The COVID-19 pandemic has not only taken the lives of hundreds of thousands around the world but has left millions more struggling to cope with a new normal. With so much suffering around the world, it’s easy to lose sight of God. How could a loving God allow something like the Coronavirus to hurt so many people? What could His plan possibly be in the midst of this global crisis?

Despite it all, World Race: America Mentor, Teresa McMillan is encouraged. “I see God using this,” Teresa explained to us. Since the beginning of her time in quarantine, Teresa has had a close eye on how the Church has been responding to the pandemic. Teresa claims what she’s seeing isn’t depressing at all. On the contrary, she sees the Church banding together and using COVID-19 as a time to cry out to God and bring about a global revival.

In just the past few weeks, multiple Christ-centered movements have taken place and seen, in some cases, thousands come to know Jesus. For example, Leader Check-in, a joint ministry venture of Pulse and Year of the Bible, brought together world leaders like US Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams and Senator Tim Scott to pray and worship alongside evangelical leaders like Bob Goff, Francis Chan, and David Platt. Together, this online event saw nearly 100,000 people make the decision to accept Jesus.

Teresa also noticed Send Brazil, a yearly worship event praying for the people of Brazil, had over 5x the number of viewers compared to the previous year, and saw over 6,000 people come to know Jesus. Furthermore, Harvest Christian Church’s Pastor, Greg Laurie, this Palm Sunday reported that over 11,000 of those who participated this year accepted Christ. These are just a few of the global ways Teresa sees the Holy Spirit moving to bring revival to the world. “As I’m looking at this, I think this is the beginning of the revival I’ve been believing for,” Teresa said.

In times of stress and crisis, it’s easy to think that God isn’t at work. However, we see the Holy Spirit doing something amazing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We feel God calling His people together and breathing NEW life into His church. Be encouraged that God is on the move and that now is the time to pray for the world and join in with what He is doing around the world. Now is the time for REVIVAL.

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