This week, Libbie and her team prayed over a home experiencing demonic activity and saw the power of God move in miraculous ways. With their local ministry partner, they were able to see freedom and healing take place in a local family. Check it out! 

Wow. These past few weeks God has made [Matthew 17:14-21] come to life.

We had the opportunity to minister in two homes that were experiencing demonic activity. Together with our host, a local pastor, we prayed over the family members, the rooms of the houses, and outside the houses in the name of Jesus.

At one of the homes, the mother explained that her son sees a shadow at night and can’t sleep, and that her new baby was having around 10 seizures a day. She shared that she could feel the evil spirit’s presence.

We spent time praying over every room of the house. We prayed in confidence and authority in the name of Jesus.

After praying over the rooms for a while, one of the members of my team motioned for us to pray over a certain corner of the house. We all went into the room and prayed boldly in Jesus’s name. We could feel we were on the battlegrounds of a spiritual war.

Praise God that the battle was not our own, but the battle was the Lord’s (1 Samuel 17:45). We felt a breeze go past and then a peace and knowing that the evil spirit had left. Praise God!

A few minutes later, the boy who had seen the shadow came home and when asked where he saw the shadow, he pointed to the corner we had prayed over. That was powerful.

Then we started praying for the baby. As we prayed, the baby began to have a seizure. By the time we had finished praying the seizure had stopped.

About a week after we prayed for them, we got an update about the family from the pastor that was with us. He said that the boy hasn’t seen the shadow anymore and that the baby’s seizures have subsided significantly. Can I get a ‘Praise God’?!

Jesus is on the move in mighty ways! Do you want to be a part of sharing the love of God and serving others around the world?

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