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So, you graduated High School… what now?

With the Coronavirus pandemic still in full swing, new high school graduates, like yourself, are finding your college plans have to change. This sudden change may also have led you to research alternatives, like taking a gap year. Perhaps you’ve considered taking a gap year before, but are unsure how it would affect the plans you know God has laid on your heart. You’re probably wondering:

  • What would I do on a gap year?
  • WIll taking a gap year affect me going to college later?
  • Is taking a gap year really worth it?

World Race: Gap Year has got you covered

World Race: Gap Year is a Christian gap year program for high school graduates ages 18-20. We offer students a unique gap year experience by serving on a Christian mission trip to 3 different countries over the course of 9 months. During this time, you’ll be partnered with local missionaries to serve the needs of their community and be discipled on how to share the Gospel in a global context. We believe World Race: Gap Year can be a life-transforming journey.

Here are just a few ways World Race: Gap Year can change the course of your life.

1. Begin to Discover God’s Plan for Your Life

On World Race: Gap Year you’ll be challenged to hear God’s voice in everyday life. Whether it’s during ministry, prayer, or just exploring the country you’re in, we believe that God will speak into your life if you’re willing to listen. Furthermore, we believe that by listening to God’s voice, we can discover more of the awesome plan He has for our lives. As you travel the world and serve the nations, we believe you’ll discover more of your passions and see better the plan God has for your life.

2. Grow in Christian Community

Part of the college experience is learning how to live away from home and develop a close-knit community. Likewise, on World Race: Gap Year, you’ll learn what it’s like to do life with a community of fellow believers. You’ll grow alongside your teammates through prayer, ministry, and just exploring new places together. You’ll learn how to celebrate with them during worship and ministry, as well as how to handle conflict and tension after having only bucket showers for a week. At the end of the day, you and your World Race: Gap Year teammates will share an experience you will carry with you for the rest of your lives.

3. Experience Life on Mission

We at World Race: Gap Year believe ministry isn’t just something you do. We believe that life is ministry and ministry is life. During your gap year experience, you’ll be partnered with our strategic ministry partners and learn how to live ministry every day. During your 3-4 month stay in each country, you’ll have opportunities to seek out and build relationships with locals. You’ll learn to share the Gospel in their cultural context, and share the love of Jesus through service and hospitality. These skills will carry over with you back to your home town, preparing you to make anywhere you end up a mission field.

Still wondering if taking a Christian gap year with World Race: Gap Year is right for you? You can check out all our current routes here.

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