Earlier this year, we shared about how the COVID-19 pandemic had shaken the Guatemalan economy, leaving many rural families in need of relief. Aderkee, a local Guatemalan missionary and Adventures Guatemala staff member, developed a plan to help struggling families and share God’s love with the people of Guatemala.

Aderkee, along with the rest of the Adventures team, developed a plan to fill bags with roughly $20 (USD) of food. In Guatemala, that will purchase enough food to provide a week’s worth of meals for a whole family. By delivering these bags to families in need, Aderkee is giving them peace of mind and a chance to save their money.

Thanks to your financial support and the dedication of local missionaries like Aderkee, Adventures in Missions was able to raise over $10,000 towards their relief efforts. That’s enough to provide food for roughly 500 families. Furthermore, these deliveries offered our local mission partners a chance to build relationships and share the Gospel in rural villages.

Your contributions are helping to make a massive impact for Jesus around the world. Adventures in Missions International bases are partnering with local missionaries to work alongside and fulfill the Great Commission. To see how you can get involved, check out our latest giving projects.