In a time of greater fear and confusion than we have seen in generations, Adventures wants to continue to mobilize the body of Christ. Most of us are at home scared and angry and wondering what we can do to help fight COVID-19 beyond just social distancing.

While the United States has become one of the main epicenters of the pandemic, many other nations remain far more vulnerable to this virus. South Asia has been under a strict lockdown for almost a month and people who were already in extreme poverty are now facing the hopelessness of losing what little income they had to begin with. Many people are now going without food.

Our ministry base is in a unique position to help nearby villages through our existing relationships with a network of national missionaries. We have begun fundraising to distribute rice to families in need and we want to invite you to be a part of it.

For every $500 donated, we can distribute rice to 70 families in need.

The team will start with the five villages of greatest need in the area and continue to expand from there.

Please join us in uniting the global church to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in South Asia in their time of crisis!

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