This week, World Race participant Kelsey Corns tells a story of how her team was able to serve a local women's Bible study group.

Quick recap: Kelsey and her squad have been in the mountains of Honduras serving with a local pastor as they build a church for the community (read the full story here). 

Now, Kelsey gives us a glimpse of the Lord's provision and how they are partnering with the Father to make a lasting impact on those they have met. Check it out!

While doing a Bible study with the Honduran girls we have been working with this month, Breanne and I noticed most of these girls did not have their own Bible. 

So, our squad came together and decided this was a need that we wanted to meet. By God’s goodness and provision, we were able to raise enough funds to buy Bibles for these girls.

But, not only were we able to buy Bibles for the girls, we were also able to buy Bibles for the sweet Honduran women who serve us so well and who live on the mountain with us. The Lord out-did Himself!

Then, our squad had a night of worship where we spent time intentionally praying over these Bibles and highlighting our favorite passages.

We spent the following day serving these girls who have been serving us so humbly. We played games, washed their feet, served them dinner and prayed over them before we gave them their Bibles!

I was brought to tears when these girls received their Bibles. They were so excited and it was if we handed them the best gift of their lives! Seriously though, what could be better than gifting a person with the Word of God?! It was absolutely beautiful seeing the Spirit move in this space. 

This time spent on this mountain has been one of the sweetest. These people are family and they forever will hold a very special space in my heart.

Are you interested in helping to build sustainable ministry opportunities around the world? Our teams are partnering to bring the Kingdom of God by meeting tangible needs, sharing the love of Christ, and being a light in dark places.

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