This week, hear from World Race participant Lindsay Williams as she shares about serving in children's ministry in Honduras. Her team connected through song, dance, meals together, and Bible teachings. Check it out!

One of my greatest joys while being in Honduras is being able to capture what our children's ministry has been like through photography. I want to share some pictures and walk you through what our typical children's ministry looks like on Wednesdays and Fridays! Let's go!

We leave our house mid morning to walk to the church. We have made some connections with our neighbor kids and they have been joining us on our walks to and from the church.  


After kids start showing up at the church, we begin to play games with them. This has looked like musical chairs, fruit salad, water bottle flipping, you name it. 

Although there's a language barrier between some of us (aka me), a smile and some laughs are some of the easiest ways to connect with them. The kids (and us) have really enjoyed these games and have even seen a little sense of competitiveness and celebration come out during them which makes it even more fun!


After games, we sing songs with the kids. These songs have motions to them which the kids have quickly picked up! 

They have even began requesting which songs they want to do (mostly "Peel Banana"). We also have done a few songs in Spanish which has been so fun!


My teammates Elizabeth and Amanda have taken the lead with our Vacation Bible School (VBS).

Each week, they share a story from the Bible with the kids. Amanda has been telling of the miracles of Jesus and Elizabeth has been translating it beautifully. It's been so encouraging to hear to kids tell us what they learned the week before or what the Lord has done in their lives!


While some of us are with the kids, the rest of us are preparing lunch. Some ladies from the church volunteer their time to help us prepare the meal. I have had the wonderful experience of learning how they make different food, the way they make certain food, and just things that are so new to me! 

Lorena (the sweetest girl ever) has been one of THE biggest blessings in our time here. She has helped us with almost everything ministry wise and beyond. She is the pro at teaching us how they make the food.

Thanks so much for taking a look into what our VBS looks like on a weekly basis! :)

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