This week, World Race participant John Carothers shares about his time partnering with a local church in Amman, Jordan. He was able to use his unique skills and passions to help advance the Kingdom through a local ministry partner. Check it out!

I can't give many details, but we've partnered with a church in Amman that’s designed to help refugees from surrounding countries get on their feet, both physically and spiritually. My role in this ministry, along with a few other teammates, is in their storytelling department.

Over the years, this church has collected countless stories and testimonies from refugees fleeing terrorism, violence, and religious persecution. The church has a goal of publishing these stories in magazines, newsletters, and on the Internet. This would be a great way to share testimonies about the things God has done, and it would help raise support and awareness for what this church is doing. Since English is a worldwide tongue, they want to publish everything in English, but the stories were originally written in other languages then put through a translator application. These translations are notoriously rough and oftentimes incoherent.

I’m working to help reinterpret the stories as if they were told by a native English speaker. First, I'm trying to pick up on the basic narrative of the story, and then I'm going through and rewriting the incoherent parts. Sections that translated well usually still need grammatical cleanup and the syntax can often be improved for readability.

This has been a powerful and heavy experience. I’m reading firsthand accounts of individuals who have been beaten, shot, kidnapped, and terrorized by extremist groups. Others have witnessed mass destruction and devastation, and some have suffered from severe depression and what I can only assume is PTSD, having experienced the horrors of war. However, the stories all have a common theme, and that's how this church has served them. An important but often neglected duty of the church is to care for people’s physical health. This church has gone above and beyond in providing refugees with the things they need to not merely survive, but to thrive. And of course, they’re discipling every step of the way, helping people connect with Jesus on a personal level. 

They also have other programs that the rest of the group are helping with. There’s a school that teaches youth English, basic skills, and what it means to be a Christ-follower. Additionally, there are craft programs that include sewing, mosaic making, and woodworking. We’re also contributing to product photography for their website and things on the marketing side that will help them expand their operation.

So far, Jordan has been my favorite country, and this might be my favorite ministry I’ve worked with. I really enjoy what I’m doing here, and I feel like I’m getting to make a substantial difference in the lives of people that are suffering and in need. By supporting this church, I’m helping support all the people they’re serving, which is something that will continue long after I’m gone. I’d like to ask you guys to pray over this church and all they’re doing, and over all the refugees under them. This place is doing God's work for sure!

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