Today’s message of Hope comes from World Race Manager, Beka Hardy, as she shares about the power of the OneRace movement in bringing reconciliation and revival through the unity of the church.

The OneRace movement is built on the foundation that reconciliation and revival are the solution. Through prayer and fasting, and the relationship and collaboration of God’s people, the spirit of racism can be displaced and a movement of racial reconciliation can be released across our cities and the whole nation.

On Friday, June 19th, I joined 13,000 people at the OneRace movement to March On Atlanta. It was a gathering of believers to stand up for racial reconciliation.

It was Heaven on Earth.

I wept as Psalm 86:9 came alive right in front of me: "All the nations you have made shall come and worship before you, O Lord, and shall glorify your name."

I watched as the church came together to stand up as one body for what breaks the heart of our Father. Racism is a painful sin that speaks some of the most violent and tragic lies to sons and daughters of the Most High King. This is not a political issue; it's a Kingdom issue. As the church, it's our responsibility to stand for justice.

After standing in Centennial Park and walking the streets of Atlanta, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit all around me. He weeps with the brokenhearted and so will I. I won't let the pain of my brothers and sisters be felt alone. I will mourn with those who mourn and then I will make a stand with them hand in hand.

This isn't about just yelling out, trying to be heard. This is about following our Jesus as He fights for healing in our land. As we heard at the rally from Scott Free, "It takes a united church to heal a divided nation."

It will take a united church to heal a divided nation. It's our job, church, to both sit down with our brothers and sisters and then move to action. Will you join me?