The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the foundation of countries all over the world. In Guatemala, many families have had to leave their jobs or and are now out of work. Many who were already struggling are now finding it hard to earn enough income to feed their families.

Aderkee, a local Guatemalan missionary, began partnering with the Adventures in Mission ministry base in Guatemala to help provide relief for these families. “I think God gave me a heart for the forgotten ones,” Aderkee says. “That’s why I started to work with homeless people.”

Together, Aderkee and Adventures in Missions started filling bags with roughly $20 (USD) of food. That’s enough food to provide a week’s worth of meals for a whole family. By delivering these bags to families in need, Aderkee is giving them peace of mind and a chance to save their money.

Aderkee and the Adventures Base need our help to continue the life-saving work they’re doing in Guatemala. “We need you to pray for us while we try to cross the borders with the food to bring to the families,” Aderkee added. Your financial contribution of just $20 could help deliver another week’s worth of meals to struggling families in Guatemala.

With your support, we can keep delivering this food and building relationships to lead people to Christ. To find out how to get involved, click HERE

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