Not everyone is going to hand sew a thousand masks for needy hospitals or set up a grocery delivery service for the elderly. Sometimes, ministry can feel like one more thing we’re supposed to fit into our already chaotic and stressful lives. World Race Admissions Advisor, Lindsay Sullivan has a different perspective.

Since being quarantined in her home, Lindsay has been using social media to receive prayer requests from friends. She’s also taken the time to make every person a personalized painting with words of encouragement and a message she feels the Lord wants to share with them. To date, she’s mailed out 20 paintings and plans to continue for as long as she can. We asked her for three easy steps on how to bless the people around you. Here’s what she said:

Step 1: Look at what you’re already doing

Honestly, this all started with me drawing for myself in my art journal. Since the beginning of social distancing, I’ve spent all of my spare time painting or drawing. I love creating and needed to just take whatever was in my mind and get it out on paper. It just kind of dawned on me that I could be doing this for other people.

I have friends that are doing at home workout sessions because that’s their jam. Some people are using their social media pages to do devotionals or post words of encouragement. We’re all just begging for points of connection and painting pictures for other people was my way of doing that.

This isn’t about adding one more thing to your schedule. The Gospel isn’t so much about doing DIFFERENT things as much as it is about doing everything DIFFERENTLY. You don’t need to change anything about yourself. You’re already good. Just look at the things you’re already doing and the desires the Lord has already put on your heart and go out and be YOU in a way that blesses others.

Step 2: Think of how you could invite others into what you’re doing

Once you know what you’re passionate about and see what you’re already doing, ask the Lord “How can I invite someone else into this practice?” Maybe this looks like teaching someone how to do your passion. Maybe it looks like sharing your gift with another person. Honestly, I think there are endless opportunities for someone to maybe even discover a new form of ministry that they’re really passionate about and utilize their gifts and talents in a way they never have before. This is your time to dream with the Lord and ask Him how you can be a blessing.

Step 3: Now do it

The creative process comes very naturally to me. The day I came up with a list of 20 people, I already had 20 pieces ready. But then I was like “Oh no, now I have to gather addresses.” Logistics were never my strong suit. It took a month to get over that.

In order for your ministry to actually go from beginning to end, there has to be a sense of responsibility and ownership. Set goals for yourself. Make space in your day. Give yourself some accountability.

Give yourself grace in this part. In order for this to actually go from beginning to end, there has to be a sense of responsibility and ownership. Give yourself some accountability (I put it on my social media pages so that I knew I had 20 people waiting for these). As you are inviting people into what you’re doing, you’re creating accountability. Set goals for yourself. Put space in your day. It’s true that we’re all in our homes and don’t really have places to be, but we still choose how to spend our hours.

Don’t forget to give yourself some grace. This is all about building relationships and making connections. It’s NOT about giving yourself another task to stress over. You know how you operate and what you need to do to stick to it. Make sure to go to God with everything and keep Him first throughout the whole process

We’re all looking for connection. Even a text message can be such a beautiful and intentional ministry. God has given you a voice that the world needs to hear. Remember that ministry isn’t something you do. Life is ministry and ministry is life.


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