Did you know that $35 can feed a family in Cambodia for a month?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Cambodians find themselves stuck at home and without work. Many of the once-thriving industries, like tourism and hospitality, have come to a screeching halt due to travel bans. These industries provided many of the jobs Cambodians needed to support their families. This leads them to live on a day to day income with no savings to rely on.

The Adventures in Missions Cambodia Base is doing something to change that. Our team of missionaries has been partnering with local relief efforts to provide food staples to families in need. A single package can provide a family of four with enough food to last a month. After fundraising the money needed to build a package, our partners are hand-delivering them to the areas in greatest need.

So far, the Adventures Base in Cambodia has raised enough to feed over 100 families! There’s still so much we can do, but we are excited about the work God is doing around the world. If you’d like to sponsor a family by donating, visit the Cambodia Base give page HERE.