At the beginning of the year, we spent some time following around our missionaries in Guatemala and Costa Rica to give you a day-to-day look at what the World Race mission trip is really like. We are so excited to share the new World Race Vlog with you, the first episode is available on YouTube now. We hope you love it.

In our first official episode of the World Race Vlog, we visited the World Race: Gap Year X squad. World Race Gap Year is a Christian Gap Year program for High School graduates ages 18-20. While on World Race: Gap Year, participants are sent on a 9-month mission trip to 3 different countries to partner with our strategic ministry partners and international bases.

In this episode, we visit the team at the Adventures in Missions International base just outside of Antigua, Guatemala. After breakfast and bible study with the Guatemala Base Leader, we joined a team of Gap Year Racers for ministry in town. A local bus carried the team to El Proyecto, a resource center for Guatemalan Youth. We spoke with their ministry host about the impact World Race: Gap Year participants have been able to make during their 3-month stay and hiked to a favorite local spot to see the beautiful Guatemalan landscape.

Next, the Racers joined the children of El Proyecto for a tasty lunch of Pepian (a local savory soup dish) and a post-work coffee dance party. The night ended with serving dinner to the team a session of worship and prayer led by their squad leader.

To see the whole episode, check out the World Race Youtube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for new episodes every Wednesday.

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