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Team Wreckonciled

The Rest of the Story: The Time I Got Robbed

by Tiffany Prater on 10/28/2015

The Rest of the Story: Instant Healing

by Tiffany Prater on 9/21/2015

The Time I Went to Cuba

by Tiffany Prater on 9/16/2015

The Other Side

by Tiffany Prater on 8/11/2014

Hopefully This Still Works...

by Tiffany Prater on 10/28/2013

Please Read This and Help My Friends

by Emily Tuttle on 3/26/2013

Beautiful Are the Feet: Chapter Four

by Emily Tuttle on 3/18/2013

With the One I Love

by Tiffany Prater on 3/18/2013

1 year

by Brent Frederick on 3/13/2013

Boys 2 Men

by Joel Dutton on 3/12/2013
Team squadleaders

Give Me a Sign (and a Song)

by Tiffany Prater on 3/11/2013

The Blog I Never Thought I Would Write...

by Tiffany Prater on 3/4/2013

The "D" Word

by Tiffany Prater on 2/18/2013

The Time I Did(n't) Get Robbed

by Tiffany Prater on 2/11/2013

The Storm Before the Rainbow

by Tiffany Prater on 2/5/2013

The Start of a New Chapter

by Tiffany Prater on 1/28/2013

This Is Why My Job Is Worth It

by Emily Tuttle on 1/28/2013

Taking it to the Next Level

by Tiffany Prater on 1/7/2013

One Year Later

by Katie Chestnutt on 11/23/2012

A Year in the Rearview Mirror

by Emily Tuttle on 11/19/2012

A Slice of (Humble) Pie

by Tiffany Prater on 11/10/2012

The Gray Area (Where Black and White Collide)

by Tiffany Prater on 11/6/2012

Update on Monica and Martin

by Emily Tuttle on 9/27/2012

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens...

by Tiffany Prater on 9/24/2012

Beautiful Are the Feet: Chapter Three

by Emily Tuttle on 9/20/2012

Relationship Status

by Tiffany Prater on 9/16/2012

With or Without (You)

by Tiffany Prater on 9/14/2012

Beautiful Are the Feet: Chapter Two

by Emily Tuttle on 9/7/2012

Immediate Request for Help

by Emily Tuttle on 9/4/2012

Beautiful Are the Feet: Chapter One

by Emily Tuttle on 8/31/2012

Life Update

by Emily Tuttle on 8/30/2012

Helping Cinderella Find Her Prince

by Tiffany Prater on 8/30/2012

Abandoning Abandonment

by Tiffany Prater on 8/7/2012

My 2 Cents

by Tiffany Prater on 8/2/2012

Controversial? Maybe.

by Tiffany Prater on 7/28/2012


by Joel Dutton on 7/27/2012
Team squadleaders

Spanish is impossible.

by Brent Frederick on 7/22/2012

Sometimes I Feel like my Life is a Movie

by Tiffany Prater on 7/9/2012

Full Circle (Part 3)

by Emily Tuttle on 6/27/2012

Setting the World on Fire

by Tiffany Prater on 6/26/2012

I am a trader.

by Emily Tuttle on 6/4/2012

Full Circle (Part 2)

by Emily Tuttle on 5/31/2012

International Woman of Mystery

by Tiffany Prater on 5/29/2012

Full Circle (Part 1)

by Emily Tuttle on 5/27/2012


by Brent Frederick on 5/8/2012

The Journey

by Joel Dutton on 5/5/2012
Team squadleaders

My Life Psalm

by Tiffany Prater on 4/29/2012

Untold Stories: Light to Dark Places

by Emily Tuttle on 4/25/2012

Fruit to Feed the Nations

by Tiffany Prater on 4/24/2012

So What's Next? My Kingdom Dream...

by Emily Tuttle on 4/22/2012

Bienvenido a Espana

by Tiffany Prater on 4/16/2012

A World of Thanks

by Emily Tuttle on 4/9/2012

The World Race By Numbers

by Emily Tuttle on 4/8/2012

what am i doing?!

by Brent Frederick on 4/5/2012

My Birthday Wish!

by Tiffany Prater on 4/1/2012

Checking on My Heart (Part 3)

by Emily Tuttle on 3/24/2012

Checking on My Heart (Part 2)

by Emily Tuttle on 3/23/2012

Checking on My Heart (Part 1)

by Emily Tuttle on 3/18/2012

Spanish in South Africa? Si.

by Emily Tuttle on 3/16/2012

Unexpectedly Dede

by Emily Tuttle on 3/11/2012

my next journey

by Brent Frederick on 3/9/2012

Thank you prayer warriors

by Brent Frederick on 3/7/2012

Thank you notes

by Brent Frederick on 3/5/2012

Hope for the Hopeless

by Emily Tuttle on 2/20/2012

Living the Dream

by Tiffany Prater on 1/30/2012

Back in the states

by Brent Frederick on 1/28/2012

Okay. I Just Have to Say It.

by Tiffany Prater on 1/23/2012

On the Road Again...

by Emily Tuttle on 1/14/2012

Ode to V Squad

by Emily Tuttle on 1/1/2012

Future Racers: Packing 101

by Emily Tuttle on 12/31/2011

My Question for You is This

by Tiffany Prater on 12/31/2011

Sweet Hot Spots

by Tiffany Prater on 12/27/2011

462 240 Minutes: How do you Measure the Race?

by Katie Chestnutt on 12/22/2011

My Life Is Weird: Episode 5

by Emily Tuttle on 12/21/2011

Speaking LIFE

by Brent Frederick on 12/17/2011

Change the World: Video

by Katie Chestnutt on 12/15/2011


by Brent Frederick on 12/15/2011

Change the World: Kingdom Stories

by Emily Tuttle on 12/15/2011

Travel Chronicles: The Journey's End

by Emily Tuttle on 12/8/2011

The Travel Chronicles: Our Journey Home

by Tiffany Prater on 12/8/2011

Leaving Narnia

by Katie Chestnutt on 11/21/2011

Eavesdropping on World Racers

by Katie Chestnutt on 11/20/2011

[318] Days of Summer

by Tiffany Prater on 11/20/2011

You Are Making Me New

by Emily Tuttle on 11/19/2011

48 lives were changed

by Katie Chestnutt on 11/17/2011

We Love You Teachah!

by Emily Tuttle on 11/17/2011

Cambodia Top 11

by Katie Chestnutt on 11/17/2011

Beautiful Things (Video)

by Joel Dutton on 11/17/2011
Team squadleaders


by Brent Frederick on 11/16/2011

Dancing Through Asia

by Emily Tuttle on 11/15/2011

Dancing Through Asia! (Day 314)

by Tiffany Prater on 11/15/2011

Uganda Top 11 (a little late)

by Katie Chestnutt on 11/13/2011

English Teacher

by Brent Frederick on 11/11/2011

Looking Back at Laos

by Emily Tuttle on 11/8/2011

A Change of Plans (Day 307)

by Tiffany Prater on 11/8/2011