This week, Hanna Smith shares about how she had the opportunity to share the gospel in South Africa. One of the locals graciously welcomed Hanna and her team into their home where they prayed for her and afterwards, she surrendered her life to the Lord. Check it this incredible story of walking in authority, wrestling with doubt, and seeing the victory! 

We had the chance to go to a new community in Johannesburg, South Africa and continue to do evangelism. This community was particularly special because one of our ministry hosts is actually from this community and shared his story and heart about what it’s like to come back to the community he lived in to share the gospel.

As we began walking deeper into the community, a woman called us in. That typically isn’t how it goes, we usually have to ask to enter but this time, it was different. She saw us and immediately welcomed us into her space. We all gathered around her and began small talk – who we are, where we’re from, and asking if there’s anything we can do to help her. 

We noticed a burn on her arm and asked what happened. She shared that a few weeks ago while she was cooking, she spilled boiling water on herself and was severely burned down her arms and chest. We asked if we could lay hands on her to pray for healing.

As we began to pray, I began to get distracted with doubtful thoughts: Do I really believe the Lord is capable of using me to heal this woman? Do I really believe in the power of laying hands on a person and asking the Lord to heal her and it actually works?

I began to feel like ‘what in the world.. Where are these thoughts coming from? If I have this much doubt or am questioning the power of the Lord, why am I even here?’ I began to wrestle with those thoughts while we continued to speak with this woman about God. Then, our translator put me on the spot and asked me, “What is it like to have a relationship with God?”

Fun fact: I hate being put on the spot. I don’t like feeling unprepared or like I don’t have an answer, especially when it’s about the Lord. But in that moment, it was as if the Holy Spirit took over my mouth and spoke through me on my behalf. I just remember saying He’s like a Father and Husband in one – protective, unconditional, pursuing intimacy with me as my constant companion.

Feeling a little more encouraged (and stable), we then lead this woman through a listening prayer. For those who don’t know what a listening prayer is, it’s quieting your mind (and mouth) and letting the Lord have the microphone... Intentionally creating space for Him to speak.

We turned on a worship song quietly and circled around her and prayed over her as she prayed herself. That time, the Lord gave me an image – I saw the Lord in a garden and tending to the crop. I saw the sun shining brightly and Him delicately working. I saw a clear shot of Him breaking ground, taking a seed, and using His thumb to push it deeply into the soil. He was tending to the garden and doing the hard work in the heat of the day. He simply allowed me to see Him at work. 

I felt in my bones that the Lord just told me this woman was about to surrender her life to Him and He wanted me to be a part of this moment. So, it’s an understatement to say I was beyond ready to see what she heard from the Lord while praying.

When the song ended, we asked her what she heard from the Lord. She said, “I heard the Lord ask me if He can come into my heart.”

I KID YOU NOT! We hadn’t even mentioned salvation or the idea of surrendering her life to the Lord. SHE heard it from the Lord herself! Thank you, God!

We began to share all the things we heard from the Lord and I was able to share the image the Lord gave me for her. It was such a sweet moment to watch her face light up with such joy and hope as we spoke life over her.

We then shared what it’s like to live for Christ. After we all shared, We then surrounded her for the third time and walked her through surrendering her life to Christ!

I’ve sat thinking about what we got to be a part of for hours. God could have left me in my questioning and doubts but He chose to meet me there. God could have done it on His own, but He chose to invite me into this powerful change in this woman’s life.

He can really do everything perfectly without me, without you, and without anyone else’s help or assistance. Yet instead, He welcomes us.

Instead, He met me in my questioning and doubts and gave me clarity. Furthermore, He gave me proof! He gave me this moment to hold onto for the rest of my life to remember when I’m wrestling with questioning again. I was welcomed into His ministry and the miracle He performed that day. He could’ve left me there, but He’s too good of a Father to leave His daughter behind. He’s too good of a man to leave His beloved stranded in her struggle. He’s too good of a King to ignore His people’s needs.

He’s a God who’s willing to come off His throne and bend down to meet us where we are and share His authority with us so we can join Him in His work. I can’t say it enough.. God is so so good.

Thank you, Lord, for your unconditional and relentless love that knows no boundaries. Thank you, King Jesus for being a king willing and quick to come off your throne to tend to your people... No matter how many times we turn from You and sin against You, no matter how far from You we stray, You come running after us to care for us. You come to us and lead us back to You, Your grace, and Your mercy.

Thank you, Lord, for welcoming us into a partnership with You. For being willing to use a fallen, sinful girl like me to be a part of the holy miracles You’re performing here on earth. Thank you, Lord, for being a Man of Your word. A Man who’s constant and passionate. A Man we can wholeheartedly trust. Lord, we can trust your leadership. Father, you are good. You are worthy. You are Holy. You deserve all our praise! I love you, Lord. Amen.

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