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Albania Recap!
by Elizabeth Kelley on 11/28/2021
From Redding, CA (USA)

by Sarah-Katherine Smith on 11/27/2021
From Williamsburg, VA

meet the team:)
by Grace Bloker on 11/27/2021

God sees you!
by alli Stoltzfus on 11/27/2021
From Fair Play SC

a day in my life : Guatemala!
by Bree Self on 11/27/2021
From San Angelo, TX

meet my team
by Katie Lederer on 11/26/2021
From Portland, Maine

You Are Jireh! You Are Enough!
by Kaitlynn Little on 11/26/2021
From Holton, KS, USA

Gap I Baptisms
by Emily Pomphrett on 11/25/2021
From Sudbury, Massachusetts

by McKayla Parks on 11/25/2021

January 2022
by Esther Collins on 11/24/2021

Catchin' Up With the Squashes
by Janine Hald on 11/24/2021
From Castle Rock, CO

The Way of Surrender
by Sophia Engman on 11/24/2021
From Plano, TX

fixed eyes.
by Drew Davidson on 11/24/2021
From Lafayette, Indiana

Life in Craiova.
by Alyssa Warwick on 11/26/2021
From Woodstock, GA

"Ease Up, Bro"
by Malachi Schroeder on 11/24/2021
From Galva, KS

video recap, COLOMBIA
by Dana Salesman on 11/27/2021
From Salt Lake City, UT

Seeing God in Gap I
by Kaylin Stanley on 11/23/2021
From Greenville, South Carolina

Dear J Squad.
by Addi Hooker on 11/22/2021

The Secret Garden
by Amelia Tabatt on 11/22/2021
From Laurens, SC

Meet My Beautiful Team!!
by Ally Krick on 11/22/2021
From Lake City, Michigan (USA)

He is Judge
by Taylor Hall on 11/22/2021

by Olivia Mathley on 11/20/2021

by Lucy Rickers on 11/22/2021

Meet Jaime!
by Shelby Sager on 11/21/2021
From Midland, TX

The Pursuit
by Aliseya Williams on 11/22/2021

by Melinda Erickson on 11/21/2021

by Savanna Kandiko on 11/24/2021
From Madison, Maine, United States

Ready Or Not, Here I Come
by Kaci Larick on 11/21/2021
From Redlands, Ca (USA)

Blessed with an abundant life!
by Hannah Hutchinson on 11/20/2021
From Springfield, TN

Campus Ministry in Quito
by Claire Bauer on 11/20/2021
From Camas, Washington

Jaco Costa Rica!
by Luis Lam on 11/20/2021

by Ellie Isaacson on 11/20/2021
From Decatur, Illinois, United States

Colombia, Oh Colombia..
by Bre Smith on 11/20/2021
From Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States

Team Guido
by Josiah Reutener on 11/20/2021

Classroom Redemption
by Brandon Munoz on 11/20/2021
From Rockport, Texas

The Threshing
by Katherine Jeane on 11/20/2021
From Greenbrier, AR

Intro To Romania
by Raina Henderson on 11/20/2021
From Cullman, Alabama

Unexpected Blessing
by Sunshine Horn on 11/19/2021
From Spokane Valley, Washington

by Sarah Hahn on 11/20/2021
From Fort Collins, CO

Costa Rica Part 2
by Jackson Juska on 11/19/2021
From Avalon, NJ

by Hannah Thiele on 11/19/2021
From Burlington, NC

by Jake Schramm on 11/19/2021

by Steph Trausch on 11/19/2021
From Ohio

Spiritual Gifts
by Reynaldo Martell on 11/19/2021
From Belleville, Michigan

home in 4 days
by Heather Stichter on 11/18/2021
From Etna Green, IN

Missions exists because worship doesn't.
by Kaitlyn Clarkson on 11/17/2021
From Urbandale , Iowa

The Most Important Blog Post You'll Ever Read
by Lindsey Crown on 11/21/2021
From Clermont, Florida

Dear Mom…
by Gabrielle Gansle on 11/17/2021
From Alpharetta,GA