End of Race Blog Posts From The World Racers

Dear J Squad.
by Addi Hooker on 11/22/2021

Life Update
by Becca Engstrom on 11/16/2021
From North Kingstown, Rhode Island

How The World Race Changed My Life
by Jenna Watry on 11/16/2021
From Johns Creek, GA

How Missions Changed My Life
by Paula Johnson on 11/15/2021
From Asheville, North Carolina

How The World Race Changed My Life
by Jackie Ivarsson on 11/14/2021
From Minneapolis, Minnesota

How The World Race Changed My Life
by Alex Terry on 11/10/2021
From Austin, TX

How The World Race Has Changed My Life
by Scott Tinsley on 11/9/2021
From Jacksonville, AR (U.S.A.)

When triggers come up, what do you do?
by Raina Luthra on 11/6/2021
From Greenville, SC

Now What?
by Hannah Zimmerle on 9/19/2021

Taste and See
by Hanna Smith on 9/14/2021
From Pensacola, FL (United State)

a little vulnerability this afternoon
by Hannah Hutchinson on 8/21/2021
From Springfield, TN

Overwhelmed By His Goodness
by Makenzie Lester on 8/18/2021
From Bakersfield, MO

What Now?
by Jennasey Guzman on 8/10/2021
From Wylie, TX

Barcelona, Here I Come!
by Erica Everett on 8/6/2021
From Tampa Bay, Florida

an ode to my oakies
by Kristin June on 8/5/2021
From Eaton Rapids, MI

by Coryn Zurcher on 8/4/2021
From Englewood, Colorado

A Few Thoughts.
by Ellie Isaacson on 8/2/2021
From Decatur, Illinois, United States

What's Next?
by Piper Mahan on 7/26/2021
From Heath, Texas

Final Blog and What's Next
by Bethany Hintz on 7/26/2021
From Colorado Springs, CO

9 things I wish I knew before going on the world race
by Emily McCann on 7/26/2021
From Dripping Springs, Texas

Hello From a Different Mission Field
by Hannah Wirth on 7/24/2021
From Auburn, Al

Wait, The World Race? Again??
by Niecey Odom on 7/23/2021
From Ada, Oklahoma

I'm Home
by RyanM Reynolds on 7/18/2021

a reminder.
by Sarah Hicks on 7/16/2021

transitions and final farewells
by Alex Ramirez on 7/4/2021
From Windsor, Colorado

Going Home
by Jaylin Goins on 6/22/2021

What’s Next?
by Sophia Porter on 6/21/2021
From Colorado Springs, CO

What's Next?
by Kayci Standard on 6/19/2021
From Jacksonville, NC

changed my life.
by Devin Helm on 6/15/2021
From Fort Worth, TX

The Race Changed My Life
by Brook Anderson on 6/15/2021
From Greeley, CO

Vulnerability Changed My Life
by Ella McCook on 6/10/2021
From Cumming, GA

How Six Months Changed My Life,
by Sara Morris on 6/8/2021
From Bois D Arc, Missouri (US)

15 Years In The Making
by Connor Gaul on 6/7/2021
From Pittsburgh, PA

Finally Home
by Abby Horn on 6/6/2021
From Eden Prairie, Minnesota

And there off / if not, He is still good!
by Kaitlyn Clarkson on 6/1/2021
From Urbandale , Iowa

I bought a one-way ticket to Nepal!
by Drew Davidson on 6/1/2021
From Lafayette, Indiana

the people who changed my perspective on worship.
by Gretchen Waters on 5/30/2021
From arden, north carolina

How to Love a Racer Best When we Come Home
by Taylor Theobald on 5/27/2021
From Ball Ground, GA

Headed Home!
by Cari Phillips on 5/23/2021

questions to ask when I get home (in two weeks!)
by Anjali Joy on 5/15/2021
From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

by Shelby Sly on 5/15/2021

after the race
by Julia Cleasby on 5/4/2021
From Prescott, Wisconsin

The Journey Home
by Morgan McFarland on 4/27/2021
From Phoenix, AZ

im headed home
by Sofia Obermaier on 3/18/2021
From Melbourne, Florida

Feeling Condemned?
by Michael Williams on 2/4/2021
From Dallas, TX

Teach Me How to Say Goodbye
by Ellie Miller on 1/11/2021
From College Station

Life Beyond the Race
by Jessica Akland on 1/3/2021
From Sioux Falls, South Dakota (USA)

Anyone Else?
by Allie Vickers on 1/12/2021
From Dallas, TX

Thank You Gap C
by Paige Canova on 12/3/2020
From Ankeny, Iowa

I'm Back!
by Bethaney Sjoquist on 12/2/2020

A Letter To My Supporters
by Bridget Mirizio on 12/1/2020
From Gilbert

Thank you
by Ryan Breakfield on 12/1/2020
From Stockton, CA

See You Soon
by Connor McGough on 11/6/2020
From Inverness, IL (USA)

Kingdom Citizens
by Ethan Patenaude on 11/5/2020
From North Mankato, MN

by Kristen Middleton on 11/5/2020
From Lubbock, TX USA

The End
by Sydney Warther on 10/17/2020
From Dover, Ohio

The End.
by Lexi Hatten on 10/3/2020

Saying Goodbye to Three Years After
by Christopher (Coop) Coopersmith on 9/6/2020
From Suffolk County, New York

CGA blog!
by Sarah Goodwin on 9/2/2020
From Greensboro, NC

What Happened?
by Adrianna Daniels on 9/1/2020
From Texas

A Year Later
by Anthony Maiocco on 8/9/2020
From Seattle, Washington