Most Recent Blog Posts From The World Racers

Hasta Maana
by Jaden Roberts on 9/29/2022

by Madison Allison on 9/29/2022
From South Bend, Indiana

Black Mountain, NC
by Lauren Lafferty on 9/28/2022
From Spokane, Washington

A Day in the Life of a World Racer
by Emily Riggs on 9/28/2022
From Colorado

Tea Time
by Makayla Reimer on 9/28/2022
From Wakarusa, Indiana (USA)

10/40 Trip
by Reynaldo Martell on 9/27/2022
From Belleville, Michigan

Life update!!!
by Kaitlyn McIntire on 9/27/2022
From marietta, Ga

Shiny Fork
by Lauren Siegers on 9/27/2022
From Holland, MI

The Power of Prayer
by Savanna Kandiko on 9/26/2022
From Madison, Maine, United States

Simple Joys
by Sophia Engman on 9/26/2022
From Plano, TX

by Steph Trausch on 9/26/2022
From Ohio

Jesus, are you enough??
by Victoria Mateer on 9/25/2022
From Evergreen, Colorado

by Julianne Theule on 9/25/2022

Growing Pains
by Jordan Jost on 9/25/2022

A Man Who Had a Dreamor 12?
by Megan Schneider on 9/25/2022
From Lockport, NY

Updates :)
by Grace Bode on 9/24/2022

Meat Counters and Cowboy Hats.
by Lexy Donath on 9/24/2022
From Muscatine, Iowa

by Hope Kampa on 9/24/2022

by McKayla Parks on 9/24/2022

by Elle Hooper on 9/24/2022

Month One!
by Jett Johnson on 9/24/2022

The prayer of a broken spirit
by Hannah Thiele on 9/24/2022
From Burlington, NC

My next steps into the Middle East
by Zach Martin on 9/24/2022
From Michie, TN

Trainingscamp Part 1
by Ruthie Genson on 9/23/2022
From Geisfeld (Rheinland-Pfalz) GERMANY

Love Others!
by Nathan Watts on 9/23/2022

Poetry of September 2022
by Malachi Schroeder on 9/23/2022
From Galva, KS

so good!
by Samantha Rouse on 9/22/2022

Absolutely Yes
by Amy Scott on 9/22/2022

Wilderness Living
by Zachary Johnson on 9/21/2022
From Cumming, GA

Guatemalan Roads Take Me Home
by Mikahla Klug on 9/20/2022
From Wausau, Wisconsin

Always Counting the Cost
by Emily McCann on 9/20/2022
From Dripping Springs, Texas

Flowers and Prayers from a Distance
by Joana Quintana on 9/19/2022
From Commerce City, Colorado

by Ethan Johnston on 9/19/2022

A word i feel from the Lord to share.
by Justin Bolton on 9/19/2022
From Montgomery, Texas (US)

Training camp
by Halle Merwin on 9/18/2022
From Monroe, Washington

PRN dose
by Dana Salesman on 9/18/2022
From Salt Lake City, UT

Great Image Hair Salon
by Josh Ockrin on 9/18/2022
From Rochester, NY

Training Camp Update!
by Gracie Cottrill on 9/17/2022
From Point Pleasant, WV

Fully funded!
by Jordan Dexter on 9/17/2022
From Huntingtown, MD

by Knox LejaMeyer on 9/17/2022

Week 3
by Hannah Lauritzen on 9/17/2022

by Rebecca Stockwell on 9/17/2022
From Saint Augustine, FL

Some Pictures
by Nate Harding on 9/17/2022
From Baltimore, MD