It’s no secret the COVID-19 pandemic has caused safety and travel restrictions that have impacted the day-to-day lives of people all over the world. Job loss, safety concerns, and the disappointment of canceled plans and unfulfilled expectations have brought many schedules and routines to a standstill.

Teresa McMillan, World Race: America Mentor, has seen this time when routines have been uprooted as an opportunity to dive deeper and grow in our relationships with the God of true peace.

In this new season, Teresa has experienced God speaking to her through nature on runs and hikes. On a recent hike, she saw huge trees toppled over with their shallow roots exposed. The lack of a significant root system to ground them in place left them vulnerable when they were shaken by wind and storms.

“When the summer time comes, when the heat comes,” she says, “that’s when the roots go deep.”

Teresa believes this time of stillness is one of those seasons and God wants the same thing from us. “He wants resilient, unshakable Christians,” as Teresa puts it. He wants us to turn to Him right now while the heat is on us, not to turn to superficial, quick fixes that numb us instead of fill us, but to dive deeper into relationship with Him and allow our roots to grow to new depths.

God wants to provide what is needed to sustain us through these unprecedented circumstances. We will ultimately grow stronger and more secure in Him, so that when new storms come our way, we will be able to hold our ground without toppling over like uprooted trees.

How will you dive in to growing your roots deeper with God in the coming weeks?

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