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How One Missionary Kept The Mission Going After He Got Home

Today’s message of Hope comes from Ryan Breakfield, World Race alum (January 2020). Here he shares how his World Race mission trip ending sooner than expected has grown his passion for ministry in the United States. Check out what Ryan chose to do when he got home unexpectedly after only three months on the field.     It’s been six weeks since we got the news: “Thi...

Global U Co-founder Teaches Students How to Meet the Needs of Their Community

We interviewed Joshua Owen, Co-founder of Global U about easy, creative ways anyone can get involved in meeting the needs of their community.   WR: Hey Josh! How are you doing today? Josh: I’m doing great! This has been a wild month, but everybody’s excited. We’re really doing stuff. This has probably been the most exciting part of this year so far. WR: So, for those o...