This week, hear from Victoria Bacon and Kelsey Corns about their time in Romania serving with Hope Church Craiova. These two give us a glimpse into ministry, sharing the Gospel, and the fruit that they are seeing. Check it out!

We've officially been in Craiova for a week! In the mere few days we've been here, I am already absolutely loving our ministry (Hope Church Craiova), our hosts, and our call here. 

We are located in the heart of the city of Craiova - just my style - where I can practice evangelism through relationship building within the community. From coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, church families, parks, and to the streets, there are new people everywhere and they have already been so kind to me!

Our hosts, Raul and Ana, are absolutely amazing!  They are really intentional with getting to know us through asking hard, thought-provoking questions and they give us lots of practical ministry homework to prepare us for the field.  The biggest and best part: Hope Church's ministry action is hands-on, bold, and moving. We have already served in ministry through evangelism every day we have been here, which is incredible. 

Yesterday, we divided into different groups to serve in the community. We had the opportunity to participate in nearby village evangelism, youth ministry, children's ministry, and Gypsy community service. 

I had the opportunity to serve in village evangelism and I know - without a doubt - this is exactly where I was meant to be. It was my favorite day of ministry thus far on the World Race. I was able to practice evangelism in the form of sharing the Gospel with people through rapid relationship-building paired with segues into talking about Jesus and asking questions about faith.

Since getting to Craiova, I've been really reminded of our purpose in the Kingdom: We are called to boldly share the Gospel with the world.  And I encourage you to do so!  Be ready and unafraid; Jesus is with you. He wants you to speak His Truth to the people of the world. Praise Jesus that more people get to hear the simple Gospel.

Lord, give us boldness and courage to boldly proclaim the Gospel. When we really stop and find quietness in the business, let it break our hearts to know that every day people are dying without knowing You. Lord, move and stir our hearts with passion and purpose. Thy Kingdom come; thy will be done.

Do you want to share the love of God all over the world and proclaim the Kingdom to the ends of the earth? 

There's still time! World Race January 2022 route applications close August 20th! Apply now!