World Race Alumni

Welcome to all World Race Alumni and those who are wondering what people do when they finish their journey. This section is dedicated to all of those who have traveled the world, ministered to the hurting and broken, and discovered themselves through the community and process. Here you’ll find information on what World Race Alumni are doing now that they have finished the race. We’ve included videos, updates, upcoming events, and opportunities to continue to bring God’s Kingdom to this earth. Know we are honored to walk the journey with you.

What World Race Alumni Say...

So, I am ending the Race, this season, full of hope, peace, joy and the greatest of all, LOVE! Every tear and bead of sweat has been worth it. Every death I would die again. Every ounce of pain felt during the tearing and mending process, I'd endure all over again to be who I am now - to know Who I know now. Jessica Johnson, October 2009 L Squad

To feel the pain of injustice and the heartache of seeing people drown in hopelessness. To weep over it, and to recognize your inability to help or change anything. And then to be a part of the strategy of heaven, where small and broken nobodies can shake the nations. Bethany Holland, October 2009 L Squad

For most of the last eleven months, I have been at least on one level or another, uncomfortable. And at some point, I woke up and realized that my comfort was derived from stuff other than Him. My security was in stuff, people, alone time, showers, and doing things in which I perform well. No more. God has changed me. Although I still have a LOT of growth left, I know now that I can go anywhere and do anything that God calls me to do. I'm not afraid anymore. Adam Coleman, August 2009 J Squad

This trip isn't the point. The point is that I want my life to be an overflow of Christ living in me. I want to see and be a part of God's kingdom moving throughout the earth. I want to see men and women in the United States come alive for Christ. I want to see people who are broken down and hurting drop their masks and open themselves up to the grace and truth in Jesus Christ. I want to see Christians in America shake off the dust of complacency, stand up, be free, and change the world around them as God changes them. I want orphans to be cared for and those living in poverty to receive love and compassion. Nathan Hood, January 2009 H Squad