 Really Do?

by Amanda Dorough on 7/30/2012

Project Searchlight: Defining My Dream

by Amanda Dorough on 7/24/2012

World Race down time?? What to do?

by Alysa Halteman on 7/6/2012

New Blog!

by Amanda Dorough on 7/5/2012

Hind Sight on World Race packing!

by Alysa Halteman on 7/3/2012

The Finish Line

by Amanda Dorough on 6/28/2012

My Race in Numbers

by Amanda Dorough on 6/16/2012

This is the day!

by Lauren Ricks on 6/4/2012


by Alysa Halteman on 6/4/2012

Plans. A Tale Of What's Next.

by Amanda Dorough on 6/4/2012

I Will Never Forget Cambodia

by Lauren Ricks on 6/3/2012

A Very Malaysian Photoblog Pt. 2

by Amanda Dorough on 6/3/2012

A Very Malaysian Photoblog Pt. 1

by Amanda Dorough on 6/1/2012

"I'm Still Deciding: He's Still Waiting"

by Kaitlyn Wright on 6/1/2012

"Jesus Healed Me: But I Still Want My Gods"

by Kaitlyn Wright on 5/28/2012

Made in Cambodia

by Lauren Erb on 5/24/2012

God, if you love me...

by Alysa Halteman on 5/24/2012

What Makes Me Great?

by Kaitlyn Wright on 5/15/2012

"Can't even spell SNACK"

by Alysa Halteman on 5/13/2012

Near Death? "No Problem"

by Alysa Halteman on 5/12/2012

Worship for a Beer

by Lauren Erb on 5/10/2012

A Monk Touched Me

by Kaitlyn Wright on 5/10/2012

These Children Are the Future

by Amanda Dorough on 5/9/2012

I Touched A Monk

by Kaitlyn Wright on 5/8/2012

This Kampong Spoe Life

by Amanda Dorough on 5/8/2012

10 Down, 1 to Go

by Amanda Dorough on 5/8/2012

Only In Kampong Speu

by Ashley Huber on 4/28/2012
Team unchainedrhythm

Angkor What?

by Amanda Dorough on 4/28/2012

There Are Missionaries In Cambodia

by Kaitlyn Wright on 4/28/2012

Sounds Like A First World Problem

by Lauren Ricks on 4/21/2012

The Dating Game

by Amanda Dorough on 4/21/2012

Praise You In The Storm

by Kaitlyn Wright on 4/21/2012

Romania Video!!!

by Alysa Halteman on 4/21/2012

It Only Took 6 Months... [VIDEO]

by Amanda Dorough on 4/21/2012

Slummin It [Photoblog]

by Amanda Dorough on 4/21/2012

The new meaning of "Bless this food"

by Alysa Halteman on 4/20/2012

Bar Street and Slums Road

by Lauren Ricks on 4/15/2012

Miserary or Missionary

by Alysa Halteman on 4/13/2012

What Breaks My Heart

by Lauren Ricks on 4/12/2012

Is Your Reputation Ruined?

by Lauren Ricks on 4/12/2012

Thailand Recap Blog (PHOTOS)

by Kaitlyn Wright on 4/9/2012

She's Been Resurrected

by Kaitlyn Wright on 4/8/2012

She's Been Resurrected

by Kaitlyn Wright on 4/8/2012

Bear with Me

by Lauren Erb on 4/8/2012

Encountering the Thief

by Amanda Dorough on 4/7/2012

From the cage to my arms

by Lauren Erb on 4/7/2012

Oh Give Me A Home Where The Elephants Roam

by Amanda Dorough on 4/5/2012

My First Broken Heart

by Ashley Huber on 4/3/2012
Team unchainedrhythm

Freedom for a night!

by Alysa Halteman on 4/1/2012

24 Hours: The Whole Picture

by Kaitlyn Wright on 3/31/2012

I Am Fine Tee-Cha

by Amanda Dorough on 3/29/2012


by Ashley Huber on 3/27/2012
Team unchainedrhythm

Soi Sea Dragon

by Ashley Huber on 3/26/2012
Team unchainedrhythm

I'm Not Coming Home

by Kaitlyn Wright on 3/26/2012

The Day I Met “Soi Easy”

by Ashley Huber on 3/25/2012
Team unchainedrhythm

Bangla Road: Video

by Alysa Halteman on 3/25/2012

Remember Nhu

by Kaitlyn Wright on 3/24/2012

Life Is A Game Park

by Amanda Dorough on 3/23/2012


by Alysa Halteman on 3/23/2012

My Eyes Are Open, I Can't Help But See

by Amanda Dorough on 3/22/2012

My Lips Are Sealed

by Lauren Ricks on 3/21/2012

Swazi Preschool

by Ashley Huber on 3/19/2012
Team unchainedrhythm

Mozambique video

by Alysa Halteman on 3/19/2012

Go-go cage

by Alysa Halteman on 3/19/2012

"I just want to die"

by Alysa Halteman on 3/12/2012

Pre-School Lessons

by Lauren Erb on 3/8/2012

Begging for Her

by Lauren Erb on 3/8/2012