Adventures in Missions is dedicated to making a real sustainable impact around the world by working alongside local missionaries and join in the work they are already doing. We believe God is at work around the world during the global coronavirus crisis and wish to assist in the awesome work our partners are doing in other countries.

For example, the Adventures in Missions International base in Costa Rica is working alongside our ministry partner, Conexión Ministries, to build relationships with pastors and churches throughout the country. However, the restrictions of COVID-19 have shut down many of Conexión’s ministries. As a result, many Costa Rican pastor’s are unable to provide for their families or keep the doors of their churches open.

Adventures in Missions is seeking to offer relief for the pastors of Conexión Ministries by offering free medical care for their families. Your financial support can help to relieve the stress put on these pastors by keeping them healthy during the pandemic. $100 can provide regular medical care for one family. Will you help Adventures in Missions reach their goal of providing medical care for 5 families this month.

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